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Eight Months Later

 When Ares found me, he was more than willing to forgive me, saying I was a foolish girl in love, saying that I hadn't known any better. So he let me come back into his good graces, and I was wed to Major Jamie Smith a few days later. I didn't go back to Paradise, as I didn't feel like I belonged there. Instsead, I chose to live in New Mexico with Jamie, he had a home there, and started working out of a stable there. It was owned by Diomedes of the famous flesh-eating mares. I moved Kyllaros there, and Sinir found me and asked me to keep him. He would appear and disappear for days at a time, but he was a wandering soul, so I didn't bother him. The stable needed a head groom and rider, and I fit the bill. My hand with immortal horses was unmatched, and Kyllaros was the best jumper of all of them, so it was only fitting that I should train the others to my standard.

 Jamie was surprising. He didn't push me to do anything, or force me in to domesticity as I expected. He worked a desk job at the V.A. so he was content to do his things whilst I did mine. We did share a house, and we played the part of a real couple. He was sweet, and he tried. I wanted to like him. I did like him. I told myself over and over that I was falling in love with him. I returned home one night, tired from work, but happy. I'd had a breakthrough with a particularly difficult young horse, who finally got it through his head that if he actually picked his feet up over jumps, it didn't hurt. Jamie had dinner ready, steaks being the only thing he really knew how to cook, and tea for me. Earl Grey. I sat down and he placed my food in front of me, rubbing my shoulders. I lean back in to his hands, sighing as he finds all the tension and gets rid of it.
 "Gods you're good at that." I mumble. He smiles, kissing my cheek. I turn my head to catch his lips.
 "I try my best." Whispers Jamie, kissing my cheek again and sitting down. "How was work?"
 "Work was good." I tell him, "Had a few interesting new things happen but you know how things go. Always some good with the bad on the horse farm." Jamie nods and takes my hand.
 "Sif, you're not happy." Jamie says quietly, "I know you aren't happy."
 "This is what I've got. I'm happy enough." I reply quietly. He sighs, shaking his head.
 "Listen, Sif... these Agents came by and asked for you. Agents from SHIELD." I freeze for a moment, but regain my composure. He sighs gently, "I want you to see what they need of you. I'm really sorry. Everything is my fault, your suffering. I need you to be happy. I didn't marry you for love, but I've grown to love you. And I want what is best for you, and this life isn't it." Jamie Smith surprised me day by day. I didn't expect this of all nights. We ate in silence for a few minutes, until the food is gone.

 I couldn't leave him after that. He was honest and I liked that about him. I kissed him after dinner and in a flurry of kisses, hands and the slide of clothes, we're in our room, and he makes love to me. Despite the pleasure though, something in the back of my mind, tells me that this is wrong, that I'm cheating on Loki, but no. I was married to Jamie and I grew to love him. After our moment, after I've had time to think about what we'd done, I relaxed entirely. He held me close to his side, running his hands down my back.
 "Leave if you want." He mumbles to me.
 "After that?" I demand. He smiles, yawning slightly. "No way."

 I did decide to take the job with SHIELD after I found out what they wanted. They'd been in contact with some immortal conflicts, and the needed a consulting expert and diplomat to the gods. SHIELD asked around and found out some of the demigods and their affiliations with others. My portfolio was evidently the one they liked best: relationship with Asgard, and Amazon to raise connections with the Greeks, an Italian streak for the Romans. I was what they needed, and I took the job. Now I stand in the center of a Celtic circle burned into the ground and I look up. Golden light showers over me and I fly through space inside the portal. My first job was the travel to Asgard and establish aid routes in case of attack from someone Earth couldn't handle. I am greeted at the exit by a man in gold armor holding a large sword tip down.
 "Welcome to Asgard, Lady Sif. I am Heimdall." He says, voice deep and soothing. "The All Father is waiting for you in the throne room. The prince will be here soon to escort you."
 "Thank you."

 "A second Lady Sif on Asgard may be too much for us to handle." Says a booming voice behind me. I turn to see a handsome, tall blond man making his way towards me. He wears heavy silver armor and a red cape. I incline my head to him but he waves off the gesture. "You are a diplomat, Lady. I must decline any formalities. Please come with me. We have assembled a feast in your honor at the palace."
 "Thank you, Thor."
 "So you know me." He smiles.
 "May have been away from the world for a while, but I am, at the end of the day, a history major. I do my research." I say, offering my best smile. It was a smile I used at functions and benefits that the Smith put on. Only this time, I'm in battle armor and not my best red dress. Thor leads me through Asgard, passing through a downtown plaza that is huge and full of beautiful people and music and food. Thor gives a smile to passersby who recognize him. Everybody knows him. Thor stops me at an intersection and catches a strand of my hair that has fallen from a braid.
 "I once walked these streets with my brother. Sif he calls for you by name by the day. When brother Steven alerted me of your presence in New York, I knew at once who you were. I did not share this with anyone. He calls for you daily. Always his request. You alone."
 "If he wanted that, he should have asked me a year and a half ago. I'm happy now. Sans Loki." I reply, moving on towards the palace. Thor follows.
 "I understand. He will not tell anyone what he has done, and Heimdall will not tell us without your consent. Whatever my brother has done, I apologize." He inclines his head and places a hand on his chest. I incline my own head.
 "Thank you, Prince Thor. But I don't want you to apologize for your Brother's sins." I tell him in my most honest tone. We make the rest of the walk to the palace in comfortable silence. Thor escorts me directly to the dining hall.

 The feast is truly fantastic but I ate very little. This did not go unnoticed by the All Father. I just wanted to get my business done here. I am called to the head of the table by a louder voice than Thor. I walked over, offering another of my false, wide smiles. He glances with his one eye to the seat beside his and I take it with an incline of my head.
 "All the young men were crowing about some new beauty among us. As it would seem, they were right." Says Odin. I switch down the wattage from award winning to honest.
 "Unfortunately the young men will have to wait for the next girl to come through. I'm happily married." I reply.
 "I will let you tell them." Odin replies with as wide a grin as I could expect. "But this is not why we are here. Welcome, Sif. As our diplomat from Earth, there are certain liberties awarded you. A small palace here on Asgard, and open access to what I know you will enjoy. The stables." I think my face gives me away because he lets out a chuckle.
 "I would love that. Thank you."
 "Tomorrow, you will come to the stables at noon. We will take out two of my favorites and discuss whatever you need to discuss. Earth affairs. The unfortunate case of my estranged son. Anything." I thank the All Father and allow myself to be swept in to the party. I find myself at a table with Thor, the other Sif, and three rowdy men introduced to me as The Warriors Three. With them, I find a kindred spirit, warriors all. Especially with Sif. We break off after a bit to retire to her chambers. I'd had some drinks, and her chambers in the palace were down a hallway instead of down the road. She pours me some water and gets herself some.
 "What I saw of Midgard was... not so impressive. It was hot and the buildings were unimpressive." Sif says. I nod.
 "New Mexico. It was a small town, really small. Ask Thor about New York." I tell her, sipping the water to diffuse the alcohol in my stomach.
 "I didn't want to talk about that, though." She says, "Listen... I know you were with Loki. When he first asked for you, they brought be down, but he yelled at me, saying I wasn't the one. What happened?"
 "Well... when I was younger... he came to me and told me my Father was planning on making me his Assassin. And he offered me an out so I took it. He... nurtured my magical abilities and showed me how to fight with a sword. He made me a warrior. But then he left. He would be in and out, sometimes be gone for days... eventually weeks, then he had me run for nearly a year. When I got tired of the running, I did the only thing I could. I made peace with my Father. He forced me in to marriage, but you know... my Sister picked the guy and I've found that I actually love him."
 "So you and Loki were intimate?"
 "We were. Often. I was just an idiot in love, and I didn't know how to handle it. He loved me, I think. But I couldn't stand the sense of abandonment."
 "I understand. He deserted us too. Thor felt it the most. If you don't mind my asking... what brings you here?"
 "I'm a diplomat for Earth. I will come consult Asgard for anything like New York, or intergalactic matters that fall outside of our areas of expertise." I explain. I down the rest of the water and Lady Sif shows me where I can lie down. I'm thankful for the hospitality.

 After spending the night at Sif's, I spent some time walking around Asgard. Odin told me that everyone was instructed to send my expenses through the palace, and that I was free to find food in the markets, clothes from the stores, and to make myself comfortable. It was not often that a Greek comes to Asgard, and everyone noticed my presence. I was handed flowers by children, bread from a breadmaker, and drawn in to a store to try on a dress. I thanked everyone for their hospitality, a trait I'd not seen from anyone since Germany. Asgard was not so violent as my Father would have me think. He was cross with the idea of me taking the job as emissary and diplomat, saying that my bloodline geared me for war, not diplomacy, but I told him, straightforward, that this is what I wanted, and what Jamie wanted me to do. So he relented. At my small place just off the square, I stow my Asgardian dresses, the food I'd gotten from the markets, and head up to the room set up for me. It was done in greens and golds, my favored colors even after Loki. My armor was on a mannequin. I dab at the metal. My meeting with Odin is in a few hours, so I do some last minute polishing of my armor and slide it on. It is bronze, with chain mail sleeves and heavy bracers. I leave my greaves on the mannequin and slide in to the black leather pants I favored for riding, as well as my boots. I put on my fingerless gloves, sheath my sword, and braid my hair down my back.

