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Still seeking new RP. I'm looking for a Marvel Cinematic, or X-Men Cinematic, possibly cross over rp. Looking for a person to rp as either Brock Rumlow or Bucky Barnes. I will play anyone else. If X-Men,  I want some on to be Gambit for me. For more details, note me.
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I shot the locking mechanism off of Bucky's handcuffs before tossing him the gun in my hands and bashing skulls with another soldier. I swiped up a knife, held it blade out against my forearm and set my mind to killing HYDRA agents. The old saying, "cut off one head, two more shall take it's place" suddenly made a lot of sense. I don't know if I've made a mistake or not until a soldier was about to take a shot at me and his blood splatters the wall behind him. Bucky slides past me in the hallway and dispatches the remaining agents. He returns to my side and drops the pistol I had thrown him at my feet.
 "Is Steve-," I kneel at his side, pressing my hands to the wound. "Shit. Bucky, grab a couple of shirts and something flammable." I order. I slip my own tank top off, leaving me in a bra and my pants. Bucky has disassembled a grenade and he takes some of the gunpowder and puts it on my tank top. I cock a pistol, hand it to Bucky, and grab a metal baton off of one of the dead men. "Ignite the gunpowder and add fuel until the baton glows red. It was a knife that got him so I don't have to worry about bullet shrapnel." Bucky takes aim and hits the gunpowder exactly as he needed to. It ignites, and a moment later, my black tank top is in flames. I heat the baton in the fire and ask Bucky to cut away the shirt Steve has on so I can see what I need to do. The puddle of blood on the floor has only grown. The baton glows red hot.
 "Diana," Bucky says.
 "I'm cauterizing the wound. He's losing a lot of blood. His system will take care of the rest but not if he's bleeding out." I press the burning hot tip to the wound and the smell of burning flesh fills my nostrils. "I'm sorry Steve." I glance at Bucky who tends the small fire. It is crude but effective. "How the hell did they find us?" I ask, "Your rehabilitation was top secret. Level six and up only, and even then. We're in the goddamn Triskelion!" I groan and move the baton. The wound has burned shut. It is delicate, but it has stopped bleeding.
 "Where did you learn that?" Asks Bucky.
 "Afghanistan. One of my men was down with a similar knife wound. I watched Braddock do it."
 "How is he? Braddock."
 "We haven't spoken recently. He is being groomed for the Super Soldier program and the second Avengers initiative."
 "Diana," Bucky cups my cheek with his normal hand. "Thank you. So much. You shot me free.... put your trust in me." He smiles a small smile and leans in close. His lips almost touch mine but then he pulls back, swearing to himself.

 Coulson was waiting for us outside of the SHIELD base. He had a somber look on his face. Bucky and I held steve between the two of us. He was out like a light either from shock or blood loss... possibly both. He was paler than normal and that worried me. Instead of being lightly tan, he looked like milk.