 I take the walk to the stables, entering through the doors and taking in the scent of all the horses. The splendor of these stalls is unlike anything. Even the Stables in Paradise and on Olympus can not rival these. The walls are gilded in gold, with friezes and murals between every pillar. There are scenes of battle, so realistic that they seem to move. I keep walking. The stables are arranged in a huge X shape, and at the center is a huge courtyard with trees, and a fountain in the middle which spouts clear, cool water. The spray of it reaches me as I approach. I choose another row of stalls, each stall is twice as large as those in Paradise, and each mount could rival my own fine Kyllaros or Sinir. There are horses of every kind, the regular type like Kyllaros and Sinir, pegasus, unicorns, everything. There are horses that do not look like proper horses and horses that have gold manes or that seem to have the galaxy on their hides. Each looks content and healthy. I reach a part of the stables which is even more grand than the rest, and find a sectioned off grouping of ten stalls. The crest of Odin is over one of the stalls and I look inside to see a great black horse with eight legs. He whinnies and shakes his mane, and I know him at once.
 "Sleipnir." I say, bowing to the steed. "An honor to meet you." He nods his noble head and browses over hay so fine and rich in color that I could imagine the hills it came from. I turn to view the rest of the horses. There is a large golden stallion with a golden mane and tail which could only belong to Thor, a quartet of white horses, two geldings, a mare and a stallion. Sif mentioned having a Stallion, and I can see by the noble look on his face that he is a horse that takes a firm but forgiving hand. The one gelding is stocky and quite round, so I deduce that he belongs to Volstagg. The mare is lithe and athletic, much like Hogun. The other gelding is so shockingly gorgeous, with a petite, dished face like an Arabian, a black mane and tail, and black legs, striking eyes. Such beauty could only be owned, I think, by Fandral the dashing. I go past these four to an empty stall, with the symbol of a snake on the door. I trace my fingers over the familiar sigil and sigh. "Loki... Sinir." I whisper. Queen Frigga told me of her horse, an older mare. She is plain, but still lovely, bay with no white markings other than a wide bird shape on her forehead. She seems a dependable sort of horse, fit for the Queen. There are two more stalls which are as empty as Sinir's stall. When I walk over, I can not believe my eyes. Each bore my symbol: a pegasus in flight, bearing a woman carrying a Spartan shield.
 "You are a diplomat." Says a voice behind me, "One stall is for your Kyllaros, the other is for a horse which I will give to you as a sign of good faith and the promise of future relations." I turn to see Odin, his hands folded behind his back. "You will choose this horse, but later. Later. My servants are getting Sleipnir and Gullfaxi prepared for us as we speak." Gullfaxi means golden mane, so I assume he means for me to ride Thor's golden beast. As I thought, the golden horse and the black horse are brought out, brushed, and saddled for the King and I.
 "You are generous." I say with a bow. He once more waves his hand at my gesture.
 "We have much to discuss." Says Odin. "What is it that Earth needs of Asgard?"
 "We have no defenses against anything from other realms as we speak." I tell him, watching as a servant brings over the golden stallion. I am offered a boost, but I refuse, waiting until Odin has mounted his horse, then swinging up onto the beast as easily as breathing. "If we were attacked again, we would have no defense except for the Avengers, but even then, they were only just able to stop the last attack."
 "So you ask for the promise of aid." Odin says, looking over the hills. He urges Sleipnir into a walk and I follow. The gold horse is sluggish at first, but once he knows that I am serious about everything I ask, he moves on. "And what in return?"
 "Earth asks for aid, but has little to offer." I reply honestly. "Your technology is beyond us. Your armies could decimate us in days. But this is why we ask your help. We need aid if we wish to advance ourselves. All we can offer is a promise of peace."
 "I will consider it. My son, Thor has promised that Earth is under his protection, but I know that despite all his power, he is only one man." Odin explains, "My Son's interest has changed how I think of Earth. Before the war Loki waged on your people, I thought Earth to be weak, full of disposable life and old technology. But what I saw after the battle was a species that would not be easily downtrodden. It is that spirit which made Asgard what it is today." He offers a kind gaze my direction, "And that your world could forge a spirit that might gain the attention of my troubled Son well... that was surprising."
 "You can not credit Earth alone with that." I reply, smiling down at the mane of the gold horse. Gullfaxi. "I was forged between realms. Taught first in Paradise, then in a hidden realm by Loki."
 "But you were born a warrior. Do not doubt this Sif. It is true you have godly blood, but it is the burning spirit of Earth which lights your path, not the guiding voices of Olympus." I nod. He is right. Completely so.
 "Do consider what I've asked." I say, "But for now... you said we were taking these horses out. Shall we try a gallop?"
Trick Trick ch.11 (Avengers Loki Fanfic)
Here we are, another installation. Hope you enjoy! :)

Gentle kisses wake me in the morning. A pair of lean, muscular arms are wound around my body, in a way that makes my neck easily accessible to his surprisingly soft lips. He is breathing quietly against me, body pressed to my back, so close. He's cool compared to the sheets, and his hair tickles my cheek.
 "Good morning, love. I'm sorry to have awakened you."
 "Don't be. I want to wake up like this every morning." I reply in a soft voice, still rough with sleep. "Mmm... how did you sleep?"
 "I slept well. You passed out after the last round." He teased, kissing my neck again. He holds me in a way that makes me feel wanted, loved even. He turns me to face him, hands guiding and shiver worthy, as his touch makes me shudder. I remember those hands from our night together, him stealing my breath away as he took me... I want to feel them again. He strokes my hair, messy from sleep and from his fingers playing in it, "I love you."
 "I never thought you'd be a cuddler." I retort, burying my face in his chest and inhaling his scent.
 "I'm not. I made an exception for you, however." He lets out a long sigh and sits up, the covers falling from his shoulders as he does. I'd looked him over in his entirety last night, but seeing him now, pale and gorgeous against soft green sheets, lips curled in a yawn, shoulders straining as he stretched, I can't believe how a man like that would even look at me. He notices my gaze and leans over, pulling me to sit up with him, and presses his lips to mine.
 "Loki..." I say quietly, and I can feel him smirk against my lips.
 "My little virgin, barely breakfast time and already wanting me again." He teased, rolling over to straddle me. "Do you?" He asks. I only nod, heat searing between us like a flame, burning me. His long fingers trace a trail from my forehead, down my nose, lips, resting there to part them slightly, down my chin, tracing my throat and taking a detour to contour my collarbones. He places a kiss between them, and stops with his hands, kissing me from my collarbone to my belly. He stops again, hands grabbing at mine to pin them above my head. With one hand, he holds them there, and the other strokes my side. The covers fall away, leaving me entirely naked to his eyes, and he takes me in. I look too, as if losing my virginity had somehow changed me. I can see two average sized, maybe smaller than average, breasts which smoothly transition to a muscular middle. I used to have a soft line where a feminine physique poked through, fit from riding and eating well, but that soft femininity had given way to the hardness of a warrior, a full six pack standing out under olive toned skin, crossed with scars. My legs are too long and my feet too small, but Loki looks at me as if I am the loveliest thing he has ever beheld. He leans in to press a kiss to my lips, and one more glance down tells me how eager he is to take me, when the door of the room is thrown open and, shocked, I cover myself with the sheets. Loki growls in frustration, shielding me with his body, and he turns his face to see who would dare barge in on us.
 "Loki." Says Ares, lip curled like an animal, primed for attack. Behind him stands Hippolyta, and beside her, a tall man with dark hair and grey eyes who wears combat fatigues. I glare at them, angry that they'd barged in on Loki and I, and also a bit embarrassed. Loki turns, making sure I'm covered, and phases into a pair of tight fitting leather pants and nothing else. He rises, making sure the sheet stays firmly over my body, and strides over to stand eye to eye with Ares.
 "Ares." He says in a deathly calm tone. Ares' lip curls even more.
 "You reek of her."
 "And she of me." Loki seems bored, and I can feel the hatred rolling off of both men in waves.
 "You will turn her over to me, Laufeyson, or I will kill you." Ares says. Loki chuckles, then laughs entirely out loud and still glares at my Father.
 "I should like to see you try." He replied. He looks to me, and I can't feel the sheets against my skin anymore. I look, and I'm wearing a green nightgown. "Unfortunately, she's chosen me, and by your own rules, she's not chosen someone unapproved." He sneers, still looking at me, but his head turned so Ares is still in view.
 "What are you-,"
 "Your own terms of her marriage state that the man she marries must be of Godly, or half godly blood, and of royal heritage. Look to either side of my life, the lie or the truth, and you find royalty in one way or another." I stare at Loki, what his statement implies; that he would marry me.
 "I never discussed this with you. Major Jamie Smith here," He gestures to the dark-haired man, "will be taking her as his wife. Hippolyta, escort your sister to her horse. She is leaving." Ares gestures to Hippolyta but I shake my head, rising to stand beside Loki.
 "I was leaving." I say, smirking wickedly. I look up to Loki and we have the same thought. I whistle as he does and our horses are in and out of the room so fast that I have to take a moment with my eyes closed to not get vertigo from the sudden leap to near supersonic speeds. Kyllaros and Sinir gallop in tandem, neither passing the other and Loki and I stare straight ahead. We don't know where we are going, but we both trust the instincts of our mounts to bear us to safety.

 The two stallions come to a halt and I look around. We are in a place as far from New York as we could get. Loki dismounts and looks me over, and I follow suit, snapping my fingers to change my clothes from the thin nightgown I was wearing to a formal set of riding clothes. I wear a green shirt with a zipper in the front, black pants and tall boots, my tall boots, which are worn in and formed to my feet. Loki has done the same, but he wears a button-down black shirt with olive pants and tall boots, almost as beaten up as mine are. The horses took the hint and now wore bridles and saddles, Sinir wears a harsh bit, due to his temperament, and Kyllaros a hackamore, because of his sensitive mouth. Without speaking, we swap reins and mount up, I on Sinir, he on Kyllaros. Sinir is faster, and Loki intends me to run if Ares pursues us. I don't argue. The last thing I wanted was to fight my Father. Despite my training, and all the time I put in to becoming a warrior, Ares would beat me.
 "Where are we?" I ask, looking over at Loki. He takes a moment and Sinir whinnies softly.
 "Sinir says somewhere in Germany. How is your German? I'm afraid mine is nonexistent." Loki says with a small lilt to suggest laughter. I smile.
 "My German is alright. But my Greek is better."
 "I doubt you'll be using your Greek much. Greece is the last place we need to go." Loki sits deep in the tack, eyes up, watching for anything. I too sit deep, but I'm a bit rigid. I can't seem to shake it. Sinir glares back at me, his own body mirroring my own and he fidgets, then lets out a buck that would unseat a lesser rider. I roll with it, my mind switching from usual to instinctual, and I am immediately thrown into a battle to stay seated. I roll my body with the bucks, keeping with his movements, however jerky and shocking. He stops once I've loosened up and shakes his mane, and damn it, I laughed. Laughed because I stayed on, laughed because of the adrenaline. Laughed because hell, I'd had a stressful day, and I'd barely been awake for two hours.
 "Thank you, Sinir." I chuckle, patting his neck and sighing. Loki looks over, concern etched in his normally stoic brow.
 "That idiot father of yours..." He groans, "He is nothing but scum on the bottom of my boot. To think he beleives Major Smith to be worthy of you. He is a coward and a liar."
 "You sound like you know him."
 "We have encountered one another. He fought in the Asgard-Olympian wars of a few years ago. Before your birth I believe." He smirks, "The man ages slowly, a gift from his immortal side that I think you might have gotten as well." He continues, "He is little more than a task group leader, no more prepared to face me than your Father is. Both have the same flaw; arrogance."
 "Why would they pick him? Hippolyta had some say in the choosing, and yet she allows Major Smith. She would not allow you, so why him? He may be less of a man, but... Some of the men the Amazons kept in company were..."
 "I know. None of them are very... viable mates." He uses the term coldly, "They are all weak or small... one would think that a race of warrior women would want to have strong babies with strong men, in order to continue to have strong warriors." Loki chortles. I nod my agreement and sigh.
 "One would think." I reply, "But the Amazons live about three-thousand years in the past." Loki nods and I look around. "Where are we going, Loki? I don't want to run forever."
 "I understand..." Loki replied, "We'll... hide again. I will marry you, and perhaps that will end the 'coming of age' process and get Ares off our trail. Until then, I've set up magical countermeasures to conceal you." I smile and stroke Sinir's black mane.
 "I hope that will help." I sigh, eyes downcast. Loki stops his horse and I pull up Sinir, and he reaches over to grip my chin.
 "Do not be upset, my love. We'll figure this out." He smiles gently, but his eyes are still hard. "If I must prove myself worthy to your father, I will."