 Doctor Banner and a few members of the med team who had survived the attack went to work getting Steve hooked up to machinery and oxygen. He needs blood, and I offer myself. Bucky volunteers as well, and Doctor Banner informs us that I share Steve's blood type.
 "He needs a lot of blood, Diana." Banner warns. I nod firmly. I know that Steve would do the same thing for me.
 "Take what he needs. I can recover. He might not if I don't make this sacrifice." I nod firmly and take a seat beside Steve's bed. Bucky slides in to the chair next to mine. His metal arm is cool against my arm and I realize that I still wear only my sports bra. Bucky slides off his shirt and hands it to me.
 "You uh... seemed... cold." Bucky mumbles as I slip the black fabric over my head. Bruce sterilizes my arm where the needle will go. He slips the needle into my flesh and tapes it down carefully. The blood from my arm flows rather quickly down the tube and into a catch bag. I watch it roll in huge crimson drops through the tube. The bag gets full and Bruce sets up that bag to put in Steve, then sets up another one to my arm.
 "What the-," Bucky begins. I put my hand up to soothe him.
 "I said take what they need. He's my partner, Bucky. And I'm going to help him. I might need a nice cold glass of Tony's brandy after this though." A small smile glues itself onto my face.
 "I want to help Steve too, but if it's going to hurt you-,"
 "Bucky. Shut up." I cut him off. He presses his lips shut and folds his arms across his bare chest. Holy shit. His bare chest. I peak at him out of the corner of my eye and see that he is tanned all the way down to where his abdomen dissapears into his pants. His chest and abs are hard and chiseled. I was used to seeing fit men, but Bucky was different. His body was more extreme, tight and lean but masculine. I let my eyes go to him more than once. It keeps my mind off of the fact that I am giving Steve so much blood. I was feeling light headed. After the second bag is filled, the needle removed, Bucky scoops me up and takes me to my room near the gym on the bottom floor of the Hellicarrier. I have him set me down so the recognition software can see me and when the door opens, I hop into bed. Bucky stays in the doorway.
 "I'll bring you uh... brandy and something to eat." Said Bucky. I nod slowly, blinking rapidly to stay awake. My eyelids feel like lead. I fight to stay awake for the few minutes it takes Bucky to go up to the kitchen and grab some food for me. He brings me a plate with bread and a small steak, a glass of iced brandy, a knife and fork, and a napkin. I thank him.
 "Are you not going to eat?" I ask.
 "Bucky," I offer him the bread but he declines it. "Buck." I say more firmly. He rolls his eyes, takes the bread and eats it. I smile, and cut in to my steak. "You're stubborn as shit, you know that?" I ask, not harshly. He smirks.

The members of STRIKE had made a home on the hellicarrier. The Triskelion was undergoing a retrofit after the HYDRA invasion, so we had to improvise. The Avengers, STRIKE, and now, Super Soldier initiatives were all side by side. God forbid anyone find out how many high ranking agents were on board this thing. We'd be bum fucked in a minute. Once I had recovered, I insisted on going to visit Steve. Bucky went with me and forced me to sit as soon as we arrived at the hospital bay. I complied but made a fuss about it. Steve was now awake, in pain and heavily medicated, but he was speaking and blinking, alive. Agent Brock Rumlow of STRIKE was speaking with him quietly. I hadn't spoken to Rumlow personally. He kept to himself, and we hadn't had to work with each other as of yet, despite the fact that I was aiding Captain America, who frequently did missions alongside STRIKE. The only reason I knew who Brock Rumlow was, was because I filed all of Cap's mission reports, which often included recaps from Rumlow. He was almost as tall as Steve, with black hair done in a neat crew cut, and light stubble on his chin. He offered me a small smile and bowed his head respectfully as he departed.
 "What did Rumlow want?" I ask.
 "He was filing the report for you because we weren't sure when you would be ready to report to duty." Says Steve tiredly. "I should have introduced you to him."
 "You should have. Maybe then I could get a date around here." I tease. Steve chuckled lightly, then smiled, looking up to the blood bag which was now almost empty.
 "Thank you, Diana. You didn't have to-,"
 "You're my partner, Rogers. I did what you would have done for me." I interrupt  him. He nods slowly, but looks like he  still owes me. "Steve, I care about your well being. We're comrades. I would jump in front of a bullet for you in a second." I take his hand and smile. "Just remember I said that the next time I kick your ass sparring, okay?" This earns a laugh from both Bucky, Steve, and Rumlow who has returned to the hospital bay. We all laugh for a moment before Rumlow offers his hand to me. I shake it.
 "Agent Calhoun, ex-Marine corps Sergeant Major." I say. Brock nods and introduces himself.
 "Special Agent Brock Rumlow of STRIKE." He replies. "I haven't had the luxury of meeting you."
 "Nor I you. We should swap war stories some time." I suggest. Rumlow makes a gesture that says now is a good time for it. I nod, looking to Bucky, "Can you handle big bad Stevey and make sure he doesn't leap out of bed?" I ask. Bucky nods, giving Rumlow a death glare. Rumlow raises an eyebrow but he and I leave the hospital bay anyways. He suggests that we grab a coffee from the Mess. I follow him.
 "So you and Frosty huh?" Rumlow asks.
 "I don't really know. I think SHIELD is going to put him with Steve and I in the field and if that happens... I don't want to love him. Our profession doesn't reward battlefield romances."
 "No it doesn't." Rumlow agrees. "Who'd you loose?"
 "All but ten of a sixty four man platoon." I reply quietly. "And I got a Medal of Honor for it." I shake my head and sigh. "I could have sacrificed myself to save ten more. If I'd acted a few seconds sooner..."
 "You wouldn't be here if you had." Rumlow says. "You saved who you could given the circumstances. I read the file, Diana. You deserve the medal. And the honor." I thank him and fix my coffee the way I like it. Rumlow takes his black, but I kill my motherfucker with sugar. Rumlow looks amused when he sees all the sugar packets that litter the tabletop once I've got my coffee to where I like it.
 "So tell me about STRIKE." I say.

 Rumlow is an interesting guy. He seemed like a real stiff, and not in the good way at first, because despite being polite, he didn't go in to much detail on certain things. Not that I could blame him, but he seemed very closed off. Once he opened up to me though, I could see why he was so hard. He was a damaged man, who had seen a lot more senseless killing than even I had. After about seven cups of coffee and three hours of talking, I felt like I knew who Rumlow really was.
 "Thanks for the coffee." I say, winking at him. "And the talk."
 "We'll have to do this again." He agreed. "What're you up to now?" Asks Brock.
 "I'm going to head back to my quarters and get some rest. I've had a long day." I reply.
 "How can you sleep with all that coffee you drank?" He teases.
 "Shut up, soldier." I reply, "I have no trouble sleeping, beleive me."
 "Can I walk you down?" He asks. I nod. He gestures to the elevator and we step in. I hit the button for my floor.
 "I wonder why we haven't worked together yet." I say. Rumlow shrugs. Rolling his shoulders, he replies.
 "I guess because they use you for quick missions and they send a bigger task force for bigger jobs. They don't need to send Cap and you, and STRIKE." Rumlow reasons. I nod. It makes sense. Brock places a hand on my lower back as the elevator doors slide open. Bucky steps in and I end up in between the two large men. Bucky glares at Rumlow again and I wonder what his deal is. Brock just looks back at him with a bored expression. He watches for my floor and he guides me out of the elevator once we are at the Gym level. He goes to open my door but I shake my head. The body recognition kicks in and allows me to enter.
 "What's up with you and Buck?" I ask before closing the door.
 "Frosty is just jealous that I got to spend some time with his girl." Rumlow replies with a slight chuckle.
 "Like I said, if Bucky gets put on our team, I'm not going to date him." I reply.
 "What if we had some shore leave and I asked you to go out with me?" Rumlow asks. I grin, nodding.
 "I'd like that. Good luck getting Fury to grant us time off with HYDRA so active." I say. Rumlow just smirks and turns aside.
 "Dinner?" He asks.
 "Sounds like fun."

 God, what the hell was I doing? Rumlow was an agent of STRIKE, and I was supposed to be Captain America's lieutenant. It was very unprofessional of me to flirt with Rumlow. I felt bad too. I blamed all the men wanting to be with me on the fact that the only other available woman was Nat, and that was never going to happen for most of them.  A meeting was called. Fury wanted to see me, Steve, Bucky and Rumlow in the conference room. Great.
Semper Fi Ch.10 (Captain America: TWS)
Finally right? Turkey week has given me some writing time!  Plus a certain :iconsncwqueen: has given me some good ideas for this fan fic and the one to follow/parallel/prequel this.
PREV: Semper Fi Ch.9 (Captain America: TWS)
 "No." Rumlow says. Fury raises an eyebrow and asks him to explain. "She is already a member of Super Soldier. Besides, we-,"
 "Agent Rumlow, I need you to think about this seriously for a moment. Diana is currently our top marksman, and has shown excellent grace under pressure. And furthermore, she is a Super Soldier. You're the one who said you needed another gun on your team, so here you have her. Sergeant Barnes has already asked to be placed with Captain Rogers in her place. The Sergeant Major will find a nice home with STRIKE, and this is final." I glance to Bucky who just nods and to Steve, who pats Bucky on the shoulder. I salute Fury.
 "Sir yes sir." Is all I say.
 "See? Now, why don't you bring your newest addition up to speed for tomorrow's mission?" Fury orders, before turning crisply on his heel and leaving the room.