 A Few Months Later

 Loki and I are holed up in a small cottage outside of Frankfurt. I was able to stumble through enough German to string together a story about how we ended up in Germany, and the young couple living in the house took Loki and I in. I began teaching Loki what little German I knew, and he picked up pretty fast. We laid low, keeping Sinir and Kyllaros close but not too close. Loki and I lay in bed, his hand intertwined with mine, eyes locked on me.
 "I must do something tonight, and that means I'll be leaving you for a bit." He whispers, stroking my hair.
 "What are you doing?" I ask. Loki would take frequent trips away from Germany in our time here, never telling me where he was going, but I didn't pay much mind to it. He was acting to protect me, and at this point, he knew more than I did about the magical, the godly side of this conflict. He has kept me hidden thus far, and he had my trust.
 "That I can not tell you." He says. "You leave any worrying to me. I am handling the affairs around your life. Leave things to my hands and I-,"
 "Shhh..." I tell him, placing a hand over his mouth. I can hear my Father's voice, then Hippolyta's, and I go rigid immediately. "Shit. How'd they get here? I didn't feel it. You didn't..."
 "I did." Loki replies, "It was nearly time for us to go. I felt them coming. I am going to take care of what I must take care of. You will take Sinir and he is pre-briefed on our next five moves."
 "And when were you going to tell me this?" I ask. He offers a small chuckle and kisses my head. I still trusted him, I told myself that.
 "When the time came. Now you must go." He presses his lips to mine once more, making my appear in my riding clothes.
 "What about Ferdinand and Amelia?" I demand. "My Father will kill them without a second thought."
 "Take Kyllaros then and draw them away. Then when they are about to catch you, Sinir will come and speed you away. Kyllaros can get away on his own and then you will escape to the next mark on our map. I promise you... I will keep you from your Father until the very breath leaves my body, but you must go now if you want to save our hosts." I leap out of the bed, phasing in to my armor. I blow past our hosts, Ferdinand and Amelia. They'd been kind to us, they do not deserve to die for me, or for Loki. I shove past Ares, Hippolyta, and Major Jamie Smith whom I had not heard or felt magical presence.
 "If you want me to go with you-," I say, narrowing my eyes, "You'll have to catch me." Kyllaros flies in, throwing me on to his back within the blink of an eye. I hear the whoosh of wings as Hippolyta's mount picks her up. She rides a pegasus, swift as the wind. Ares and Major Smith give chase as well. Kyllaros gets me out of Germany, hurtling towards snow and ice, in wha appears to be Switzerland. I can feel the magic of the immortal horses, and the god and demigod following me. I rise, standing on Kyllaros' back while he is in full gallop. I jump off of his back, a leap of faith. Sinir is there in a flash of black hide, and suddenly, I feel my gut drop as I hurtle into faster and faster speeds. I feel the magical signature getting weaker and weaker as we leave them behind.


 She can never know what I really do when I leave her behind. She has very quickly and suddenly become my world. But on the reverse side of that coin, she isn't. I now have a duty to another. Rather, The Other. He wanted me to do something for him so I might take the world. I thought if I might prove my prowess to her Father, he might back down. A king of a  realm, despite the realm, is still a king nonetheless. I traveled in the opposite way of Sif, following a voice in my head to Stuttgart, Germany.


 It has been weeks since I've seen Loki. Usually it was two weeks at most, a few days usually, never over a month, but so it had been. Sinir kept me moving, keeping me off the grid. No technology, no communication. At some points, Kyllaros would return to me, but he had been nowhere near the modern world, only in nature, only in the smallest towns. I grew tired of the travels. I'd kept up my training, shadow fighting, running. In fact, I feel stronger than ever. Sinir made an excellent sparring partner, as his hooves had greater reach than any sword, and he was faster than my Father would ever dream of being. The black stallion had once seemed  a devil to me, but we had over time grown to have an understanding of each other.

 As time wore on, my hope began to run out. Sinir knew something, but was keeping it from me. Loki hadn't spoken in my mind for nearly  a year, hadn't sent a single word my way through any channel available to him. And I waited. Another year passed while I waited. Sinir started acting on his own, moving me over and over, more frequently as time went on. Hope died in me as we left the twentieth place. I lost track of time. So I leaned down to Sinir and whispered to him.
 "Take me to see my Mother." I whisper. She lived in New York, but had been in DC working my old job at the Smithsonian. Sinir shakes his head and I glare at the steed. "Take me at once." I order. He shakes his mane again and I growl at him. He takes a step back and I whistle loudly. Kyllaros gallops by and picks me up. I tell him to take me to my mother.

 When he stops, we're standing in a green field, dotted with the white teeth of headstones. Kyllaros stands braced, his feet suddenly brought to a stop. I slide from his back, placing a hand on my heart.
 "Oh my gods." I whisper.

Christina Duffy
June 26, 1975-May 4, 2012
Beloved Mother.
Hero of the Battle of New York
Died saving a life

Tears form at the corner of my eye. A passerby catches my eye and I turn to them.
 "Excuse me." I call out, "What is the Battle of New York?" I ask. The man turns to me. He stands in front of a grave that reads Timothy Aloysius Cadwallader "Dum Dum" Dugan
 "It was..." He looks up. He has blond hair and blue eyes, he's tall, and I can't place his face, but I feel like I know it. His baseball cap is pulled low over his face. "It was a war against Aliens... if you can believe it."
 "You must be shitting me." I reply, "I've been... gone... for some time."
 "Good thing." He replies. "It was awful. So many people died. Including-," He points to the grave, evidently, of my Mother. "Her. She saved my life."
 "You're the one she saved." I whisper, "Oh gods..."
 "If I could have traded places with her, I would have. I was down, shot in the side, and she picked me up and shoved me out of the way of falling debris." He removes his hat, and suddenly, I remember his face. I'd seen it on my tours at the Smithsonian. This was Captain America. My mom died saving Captain America.
 "Tell me... everything. Everything I missed. This grave is my Mom's, and I didn't even know she had died."

 So he tells me. We sit together at a small cafe, him with a cup of coffee and me with some tea. He tells me how Aliens came from a portal in the sky, how  he and a team of heroes battled them. I knew nothing. He mentioned names, some I knew: Thor and Tony Stark. He mentioned some I didn't: Black Widow and Hawkeye. Bruce Banner I knew.
 "Who led them?" I ask. It sounded like there had been a strategy. He looks up at me grimly, then sighed.
 "Thor has a brother... named-,"
 "Loki." I whisper. Steve, Captain America, nods.
 "You know him." He lilts the end like a question, but he means it like a statement. I nod.
 "He left me behind a little before New York." Is all I say. I rise, offering a hand to the Captain. He takes it and shakes once.
 "Hey listen, it seems like... well when I mentioned Thor, you didn't ask. And when I walked up, I saw a blur of something I swore was a horse. And you yourself, you know of Loki, by name, and you have this aura about you... I think SHIELD could use someone like you."
 "I would never wish the life I lead on someone else." I tell Steve, "I would put everyone there in danger. In fact, I should be on the move soon as it is. It was nice to meet a kindred spirit. You are a warrior like me." With real meaning, I offer my kindest smile, before I whistle and Kyllaros sweeps me away.

 Loki was imprisoned on Asgard. And as it seemed, was not coming back. I had a choice to make: stay true, or move on.I knew that breaking in to an Asgardian prison was above my head in every sense of the word, even with magical aid. I decide that without Loki, I haven't got a reason to fight any longer. He and I were on the run together, to stay together. But he made his choice. It hurt to think I'd be leaving him behind to rot in a cell, but he left me on Earth to live on the run, so we weren't in good shape. I halt Kyllaros and wait for Ares and Hippolyta to catch up to me. Loki was my confidante, my everything. He loved me and I had loved him, but now, as it seemed, we were to go separate ways. I was tired of running. Any life I would be given after this had to be better than living like a gypsy. If I complied with Ares, perhaps I'd be given more freedoms than I thought. I'd certainly have more than I did being on the run.
Trick Trick ch.10 (Avengers Loki Fanfic)

Previously eclipsed by Semper Fi, Trick Trick has returned! Had to take a few days to get back in to Sif's brain but I feel like I'm there so enjoy! :D 

(This was the most asked for when Semper Fi was over so HERE YOU HAVE IT my lovelies)

Takes place after the events of Semper Fi. Please read that before coming here. Chapter One is right here:…

Brooklyn, New York. Five Years after the events of Semper Fi. Near the end of the Marvel Civil War


 Lia and Kaidan are five years old. Lia is taking karate lessons and is a genius when it comes to anything math related. Kaidan wants to be a soldier like Daddy. We're holed up now at this safe house, waiting for Steve to return. Before we left the apartment, I left a note. For Brock.