 Brock briefs me on the mission for tomorrow. He says it is pretty standard,  and that I should be right at home with it, and with STRIKE. It will be a rescue mission on a ship heading to Italy. Data on the Super Soldier program had been stolen and sold to what appeared to be a HYDRA cell. We would be following Captain America.
 Being with SHIELD, I had learned how to use several types of weapons that I'd never even known existed. One was an assault/sniper rifle with an X-ray scope. It had almost no kick and was deathly silent. Those would be standard to everyone on this mission, excluding Steve. I had a pistol of my choice also, which of course, was my upgraded Five Seven. It had a red dot scope attachment, extended magazine and a Nine millimeter configuration. It was done in black polycarbonate plastic and grey. It was my constant side arm since I joined SHIELD.
 I had to admit, I would miss working with Steve. We had become a deathly duo; the picture of synchronization. However, the circumstances were different now. Working with a unit would be no issue for me, it would just take some adjusting. Rumlow assured me that everyone would acclimate quickly, as would I. I could only smile and nod as it seemed. I wondered why I had been moved to STRIKE. I liked working with Steve and we were effective as a team. Perhaps the ones up top pulling the strings thought that Bucky would bring what I could, with more muscle. If that was the case, I was offended, but if not, then I was still baffled.

 A few months passed, and as Fury had said, I found a home with STRIKE. The boys were all friendly during downtime but professional in the field. But more than anything, I felt more and more drawn to Rumlow. He was handsome, determined, confident. Everything I liked a man to be. However, I always made it a point never to date squadmates. I knew the ramifications. I knew the risks. Bucky and I began seeing each other. I liked him. He was sweet. I hadn't been able to work with him as of yet, so I had no reason to caution myself. If he died on a mission, I would mourn, but I wouldn't have been there, nothing I could have done to make me regret losing him. He had his arm around me. My latest mission statement was on the datapad I held against my chest. Bucky turned me, pinning me to the wall and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back passionately, grinning.
 "I'm lucky." I whisper. He grins.
 "You have a mission tomorrow?" Bucky asks. I shake my head and smile.
 "You wanna go out?" He asks. I weigh my options, then nod my reply as a yes. I would love to. "I'll come by your quarters then. After you get done today." We were still on the hellicarrier, however, Stark built a small shuttle for each of the main members of the Avengers, and also for me, Bucky and Rumlow.
 I turned in my mission statement and headed back to my quarters on the lowest deck. Bucky and Rumlow also had their quarters down there since their arrival on the hellicarrier. Bucky spent more time in my quarters since we had gotten together than he did in his, which was fine. He had nightmares, and I was the only one who knew exactly how to calm him down. I changed quickly in to jeans, black shirt and remained in my combat boots. It always felt strange when wearing anything else. The boots supported my ankles and gripped the ground well, and I loved them. I seldom wore anything else. Bucky knocked on my door and I opened it for him. At this point, I just needed to add him to the physical recognition software. He wrapped an arm around me.
 "I wanted you to have this." He said, holding out the second plate of his dog tags. It stated his name, date of birth, blood type and that he was a Super Soldier. I smiled broadly, I supposed that him giving me his dog tag was a little like giving me his class ring. It was a sweet gesture, and I returned it by giving him my tag. We placed the new tags on our main chains.
 "Thank you, Bucky. I... it's the sweetest gift anyone has ever given me." I say truthfully.  
 "Diana, we've been together for four months now... do you... do you want to..." He trips over the words. "Do you want to take it to the next level?"
 "You mean..." I eye my bed and he nods, thanking me without words for finishing his thought. "I'm... not ready. Can we just... make out tonight?"
 "Of course." Bucky replies. He always refused to rush me in our relationship, and he respected that I wanted to wait until I was absolutely sure. Yes, I wanted to have sex with him, but I wanted to moment to be right.

 Bucky removes his shirt, kisses me with passion and he pushes his cool metal hand up under my shirt. It feels amazing. His soft lips melt me into a puddle and my hands roam Buck's torso. I can feel the hard muscle there and he grips my wrist, holding my hand on his hard abs. I run my lips down his chin to nibble his throat and move us towards the bed. Bucky sits down and pulls me over his lap. I straddle his hips and wrap my arms around his neck. His normal hand goes down between my legs and rubs against me from outside my pants. A soft moan leaves my lips and I clamp a lip down over it.
 "Bucky." I say as firmly as I can manage. He removes his hand.
 Suddenly, I feel his body go rigid against mine, and I know what is coming. I quickly remove myself from his lap and move to sit behind him, my arms wrapping around his body and my cheek against his neck. I whisper soothingly in his ear.
 "Shhh... it's okay, Buck. It's okay... shhh... they won't hurt you anymore. It's not real. It's not real." I repeat this over and over. He is still rigid but his breathing calms. I had been getting better at calming him when he was about to have what we referred to as "episodes". They happened very infrequently, and they never happened in the field, only during downtime. I was a trigger, but Bucky insisted it wasn't that. It was when his heart rate got too fast or what have you. I knew that was bullshit. However, he never hurt me. In fact, the first time it happened, he had gripped his metal arm and held it back, curling his body around it and throwing himself against the wall. As part of his mind said to attack, the other part refused. So now, whenever I felt one of his "episodes" coming on, I immediately went in to soothing him. "You never have told me what you see when you go to that place." I whisper once he has calmed. He turns to kiss the tip of my nose and I remain at his side, his metal hand in my grasp.
 "I... Doctor Banner and I have spoken about my... episodes. He thinks that strong emotions cause them. I love you, Diana. And something in my head won't let me... separate good emotions from bad ones." I nod, stroking his knuckles.
 "It's okay. We'll get through it." I say. Bucky puts his right hand on my cheek.
 "What's wrong? I scare you... don't I?"
 "Buck, if I were scared, I'd be long gone. You should know that I don't scare easily."

 Someone is knocking on my door. Bucky has his head buried in my neck and his arms wrapped tightly around me. He stirs but I assure him that everything is okay before jumping out of bed. I run my fingers through my hair. My pajamas are just my combat fatigues and a sports bra, but most of the guys have seen me in less because I work out in a sports bra and shorts. I open the door and Rumlow is outside.
 "You're needed in the conference room." He says.
 "And Bucky?" I ask.
 "Just you." He replies. I salute him and slip on my shirt, and my beret to cover my hair before following Rumlow up to the conference room. I try to keep my gaze off of him but fail miserably. I can see the way his lean muscle moves under his shirt and the broad shoulders that shrink the large elevator around him.
 "You and Bucky seem happy." He comments.
 "He's a good guy. Since I don't work with him, I said yes when he asked me out." I reply. Rumlow nods.
 "Wonder what Fury needs with us." Rumlow says. "I was just told to get you to the conference room asap." I shrug, pulling my beret down more over my eyes. I am utterly exhausted, being summoned at whatever ungodly hour it is. I check my watch and note the time for future reference. In order to get vacation time. I loved being a marine, so the time I spent with them never seemed like work. I loved working for SHIELD too, but the missions were considerably harder and took more out of me. I was in desperate need of some shore leave. Rumlow puts a hand on my back to guide me down the hall to the conference room, as if I might turn and bolt.