Dear Brock,

 It's hard for me to pen this letter, but you are the only one I trust with the task I'm asking you to complete. I know you retired five years ago, a little after Lia and Kaidan were born, but this is important. The things that are happening now worry me. I fear that Steve may loose his life and I am donning my old Caliber garb to fight at his side. The odds aren't favorable and I know that I've always been one to defy such odds, but I don't see that happening. Tony has legions of these 'cape killers', and despite all my strength, I'm only human, and so is Steve. If we die, I'm entrusting the care of Lia and Kaidan to you. I know you love them and that you would give them a good life. I am telling Lia soon who you really are... she's five, but she's so smart, Brock. And she reminds me so much of you. I handle her just the same as I did you... when she's temperamental I don't reason with her, when she's tired, I am stern... what I'm trying to say is... she's her Father's daughter.

 I know things didn't go as we planned, so long ago... I sometimes look back and think what might have happened... might as well say it now... in case I can't later. I'm not asking you to fight. But I do want what is best for my kids, the loves of my life. If Steve and I die for this, I want you to take care of them. I understand if you don't want to... I can make other arrangements. But I thought of you first. Best wishes, Brock...

 Steve wraps his arms around me. He wears his Captain America suit, but it is torn in several places. He wears a weary expression and his broad shoulders sag.
 "Are we doing the right thing?" Steve asks me suddenly. "Fighting this registration? You could be court martialed. I could be tried as a war criminal."
 "You're standing there in your tattered suit and asking me this." I tell him, "Steve, your moral compass leads you. As does mine. If I didn't believe in this one-hundred percent, I'd be out there backing the cape-killers. But I can't. And not just because I love you." I kiss him tenderly, placing a hand on his chest.
 "I needed to hear that." He mumbles, smiling weakly.
 "Come on." I say, "The kids are with Brock back at the apartment. Let's go end this." We join hands, grim determination set in our gazes as we step out of the safe house to meet the troops.

 Steve and I stride across the city block where the fight would take place. Tony's troops are already there.
 "Not too late to surrender with full pardon, Cap. Caliber." Tony says, looking and Steve and I in turn. I shake my head.
 "No, it is." I tell him, "And so help me God, Tony. I hope this bites you in the ass."
 "You think I like fighting my friends?" Tony demands. "You think I want to get Kaidan and Lia's parents thrown in jail?"
 "Do NOT bring my kids in to this." Steve says, "You're playing the pity card, Stark. Low blow. This isn't right, Tony. I thought a wild card like yourself would understand. The masks keep people safe. Do you know how many times Diana and I have come home to bullet holes in our windows because people know who we are?" Steve asks. Tony turns his head away. He hasn't even raised his face plate. If he was truly looking in to our eyes, he'd not be so bold.
 "This is a last warning, Tony." I say darkly, "I've got friends on both sides."
 "Which is why you should desist." Tony replies. Steve shakes his head and turns away from Tony.
 "Come on, Diana. We should go." Steve says. I nod, following him. Tony turns back to go back to his troops, and Steve and I go to ours. We're all exhausted, a little disheveled, but we're here. We're hoping we can get Project 42 open and free our allies. Tony stooped so low as to hire mercenaries, prisoners of SHIELD to aid his side. I saw among them Bullseye, who had a score to settle with me, Sin, Marie Siegfried, and a few other thugs that Steve and I had put away over the years. The Skeleton Crew was here on Steve's side, under my command. We were ready to fight to the death.

 The battle was brutal. The tides were turning in our favor with the arrival of our reinforcements from Project 42, and with the appearance of Namor and his Atlantian legion. But then things changed when Civilians ran towards Steve. They grabbed him, forcing him down, trying to at least. They yelled slurs, cursed him, called him a hypocrite in a thousand different ways. I watched as he slowly gave up.
 "We're not even fighting for them anymore." Steve says, heartbreak in his voice, tears falling down his cheeks. He gives up the fight and the civilians drop away.
 "What are you doing?" Demands someone. I don't know who. "If you surrender, they'll throw us all in jail."
 "We're winning out there, Cap." Says Spider-Man.
 "Everything except the argument." Steve replies, tears falling freely. This War, this battle, broke his spirit. Maybe not his spirit, but his morale, his reason for fighting here. "And they're not arresting Captain America..." He removes his mask, facing me. He comes over, pressing a kiss to my lips and his mask into my hands, and slides his shield off his arm and onto mine. "They're arresting Steve Rogers. And that's a very different thing." He walks over to a regular police officer, holding out his wrists. He looks at me, blue eyes shining with tears. He shifts his gaze to encompass all of our side. "Tell the kids I love them. Stand down, troops..." He has his hands cuffed behind his back, and I follow close behind.
 "Steve-," I choke.
 "That's an order."

 One by one, the Secret Avengers, those following Steve, announced their secret identities. It hurt. My men, except for Brian, had no secret identity, so they did not go. Brian refrained, as did, to my surprise, Daredevil, who revealed to me who he was: Steve's and my good friend Matt Murdock. My identity was known. So the old Crew, my men whom I had not fought beside in years, stood together under scrutiny. I kept us on the move, not letting the Cape-Killers get us. We were all still wanted by SHIELD. We took the families we had underground and planned our next move.
 "They're going to have a huge public trial for Steve." I say, placing my forehead on the map table we all sat around.
 "It's painting a huge target on him." Brian mumbles, "Idiots the lot of them. And Stark right there at the top."
 "I agree." Says Clay, who holds his third son in his arms. "What do we do?"
 "I can't ask you guys with families to do any more." I tell them, "Rollins, Clay..." I look to them. Jack has a son now too. "I'm ordering all of you guys to take the pardon. And I invite any of the rest of you to do the same."
 "Diana-," Clay begins to protest. I shake my head.
 "No buts, Clay. I am sending a private message to Stark, telling him that you and Jack are taking the pardon for the benefit of your families. You will retire and then none of this superhero shit will be a problem for you."
 "If that's what you want." Jack replies, "But Diana... Io and I are both Navy. We know-,"
 "But what about Jack Jr?" I ask, "What does he know about the Navy or fighting? He's two." I stress the last bit, "He's too young for this." Jack nods once and I send the message to Stark. Clay and Jack gather their families and leave. I remain standing without saying a word until they've long gone. "Big target huh, Brian?"
 "They're having the trial here." He pulls up a map, "So many places for a sniper, not even a good one, to get a shot."
 "And don't we know a good one with a score to settle with me and Steve." I whisper.
 "Bullseye." Says everyone together.
 "Bullseye." I repeat.

 Matt would be at the courthouse to defend Steve. He hadn't given up his identity yet as Daredevil, and he had no plans to. He was a small town Vigilante who needed to stay a secret. If it weren't for the fact that he and Steve were close, he wouldn't have even joined us. Matt is already in the courthouse, waiting, and Steve is in a transport van. I was in the crowd, wearing a cybernetic mask, color contacts, and a wig to stay under the radar. Steve is wearing dampeners that dull his strength, I can see the strain in every muscle. To the normal onlooker, Steve wears his Captain America regalia, but I know different. The usual vibranium-weave fabric has been replaced by cheap canvas and spandex. It will do nothing to protect him. I hate to see him like this. Kaidan and Lia are with Brock, and I forbade them watch the news today, because I knew every camera here belonged to some news station. They didn't need to see their Dad going to court. My eyes scan for targeting lazers, anything to indicate Bullseye's presence. I watch Steve's every move as well, making sure he's okay as he can be. I have a gun holstered under my jacket, but I don't keep a hand on it as I would like to. Didn't need SHIELD getting suspicious. To my absolute shock, Sharon Carter is standing guard at the door to the court, gun out, her black and white SHIELD suit a badge of pride. I see a red dot on the guard on Steve's right's back and I lunge forward as Steve does. I knock Steve aside and a shot goes off. It rips through Steve's shoulder and mine. Steve falls, thinking I'm just a civilian.
 "Get out of here, Ma'm." He manages to get out. Three more shots go off, and I hear Sharon scream. Three wounds are bleeding, Steve is bleeding out. I clutch my shoulder. A SHIELD agent grabs my arm and tries to help me but I sling away his help.
 "Save him!" I yell. "Save him! He's-,"
 "Agent Calhoun." I hear a voice behind me. I turn and see Tony Stark. My wig fell off while I tackled Steve, and the tears now streaming from my eyes distorted the cybernetic mask. I peel it off and pinch out the contacts. "Turn yourself in. And we will help you and Steve." I press my fingers to Steve's neck and a choked sob breaks out of me.
 "He's dead you fuck!" I yell at Tony. "He's dead and it's your fault!" Tony startles, pulling back, and I rise, slapping him across the face as hard as I can. I rear back and slap him again, and again, before falling to my knees beside Steve. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" I sob, holding Steve's body close to me. "No... you can't be dead. It's not possible." I whisper.

One Year after the Death of Captain America

 I'm running through a crowd of people, a red dot all I can see. I run towards it, slam in to something, and feel the pain of a bullet tearing through my body. I hear three shots fire off and I hear myself scream. And once the scream dies, I am running towards the red dot again. Over and over, I run, I get shot, I'm too late, I scream. Over and over. I wake after the millionth repetition of the run, shot, too late, scream, my throat sore and my hands clammy. A nightmare. Another nightmare. The door to my room is thrown open and Brock is there, concern on his brow.
 "Diana are you alright?" He asks gently. I nod, then shake my head.
 "Nightmares..." I say quietly, looking down at my hands. I'm shaking all over. Brock takes a step in to my room and then one back. I look up at him. "Brock... will you stay with me tonight? I can't sleep. I haven't slept right since Steve..."
 "Of course." He whispers, coming over to me. He wraps his arms around my body and slides in to the bed. I curl up against his chest.
 "This is just tonight." I say, "Or until the nightmares go away."

 But it wasn't the only night. I had nightmares whenever Brock didn't stay with me, so eventually, he stopped sleeping in the guest room and began to share a room permanently with me. One night, he kissed the top of my head. The next he kissed my lips. Soon, he was making love to me. I wanted it to feel wrong, like I was cheating on Steve. But I'd loved Rumlow, loved him so much. And Steve told me once that I should be happy. And that if he ever died, I should move on. I never thought moving on would be going back to Brock. But he knew me better than anyone. I trusted him entirely, and I loved him. Lia and Kaidan liked him too, which was most important. One morning, as I lay in bed with Brock, enjoying the peaceful rise and fall of his chest, Lia walks in to the room.
 "Mommy?" She asks. I sit up with a start and look at her.
 "Good morning Lia." I yawn.
 "Why is Uncle Brock in Daddy's spot?" She asks me. I sigh quietly.
 "Lia baby, Daddy is gone." I say sadly, "And Brock and I..." Brock sits up.
 "C'mere, Lia." He says gently. Lia smiles and climbs in to the bed. I turn to face her and Brock faces me. Lia is between us, snuggled in tight.
 "Listen, baby-girl." I tell her, "I wanted to wait until you were older, but you're a smart girl, so I think I'll tell you now. Daddy was Kaidan's Father, but Uncle Brock is yours." I say.
 "I thought so..." Lia admits, playing with a strand of my hair. "I look like Uncle Brock."
 "And you're just like him. Lia... mommy and Uncle Brock used to be together like mommy and daddy were. Except we weren't married. And now that Daddy is gone, mommy and Uncle Brock have gotten back together." It sounds horrible, but I am simplifying it for Lia. She nods, smiling.
 "Are you happy, mommy?" She asks. I nod. "Good. So Uncle Brock isn't my Uncle... he's... my Dad." She turns and hugs Brock around the neck. "I love you, daddy." She whispers. Brock has tears in his eyes.
 "I love you too, baby girl." I slide out of bed and go to the closet. I'd been sleeping in my sports bra and a pair of shorts, but I want a shirt. It's been a whole year since Steve died, and I still haven't gotten rid of his stuff. It's my mind I think, trying to tell me he's coming back. I slide open his chest of drawers and find a stack of letters, all labeled neatly. There is a note on top in Steve's familiar, neat print.

If you found these, it means I died, and it means that you're going trough my things, ready to move on, even. I don't regret a day of our marriage, Diana... in fact, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. And seeing you with Kaidan and Lia, watching our little family made me so happy. I just want you to hold on. Don't fall in to despair because of me. I want you to heal. Tell the kids I love them. I love you more than anything, Diana. These letters are for milestones in both you life, and the lives of our children. Read them when the time comes.

 I read the labels. The one on top reads: To him. Under it is To Diana, when you have moved on. Others are Lia, when she gets her first boyfriend and Kaidan, when he gets his first girlfriend. Sixteenth birthdays, wedding anniversary. And then, there is a huge stack of letters, labeled six, seven, eight, nine, and so on through to fifty. They are wrapped in a blue ribbon with a tag on them that reads To Diana, on our Anniversary. Tears form at the corner of my eye. Brock opens the door to the closet and places his hand on my shoulder.
 "Hey," He says quietly, "I'm making breakfast. What is that?"
 "Steve he... he left letters for us... for if he died." I whisper. "Brock he... he wrote letters for every wedding anniversary through our fiftieth." Tears fall freely and I feel Brock lift a letter from my hands. The one for him, the one I'd find after Steve was gone. I clutch the letter for me from moving on.


 Diana and I sit on the floor of the closet, reading the notes from Steve. She cries quietly, sitting between my legs, one hand on my knee. Mine is honest, heartfelt, and I read silently.

Dear Reader,

 I'm just going to make a wild guess at who is reading this letter. I'm willing to bet everything that you're Brock Rumlow.
I stare at the neat handwriting in shock, but continue reading. Brock, I know it's you. Because after I've gone, I know you will stay close to Diana, helping her with the kids, with the grief. And I wouldn't have it any other way. She cares deeply for you, and it will be good that she has someone like that in her time of mourning. She's moved on if you're reading this, and you need to understand something. I might be gone, but I love her even in death. And if you hurt her, I will know. Somehow, if there is a God, I will know. I don't think you will. I want you to marry her, Brock. I want you to marry her and make her happy again.

 I fold the letter back, placing it in the envelope. Diana folds her letter. I want to ask her what it says, but I can't bring myself to. It's her business. If she wants to tell me, she will. She slides off of my lap and smiles at me.
 "I'm going to make breakfast." She says joyfully, "Don't you worry about it." I smile and nod.
 "I'll follow in a second." I reply. I'd felt something else in the envelope. Diana leaves and I find the little band of Tungsten Carbide I'd proposed to her with years ago. I hold it, looking at the curve and the simple elegance of the ring, and plan a way to propose again.

 I place the letter in the breast pocket of my best suit. At breakfast, I'd made an excuse to Diana that I had to go somewhere, and she was in high spirits, so she let me go without question. I called her before lunch and told her I'd arranged for Lia and Kaidan to have a play date and sleepover this evening with Jack's kids, and freed her from parental responsibility. I asked if she would have dinner with me, and she agreed, still chipper. The letters from Steve lifted her spirits to levels I hadn't seen since his death. I made reservations at seven for her favorite restaurant: The Old Ebbit Grill back in DC. I picked her up in my SUV, a SHIELD issued vehicle that would make the normal four hour drive a one hour drive. We would be flying over the interstate instead of driving it. I hadn't told her where we were going, but I told her black tie. She wore a plain black dress, kitten heels, and no makeup. Her hair was long now, swaying about her shoulders. I get out, smoothing my grey suit, and open the door for her.
 "You clean up nicely, Mr. Rumlow..." She teases.
 "As do you, Mrs. Rogers." I tell her. She kept Steve's name, but it was a coping mechanism, I knew. She slides in to the car, a smile gracing her lips.
 "I love the twins dearly, but it will be nice to have an evening to myself." I say.
 "I know. And it's been a while since you were able to go out at all, regardless of the kids."
 "Two years underground because of the Registration Act. I never thanked you by the way... you really stepped up when I needed you to. While I was fighting, taking care of my kids."
 "Our Kids, Diana. Lia's mine by blood and Kaidan is like a son to me." I say, "Even before Steve..." I don't dare finish the statement. "Let's not talk about that. You'll love where we're going for dinner."
 "Where?" She asks.
 "One hint: we're flying there." I hit the button on the dash that activates the flight systems, and we take off into the night sky. She looks over at me, a smile on her lips even broader than it was before. I reach over and take her hand, turning her ring gently on her finger. She closes her fist, then turns her hand to weave her fingers with mine. I hope she can't feel how my hands are shaking. I've stared down the barrel of a gun and not felt a thing, but this... this is different. Bigger than loosing my life.

 She gasps when she sees where I land. We've arrived at the Old Ebbit Grill, and she could not be happier. I know why this place was special to her, it was the place she and Steve went on their first date, and where they went for their anniversary every year. I open her door for her, pulling her to me and lifting her from the car and over the puddle of mud on her side, saving her heels. I spin her once, setting her down behind me, and close her door for her.
 "Such a gentleman." She says, kissing my cheek.


 Brock's hands were shaking as he held mine on the way to the restaurant. Maybe because, despite the time we'd been together, we'd only ever been on a few dates, and one week long vacation. Brock opened my door for me, and I fought down a squeak when he lifted me up. I looked down and saw the mud, and I smile as he spins me around, then sets me down.
 "Such a gentleman." I say in a sing-song tone, kissing his cheek. He slams the door shut and locks the SUV before walking us to the front of the restaurant. He opens the door for me, lets me pass, and then kisses my cheek.
 "I have a reservation." Brock says once we reach the hostess, finding his name on the list. "Rumlow, party of two."
 "Right this way." The hostess says. "We saved this table for you, Mrs. Rogers."
 "Thank you." I reply, eyes widened. It was the table Steve and I always got, near the back, with a view of the entire dining room. We came here every year for our anniversary, and when we were in the DC area, which because of Steve's work, we were often. And we came here for both of our birthdays, and any dinner-out-worthy occasion. Any excuse we had, we came here.
 "No ma'm. Thank you." She answers, pointing to a plaque above the table on the wall. It is an etching of Steve in his Cap gear, done in bronze, with an inscription in block letters beneath.

Steven Rogers, A.K.A. Captain America gave his life in service to his country. He was the embodiment of truth, justice, and the American dream and will live on forever by his legacy. We here at the Old Ebbit Grill would like to thank him from the bottom of our heart for his service, sacrifice, and his dedication. Steven Rogers and wife Diana Calhoun-Rogers were frequents here before his death.
~The Old Ebbit Grill Staff and Management

I smile at the inscription and take a picture of it. I would hang it in my house.
 "We were hoping you would come back here." Says a deep voice behind me. I turn to see a man with graying hair and a pin that read Manager on his breast pocket. In one hand, he holds a duplicate of the plaque on the wall, and in the other, he carries a bottle of champagne. "When your date tonight called and told us who was coming with him, we sent out for this plaque. This champagne is a gift from the staff, and both of your meals are on the house tonight." He says kindly, handing me the plaque and setting the champagne in ice. "Mr. Rumlow asked for this champagne specifically. He said that you and Mr. Rogers enjoyed it together every year." I nod, looking at the brand and see that it is in fact, the brand Steve and I drank together every year. I thank the manager and take Brock's hand in the process. He runs his finger over my knuckles and smiles. The manager walks away, and we are presented with menus.
 "I would direct your attention to tonight's special." Says our waiter. "We call it the Sentinel of Liberty. It is a steak dinner with red and white baby potatoes and a blueberry wine sauce." I close my menu and hand it back to him, as does Brock.
 "That sounds lovely." I tell him. He nods.
 "Right away. Let me, or another waiter know if you need anything else. Bread and salad will be out in just a moment."

 Brock pours the champagne, topping off the thin glasses and offers a toast.
"To Steve." He says.
 "To Steve." I answer, clinking my glass to his. I notice that the glasses have the Captain America shield etched in to them. I look around and see that all of them do.
 "How long has it been since you were here?" Brock asks, sipping his champagne. I think back.
 "More than a year. Couldn't really come during the middle of the Civil War." I tell him. Brock nods.
 "It nearly brought me out of retirement. If it weren't for Lia and Kaidan, I probably would have come out." Brock says. He looks down at my hand, intertwined with his, and again twists the ring on my finger.
 "Look, I... I've made mistakes in the past... regret some things. But one thing I never regretted was meeting you." He lays his heart out. I am floored slightly at his honesty, but not in an unpleasant way. "In the letter Steve left... with For him written on it... it was for me. Directly to me." He takes out an envelope and hands it to me. I unfold it and read. First I laugh, because Steve seemed to know Rumlow's heart, and mine. But very quickly I grow serious. Steve wanted me to be happy. He said as much in his letter, both the one for finding the letters, and the second, addressed to me for when I go on my first date after losing Steve. Today, I'd read it so many times that I could recite the whole thing from memory.

Dear Diana,

 I love you. I wanted to write that, and I'll write it more times just to make sure you know. Diana, this war might take me from you. And if it does, I'm sorry for all the grief I'll have caused you. You know that all I want is your happiness, and to know that my death would make you feel pain... it hurts me, more than you could ever know. But if I die, I want you to do something for me. I want you to move on. I want you to find someone else and make them feel for you as I did. Fall in love again. For me. For my sake. It would ease my mind knowing you had someone to hold you in times of trouble, and to help you raise the two beautiful kids I called mine. Move on. I love you. I've loved you since that night after the Marine Corps Ball and have not stopped loving you since. And I never will, not even in death. Tell the kids I love them too, there are letters for them, but later... when they can understand the meaning. Live well in the time you have left, and don't regret a thing.

 I read on in Brock's letter, getting to the end. Tears prickle in the corners of my eyes as I lower the paper to see Brock down on one knee, presenting a ring to me that I recognize. It was the ring I wore years ago in our false engagement. And now it sparkled in the dim lights of the restaurant.
 "Diana, I don't want you to feel obligated because Steve asked me to do this. I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to marry you. But you've been my world since we had coffee on the hellicarrier. And when you left me, it shattered me, but I understood. I want to have a life again, Diana... raise our kids. Finish what we started. I love you, Diana Calhoun." Brock has taken my hands. "Your old motto was Semper Fidelis, always faithful. And I've stayed that way, even when you were married and happy. I never moved on from you. Will you marry me, Diana Rogers?" I fall to my knees in front of him, wrapping both arms around his neck.
 "Yes!" I nearly shout, "Yes, I will!" The whole restaurant erupts in cheers and Brock looks to my hand. I move to take it off but he shakes his head.
 "Leave it." Brock whispers. "Here." He takes off my dog tags and strings his ring on them. I feel tears flowing freely from my eyes and down my cheeks and Brock kisses me deeply. I pull back to stare in to his hazel eyes and I just grin to think about them, looking back at me every morning when I wake, just like old times.
 "I love you." I say.
 "I love you too." Brock replies, helping me to my feet and lifting me up. He spins me around once and kisses my lips. "Always."
Semper Fi EPILOGUE (Captain America: TWS)
A wrap of of all loose ends from the end of Semper Fi. 

  Shit. The drink. I'd dropped it in attacking Marie and Bruce finds it, scooping up the cup.
 "Steve, bring Diana down to the lab. Now." He orders. Steve nods, scooping me up and carrying me down to the lab. The stomachache hits me just as we cross in to the labs. I grab Steve's upper arm.
 "Steve, don't you dare save me if you can only save one or the other. Pick them, not me." I order. Steve places me down.
 "It won't come to that." He assures me, his calm, Captain America voice in place. It calms me down immediately. He places his hands on my belly.
 "Steve listen," Says Bruce, "We'll have to do an immediate blood transfusion while Doctor Strange and I perform an emergency C-section. Your new blood will dull the poison she's ingested. I'm running a diagnostic to find out what it is." He taps madly on the computer. Steve frets over me, pacing back and forth. The cramps are getting worse. I feel sweat forming on my brow.


 Diana has her eyes slammed shut and her hands gripping the table with white knuckled, strained fingers. I can only imagine the pain. She moans loudly, and I watch as she begins seizing. Her whole body convulses.
 "Hold her down! She might hurt herself." Banner orders. I press her shoulders down on the table. He comes over and places his hand on her belly to still her. He injects a local numbing medicine. Strange runs in and washes his hands quickly before coming over. His hands are steady as he takes a scalpel and swaps places with Banner. Banner puts a needle in my arm and sets up a gravity system to make my blood flow to Diana. Once my blood enters her stream, she stills. I remember her giving me close to three pints when I was injured. And before we were together. She loved me even then, and I felt no problem with doing this. Watching her die was not something I planned to do today. Brock burst through the lab doors and pushed aside one of the assistants who tries to stop him. He is by Diana's side immediately, taking the hand that I don't have. She manages a weak smile. I smile down at her and she grips my hand tighter. I clench my jaw at Brock, who glares at me, and then frets over Diana once more. He points to the blood transfusion.
 "What's going on?" He demands.
 "Clean blood from me to counteract the toxins in her system." I mumble, running a gentle thumb over her knuckles. Strange is so quick with the scalpel that I don't even realize he's cut her until I see the blood. Banner clamps the flow from my arm.
 "Her blood pressure just dropped. Don't want her to suck in all your blood." He explains, voice distracted. Strange then finds her uterus, cuts it open carefully and then finds the babies. He cuts away the amniotic sack, voicing so as he does. Brock has his jaw clenched. Diana's grip on our hands is tight, but her face is passive. She's so strong. She's numb, but this can't feel good. A computer beeps and Bruce looks to the screen. "We have confirmation on the toxin. It's a super-concentrated and fast acting poison, but Tony keeps all kinds of anti-venoms and antidotes in the lab." He spoke as he walked out the door, returning with the medicine. I breathe a sigh of relief. Just then I hear crying. Strange holds up one of the babies. There is too much blood to tell which as of right now, but there it is. It cries loudly. He snips the umbilical chord and hands the child to me. I realize that this is the boy, my little Kaidan. Awe courses through me as I gaze down at his little face, contorted in a sob. He then goes back in to pull out the twin, little Lia. Despite my suit, I hold Kaidan to my body, and feel a wash of emotion come over me.


 I knew from the commotion at the party that something had happened, and when I saw Marie being escorted out by a few Agents, and the smug look on her face, I knew it had to do with Diana. Steve blew past me as he carried Diana to the lab. We had top physicians here, so it was no shock that he would do that instead of taking her to the hospital. I catch Romanoff's arm.
 "What happened?" I demand.
 "Marie had on a cybernetic mask and pretended to be me. Poisoned Diana's drink, so now Steve's taking her to the lab so Banner can run a diagnostic on the poison, and deliver the babies. Strange is meeting him down there. They don't want any of the lasting toxins to-," But I was already gone.

 It took everything I had not to sprint for the lab, and even then I failed. I held her hand through the operation, but I'm not sure she knew who I was, her eyes were slammed shut. I watched, not really knowing what was going on. I point to the tube going from Steve's arm to Diana's.
 "What's going on?" I ask. Steve looks up momentarily, but his eyes are a million miles away.
 "Clean blood from me to counteract the toxins in her system." He says, voice just as far away as his eyes are. He strokes her knuckles and I watch, as Banner helped Strange from time to time, and machinery beeped. Steve held her other hand, worry etched on his brow. I wanted to feel bad for him, but all I could think about was Diana. And Lia. A selfish part of me wanted Lia to be pulled out first, wanted Steve's baby to die. But I knew Diana would be heartbroken, so, despite feeling Godless, I sent up a prayer for all three of them. Strange cut her open quickly, a quick man with a scalpel, first through skin and, despite her pregnancy, a nearly non-existent layer of fat, muscle, and then finally, the uterus. He took special care here, mumbling what he was doing, perhaps for Diana, perhaps for himself, or maybe for Steve and I. Steve wasn't paying much attention. Strange pushed gently on either side of the incision and a head appeared. He pushed again, then pulled gently to get the baby out. I saw first that it was a boy. The blood wasn't effecting me at all, it was Diana who had my attention. Strange used an enema to clear the nose and mouth of fluid, and the boy began to cry. Steve startled slightly, looking up, and Strange cuts the chord and hands the baby to Steve. Steve lets go of Diana's hand and holds his son to his body, lost for the world. He holds his second greatest treasure in his arms. I look now as Strange extracts Lia. I feel a surge of protectiveness that had been absent prior run through me and watch as my daughter is brought into the world. Banner has said something, left, and returned with a bottle of something, and uses a dropper to dose Diana. She swallows hard once, opening her eyes, and turns to see Steve, holding Kaidan. Strange pulls Lia out, snipping the chord. He uses another enema to clear her nose and mouth, and then waits. Banner goes to Steve and Kaidan and gives the baby a drop of the medicine, and then comes to Lia. She's not crying as Kaidan was. Strange holds her, placing a hand on her little chest and rubbing it. Lia doesn't move. I fight my every instinct to sieze the girl from the doctor, and I'm glad I did.
 "Non est illius aetatis lacerabant. Haec condicio vivo filio Veneficus Summi Pontificis." He whispers over her. His hand on her tiny chest glows bright blue, and once it fades, she begins to cry. "Now is not her time. Let her live, by the call of the Sorcerer Supreme." He mutters. I suppose that is what his incantation meant. He hands Lia to me, and turns back to Diana to stitch her closed. Now I realize why Steve looked so far off when he got to hold Kaidan. My eyes widen as I stare down at the crying face of my child. Her beautiful little face is still streaked with blood, but I am hopelessly, recklessly in love with her. Her little arms flail and Bruce comes over and drops some of the medicine in her mouth. She pauses for half a heartbeat, then begins to sob again. Instinctually, I rock her, stroking her hair, loving her every little sound. And I know now that I have to find a way to stay in this little Girl's life. If... if I have to make amends with Steve and bare my soul to Diana, I have to be a part of her life. Lia quiets with my rocking and cooing and I feel eyes on me. Diana watches me, now sitting up with aid from Strange, as I rock my baby girl. Her eyes soften as she sees that the girl has fallen asleep.
 "Lia Brooke..." I coo, "Lia Brooke."
 "Rumlow." Diana says. I look up. "Lia Brooke Rumlow." My eyes brighten, and Diana smiles.
 "Brock... I'm sorry. I should never have kept this from you. You didn't do anything wrong. And I understand now that I almost lost them that... that this is what matters." She gestures to me holding Lia. "She's your daughter Brock. You have the right to be in her life... even if I'm not in yours." Steve nods his agreement.
 "I'll treat her like my own, Brock, you have my word." Steve says amicably, "But you are always welcome in our home." He hands Kaidan to Diana so she can hold her and I give her Lia. She smiles, looking at her two babies and then at Steve and I.
 "What's the damage, Doc?" Diana asks.
 "A month minimum bed rest." Bruce says, "And blood checks every three days on you and the babies to make sure there are no lasting toxins in your system."
 "You suck." Diana sighs, "A month!?"
 "Diana you just had major abdominal surgery and twins." Strange counters, "A month. Give us the month, and then we'll let you be on your way. And as it seems, you will have no shortage of caretakers." He gestures to Steve and I.
 "Also, I was waiting to tell you this, but I can't seeing as the babies are two weeks early... your body won't produce Breast Milk. I've got a formula made up for you already though. I asked Natasha to make two bottles and bring them down now." Diana nods. As if on cue, Natasha walks in with two bottles. She hands one to me and one to Diana. Diana hands me Lia and I position the bottle to her mouth. She eagerly takes it, drinking down the milk like it's nothing. Diana lets Steve feed Kaidan, and she rests her head now, watching Steve and I.

 Diana is resting after the babies are fed, cleaned, diapered and sleeping. I still hold Lia, cradling her on my shoulder. She coos softly in her sleep, and I love every sound. Steve has Kaidan against his chest. He's shed his jacket, which took the brunt of the blood.
 "She'll never admit it, but she was glad you were here." Steve says. "I love her, Brock. She's my everything. I've spent the whole time I've been with her convincing myself that this won't end like..."
 "I understand. I didn't ever deserve her, Steve. You should know that. I never formally asked her to be my girlfriend either. We did everything backwards." I admit. My honesty rattles me momentarily, but I shake it off to look back down at Lia. "I told myself... the second I held Lia... I made her a promise. I told myself I'd make amends with you, and bare my soul to Diana. And I intend to keep that promise. Steve I'm sorry I dragged Diana down with me when I went to HYDRA."
 "It's alright. She would have done it on her own. That's who she is." Steve says, looking at Diana now. "She's strong and brave. And her moral compass controls her. She did what she thought she should and regardless, she'd have left."
 "She broke your best friend's heart for me." I say guiltily. Steve shakes his head.
 "She would have broken things off with him anyways. She knew she was a trigger for him, we still haven't quite figured out why, but she was. And Bucky would have ended things too... I know. Neither wanted to hurt the other, and HYDRA just... gave Diana a way out that she thought would cause the fewest hurt feelings between she and Bucky."
 "I love her. I won't stop loving her." I tell him. "She's always going to be the love of my life."
 "Just don't get between us." Steve warns. "If she wants to leave me on her own, that's fine. I'll learn to live with it. But if you try anything, I won't hesitate." I nod in understanding. He was just as hopelessly in love with her as I had been. "I love her too. I want to spend my life with her. But I protect what's mine."
 "I understand." I say. Steve nods and I look back to Lia. I can't seem to keep my eyes off of her. "Are you okay with Lia...?"
 "Having your last name? Yes." Steve assures me. "It was always Diana's decision. And she is yours, Brock. You have the right. Diana saw you with her and... well I saw too. We were worried about you, but it seems like those worries were unfounded, and I'm sorry. You'll be a good Father to her?"
 "I was hoping to talk to you... both of you... about that. Steve, like you said. I can't get between you and Diana. She can be a Rumlow if you want her to be... but don't tell her until she's grown up a bit. You are Diana's husband. Lia needs to grow up with her Dad at home. So you be Dad. I'll be... I want to be in her life, Steve. You have no idea. But I think I should be Uncle Brock for a while. At least until she's old enough to understand... how she and her twin brother can have different fathers."
 "Are you sure?" He asks. I nod.
 "I told you. I want to be in her life. But both of us can't be dad." It breaks my heart to say this, but I have to. I know it's best for Lia. Steve nods, standing up.
 "Thanks, Brock. Listen... I'm taking Diana home once she wakes up. And until she's ready to help me, I could use another set of hands. We have a guest room at our apartment, and you are more than welcome to it."
 "I'd like that." I reply. "I'd like that a lot."
Semper Fi Ch. 53 (Captain America: TWS) FINALE
 This is the end. So sad to think about. Well it isn't quite the end. I am doing a mid-story aside one-shot and an encore extended ending. But this is the end of the main storyline. :( It has been a journey writing Semper Fi, one of my best. Through its course I've met and spoken with some amazing people, and I can not thank them enough :) The last chapter begins with a bang, and ends with what I HOPE is a satisfying catharsis. Peace at last. :)

Five Months Later

 The twins are growing fast. And I'm huge and feeling like a fucking whale. Steve assures me that I don't look like one, but my back hurts and I'm ninety eight percent certain that my hormones are on the fritz. We're thinking it'll be soon, a little over half the normal pregnancy period. We'd been monitoring the twins for the last three weeks, almost every day now. He is growing faster, he'll be big, but Lia is healthy. We're right on schedule. In the last month, Steve hasn't let me lift a finger, we're regulating my diet, and he always makes sure I get everything I need. He's like a doting mother hen, making sure I have everything I need. Steve picks me up, depositing me in the truck and we drive for a check up with Bruce.

 Steve doesn't let me walk through the tower, but I'm inclined to let him. My ankles are swollen and I just want to rest. Steve continues to hold me once we're in the elevator, watching as the floors ding past. The doors slide open and we make our way to the labs. We enter our codes and go to see Bruce in his private office. Steve simply swings open the door.
 "Hey Bruce, we're here to check on the twins-," His voice trails off. Sitting at Bruce's desk is Brock Rumlow. I curse, making Steve let me down. Brock rises, knocking down his chair as he does.
 "Twins?" He demands, "And you didn't tell anyone?"
 "Damn it Steve..." I mutter quietly, but without mirth. "Brock," I begin, "We decided not to tell you because I knew you'd react poorly. We were-,"
 "You should have told me, Diana. They're my kids, just as much as they're yours, as much as Rogers-,"
 "They're not identical... they're fraternal. And the other child is Steve's. We did the DNA testing and everything, and we'll do another one right here in front of you if you don't believe it."
 "I'd like that." Brock says, "And I'd like to see another one on Lia. For Rogers. Because he's acting like-,"
 "Like the woman he married is pregnant and he's happy." I snap, "Why were you down here?" I demand.
 "I was looking for information on Lia, given that Steve won't let you tell me anything, and you have Bruce sworn to secrecy."
 "Yes and pissing him off would be a bad idea." Says Steve. He's moved between Rumlow and I, his posture defensive.
 "Bruce, please take two samples, one from Lia and one from Kaidan."
 "Kaidan?" Rumlow asks. I nod and let Bruce take the sample. I can see both Steve and Rumlow flinch when the needle sinks in to my belly. Bruce is watching on the ultrasound, and he takes the first sample from Lia. He then moves to Kaidan and takes the sample with a new syringe. He cleans the small punctures and hands Lia's syringe to Brock. Brock helps him run the DNA scans.

Calhoun, Diana Martius and Rumlow, Brock appears on the screen. He looks at the other syringe, and then watches Bruce as he runs the second DNA test.
Calhoun, Diana Martius and Rogers, Steven Grant pops up. Rumlow nods once and backs down. He is suddenly very close to Steve, in his face, and looking down at him.
 "I will do everything in my power to make sure that little girl knows who her real father is." Rumlow says, a snarl on his face. "I may not be her husband." He points at me, "But I'm the Father of one of her children, and I'll be a part of her life. She's my kid."
 "Rumlow, I won't let you come anywhere near Lia if you don't desist and leave the lab, immediately." I demand. Brock backs down and leaves the office. I can hear the door leading to the lab beep as well, indicating that he's left.
 "I'm sorry, Diana. He has codes to come down here because Tony's been working on some weapons for him. And-," I shake my head, effectively cutting Bruce off.
 "No. Bruce, you did everything fine. You don't need to Hulk out of my behalf." I place a hand on his shoulder. "You're one of my best friends, Bruce. I know you wouldn't compromise me unless it meant compromising yourself."
 "Thanks." He says. "Well, now that all the bad stuff is out of the way... let's see how Lia and Kaidan are doing."
 "Bruce, we talked about something last night." I say, "We'd like you to be Lia's Godfather. We've asked Nat to be the Godmother."
 "I'd love to." He replies, "I'm honored." He looks at them through the ultrasound. "Everything looks good. It's actually fortunate that Brock demanded those samples. I can check hormone levels in them and see when you might be due." He taps some commands into his laptop and then smiles.
 "It's saying in less than a month. Three weeks tops." Bruce says, smiling brightly. "Announce Kaidan since Brock knows?"
 "You and Bucky know too." I reply, grinning. "Might as well... TONY!" I yell. Steve wraps and arm around me and Tony bursts into the lab. "Steve and I are having twins and the second one is named Kaidan." Tony's eyes go wide and he flings his hands up, then scrambles for his phone.
 "When did this happen!?" He demands, snapping a picture of Steve and I and furiously tapping something out.
 "Well, you see... before I knew I was pregnant, Steve and I were catching up and he got me knocked up again." I explain.
 "Two eggs Tony." Bruce clarifies. "So Kaidan is Steve's and Lia is Brock's."
 "Does that mean that Steve's bigger? I read somewhere that male sperms swim slower than female sperms, so if a guy has more going on down south, he has a better chance of producing male offspring." Tony rambles, hitting send. I glance at Steve before looking at my phone which had beeped almost as soon as Tony hit send. Steve is blushing bright red.
 "Yes." I say cheekily, "Steve's bigger."
 "I knew it." Tony cackles. I open the file Tony sent to me, and about five hundred other numbers. The picture is sweet, me and Steve standing together with my very pregnant belly under his gentle hand, Bruce in the background, smiling slightly at the camera and offering a little wave. The text was hilarious though.

Cap managed to get a girl preggers! His name is Kaidan and the party will be next Saturday at the Tower. Open bar and schawarma.

 Steve reads over my shoulder and blushes even more.
 "Sorry." I whisper to him. "I think we should ask Bucky to be the Godfather." I say, "And the Godmother should be-,"
 "Sharon." Steve says.
 "Sharon." I agree. We make the calls, me calling Sharon, Steve calling Bucky, and then turn our attention back to Tony.
 "How many people did you tell?" I ask.
 "The usuals." He explains, "Our Avenger buddies, the Crew, and the need-to-know SHIELD Agents, Coulson, Fury, and Hill, too."
 "Alright." I say, smiling, "I hope you'll have sparkling grape juice for me. Only down side to being pregnant... I damn sure miss whiskey."
 "I'll get you some alcohol free. Make sure that it tastes good personally." Tony assures me, patting my shoulder.

 The next Saturday, Steve and I leave our apartment and head for Stark tower. We have two car seats in the back, one blue, one pink, already. We decided that the Truck was to be our 'minivan'. It handled better than any of the vans Steve and I looked at, and had a higher safety rating. We liked the powerful V8 in the truck as well as the SHIELD tech jammed in to it. The Tower is illuminated with lights against the exterior walls, half pink, half blue. A banner hangs from the top floor outside: "Welcome Kaidan and Lia!" I smile, snapping a picture of the tower and Steve hands the truck off to the Valet. He lifts me up and walks me to the elevators. He's wearing a sharp dark blue suit and a brown tie. He looks drop-dead gorgeous. I chose a loose fitting brown dress, with lace overlay. It'd been a gift from Tony. Steve and I get out of the elevator and are immediately swarmed by our friends. We get pictures taken by Tony's friend who is a reporter, and Tony brings me the non-alcoholic whiskey. It is iced and it tastes so real I have to ask Tony if he's sure it's non-alcoholic. To my surprise, Bucky is here, and Steve and I walk over to him. He's with a date, something I hadn't expected. I walk over to him and smile, extending a hand to the girl.
 "My name's Diana." I offer. She smiles, shaking my hand as well.
 "Ally." She replies simply, staring at Bucky with adoration. I pat him on the shoulder.
 "I'm so glad you came, Bucky. You have no idea." I say.
 "What kind of God Father would I be if I didn't show up? Or namesake for that matter?" He places a hand on my belly, and I feel Steve stiffen for a moment at my side before relaxing. It's Bucky. He won't do anything. "Kaidan James." He says gently, smiling all the while. I can't help but wonder if he wishes that Kaidan were his. That Steve had someone new on his arm and that he was beside me. But I shake this off. I know Bucky wants to see Steve and I happy. I know that he's willing to move on for my sake.
 "You know I kind of named him after my old platoon buddy too." I tease. "Nah, we meant it to be for you."
 "It was her idea. Said it was my best friend's name so it was perfect." Steve says. He kisses my cheek and we move to mingle with the rest of the guests. The Crew demand pictures with me, and I oblige. Jack leans down and whispers something to me over the music.
 "I'm pissed off at you. Barnes and Banner get to be the God Fathers to your kids, but what am I, chopped liver?" He teases. I slug Rollins on the shoulder.
 "You know I love you. But you'll still get to be Uncle Jack, I promise."
 "I'd better be. And what about the other guys?"
 "Lia and Kaidan will have no shortage of babysitters, Aunts and Uncles." I assure him. He smiles and Clay walks over. He has his wife with him. I remember their wedding. It was about a year and a half after Clay and I broke up, but he'd asked me to come because we were still on really good terms. Best friends. Her name was Elizabeth, but everyone called her Betsy. She was pretty, shorter than Clay by a head and a half, black hair so dark it almost looked blue, and grey-blue eyes. He met her when we were deployed in England.
 "No kids tonight?" I tease Clay. He shakes his head.
 "Nah, mom's got 'em. Thought there'd be too much boozing for them to be around. Not to mention the fact that Tony'd get my kids drunk because he hates me."
 "What'd you do?" I demand.
 "May or may not have... taken his entire collection of scotch home with me." He cackles, "Man drinks good stuff."
 "And you dragged along the wife! Never thought I'd see you again." I say amicably. Betsy has always disliked me, despite everything. She seemed the think I was waiting for the right moment to take Clay back, but if anything, she shouldn't now. I was married. She narrows her eyes at me.
 "Yes, I made it. Clay wanted me to come so badly." She says, turning away. She takes a hold of Clay's arm. "Listen, I know I haven't always been kind to you, but I want you to know that I'm happy for you. You and Steve make a nice couple." She can't meet my gaze. But to be fair, the only ones who really could, were my platoonmates, the Crew, and my Superiors at SHIELD: Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson.
 "Thank you, Elizabeth." I never felt invited to call her Betsy, despite everyone else doing so. But I understood why she would be spiteful towards me. I was the ex-girlfriend of her husband, and we were still close. We were alone together for long stretches of time too, which couldn't be easy on her. Still, nothing went on between us after we broke up. We agreed, together, that breaking up was the best course of action for us, because we both knew that we were going to be in the corps for a long time and that romance and battlefields could be a dangerous distraction, especially when we were as young as we were.
 "I'm glad you and Steve have finally figured out that you are perfect for each other." I hear Nat behind me. She breaks me from Steve's arm and pulls me aside. "Sorry. Thought you needed an out." She whispers. I thank her with a slight nod and she places a fresh glass of non-alcoholic whiskey in my hand. I sip on it.
 "She doesn't like you."
 "Gee, what gave you that impression?" I ask sarcastically.
 "The cutting glares... the fact that she's holding Clay's arm like she's laid claim to him..." Nat lists off, chuckling slightly. "I mean, you're a threat in other ways, but not to their marriage."
 "Yeah well, she doesn't realize that. I don't want to talk about it, this is a happy day."
 "I know you probably don't want to hear this, then, but we just got word down in intelligence. Marie Siegfried is active again and is gunning for you."
 "Even as whale-ish as I am, I could take her." I reply, "When I sparred with her I could have taken her down in seconds."
 "I know," She assures me, eyes narrowing and lips pressed into a hard line, "but we're upping security around you and Steve's place. And Steve is being given leave time. Only reason we'd need him back for now is a worldwide disaster. He'll be with you all the time until after the kids are born."
 "Thanks," I say, narrowing my eyes at her. I have a bad gut feeling. Just then, as I stood next to Natasha, Natasha walks in the door.
 "Sorry I'm late-," She calls, pausing when she sees her doppelganger. I immediately leap in to action, going for a move I know Marie would anticipate. I go for her feet and she blocks it.
 "So predictable." She smirks, blocking the blow and taking a moment to swipe away the cybernetic mask and switch off the voice modifier. She peels back the red wig she's wearing. "Always predict-," Ten attacks at least cut her off. Bucky has left his date, assuring her that everything is fine, and pushes me back. Steve makes sure I don't fall and wraps an arm around me, shielding me with his own body. The Crew apprehends Marie.
 "How stupid are you?" I ask her, "You crashed a party of trained agents, specialists most of them, and expected to what? Kill me?"
 "Already have." She smirks. "What happens to me means nothing, but I'd say you and your babies have about... an hour."
Semper Fi Ch. 52 (Captain America: TWS)
Short chapter I know, but ch53 is following in like two seconds!!!!!!!!!!! Anywhore...

  A little reference to :iconsscejm4a: when I made Bucky's date's name Ally. :) ILU GIRLY!!!!!!!!!!!

And... dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn more drama!



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Comissions: Always open.
Black and white scanned pencil drawing: 5 points
Inked and scanned drawing: 10 points
Colored, inked and scanned drawing: 15 points
First character is of no charge, each additional character is 1 point.

I <3 RPing! I will RP: Marvel, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, The Scorpio Races, The Boondock Saints, and Greek Mythology!

Diana Calhoun (Captain America)
Sif Duffy (Thor)
Marie Seigfried (Skeleton Crew)
Ileana Vincent (Avengers/The Vision)
Lilith Kopek (Daredevil)
Erin Blackbourne (X-Men)
Callistos Ibn-la'Ahad (Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood)
Achilles (Lee) Ibn-la'Ahad (Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood)
(f) Commander Callistos Shepard (Mass Effect)
(m) Commander Izekial Shepard (Mass Effect)
Ashe Talamo (The Walking Dead)
James Talamo (The Walking Dead)
Meara Walsh (The Scorpio Races)
Ciara Flynn (The Boondock Saints)
Ares: God of War (Greek Mythology)
Cadhla (Norse/Celtic Mythology)

:iconchrisevansplz::iconjeremyrennerplz::icontomhiddlestonplz::iconninthdoctorplz:<- <3 these guys!

Current Residence: I live on Thisby!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I really don't care!
Print preference: None
Favourite genre of music: Nu-Metal, Metal, Rock, Punk, Rap
Favourite style of art: Pencil and Paper/pen and ink
Operating System: Computer, sketch pad, anything I can draw on
MP3 player of choice: Sprint Optimus 3gs
Shell of choice: IDK, Carpenters Dwarf Triton?
Wallpaper of choice: Dont have wallpaper
Skin of choice: Asian?
Favourite cartoon character: (insert 'videogame' over 'cartoon): Altair
Personal Quote: "I can do whatever I want." (You have to sing it)
A real exchange between my brother and I tonight.

Bro: I need you to do something really important for me.
Me: What?
Bro: Take me to the gas station?
Me: Why?
Bro: I need cigarettes.
Me: No. If you wanted me to take you to the gas station you should have asked me a lot earlier. Like eight.
Bro: I was sleeping.

It get's fucking better.

Me: Can you turn your TV down? I'm trying to go to sleep.
Bro: No.

Few minutes go by.

Bro: *Playing his FUCKING GUITAR*
Me: Can you please stop? I have to get up for work at 5:45. I don't keep YOU up like this.
Bro: Oh, okay. *slams his door shut* *Continues to play guitar* *Turns up TV*

Can I please get him evicted? 
  • Mood: Annoyed
  • Listening to: Elements- Lindsey Stirling
  • Reading: Extended Essays
  • Watching: The Gates
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Breakfast Sandwich (For dinner)
  • Drinking: water

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