 "Agent Calhoun, good for you to be here." Director Fury welcomes me. Maria Hill has a cup of coffee for me, killed with sugar. I thank her and take a long gulp before replying to Fury.
 "And why was I needed at... two o' seven in the morning?" I wonder. Fury rolls his er... eye, and leans forward on the table.
 "The Captain is out at the moment, and a mission has come up. I need you and Agent Rumlow to infiltrate a HYDRA base. I need some data retrieved. We have reason to beleive that HYDRA is mounting another attack on the Triskelion. We need to know the manner and the means." Fury says. I had chugged my coffee during the process of his speech and I saluted him after he had finished.
 "We'll get it done, sir. You mean for the rest of STRIKE to be left at base then?" I ask.
 "Yes. Since you refuse to work with the man you're with, we can't send Sergeant Barnes. Along with that, you used to be part of the Captain's strike team so you're ideal for the job. Agent Rumlow is the best hand to hand we have, and one of the best marksmen. I feel like you two will get the job done."
 "Yes sir." Rumlow says robotically.
 "When do we leave?" I ask.
 "Now." Hill says, "go suit up. Agent Barton will fly you to your drop location." With a firm nod, I rise, turn on my heel and head back to my quarters. Bucky was going to be pissed. I let myself in to my quarters and open the closet which holds all five of my outfits; my SHIELD Uniform, Dress Blues, ball gown, Fatigues and black shirt with jeans. The only shoes are a pair of strappy wedges that go with the dress, and a pair of well worn combat boots. I slip in to my uniform rather quickly and give Bucky a small kiss on the lips. He groans.
 "You're leaving?" He asks.
 "Yeah. Unfortunately. Steve got deployed solo earlier this morning I'd imagine, and another mission came up." I explain. Bucky moves to rise.
 "Then I'm going too." He says firmly. I shake my head and run my hand down his cheek.
 "No, babe. I'm not going to work with you. If I lost you..."
 "I know how you feel. But Diana... you need to stop being scared of losing me. I'm pretty damn hard to kill." He stands up and I know that I won't be able to change his mind, so instead, I ask the Hellicarrier AI to connect me to Fury.
 "Sergeant Barnes is requesting that he be allowed to accompany myself and Agent Rumlow on the mission." I say monotonously.
 "I thought you had a 'no lovers next to you' rule on missions." Fury says.
 "Yeah well this lover is a stubborn ass." I reply. Fury green lights the added member and we head up to the flight deck to meet with Barton. On our way out, we are handed only pistols. Bucky has an MP-443, a Russian made pistol which looks similar to my Five Seven. I have my own pistol, and Rumlow has a heavy, nine mil Ruger. I hated that gun but it was Rumlow's favored piece.
 "Wait, why is Barnes here?" Rumlow asks. I shrug, motioning that he should talk to Bucky.
 "I wanted to protect her." Bucky answers.
 "She doesn't need you to protect her." Rumlow shakes his head. I agree with him, but I understand Bucky's concern. On the way to the flight deck, I had briefed Bucky on the mission at hand, and the risks of this particular mission made him worry about me.
 "Well, you might be her combat commander but I'm her boyfriend. I'm supposed to protect her." Bucky stated firmly, as if it should be common knowledge, because to him, it was. Rumlow was about to retort, and knowing him, he would regret it later, and knowing Bucky, he would regret it now, because Bucky was very protective of me, and he would wipe the elevator floor with Rumlow. Especially since he hated the man for whatever reason. Rumlow simply shut up. Rumlow knew that Bucky was out of his depth, and he wouldn't win if it came to blows. Besides, I wouldn't let it get that far, and I think both of them knew that.

 Barton had a Quinjet ready to fly and we all loaded up. I sat between Rumlow and Bucky, and I leaned my head on Bucky's shoulder.
 "No sleeping, Soldier." Rumlow teases, "I need you alert." Bucky's beautiful upper lip curls into a snarl but I sooth him with a gentle stroke of my hand on his arm.
 "So Rum, how are we going in?" I ask.
 "I just got the map. From what I'm seeing, it looks like we'll be flanking them from the left entrance. The intel we need is on a computer at the center of the base. We want to make this a quick in and out if we can." He says.
 "What's the base looking like?" I ask. Rumlow hands me a datapad and I share it with Bucky, who's eyes take in everything. I like the plan but have a few ideas of my own.
 "The left entrance is the most direct while not going in the front. I like it. But look." I project the map onto the large screen across from us and I point to a ventilation system running just above where we need to be. "Two of us can go through the vents while the other person draws attention away from the data room."
 "I'll go with-," both men say at the same moment.
 "Good. Then I'll go in front. Better that way. Plan to rendezvous at the roof." I reply. If they have to work together, maybe whatever their issue is will be resolved.
 The drop point is coming up quickly and Bucky glares at Rumlow. If looks could kill, I'd be helping Bucky hide a body. I leap down first, parachute strapped securely on my back. Rumlow and Bucky follow, ten second later. I engage my chute and gently float down to the roof of the building. I ready my pistol and unclip myself from my chute, then pick the lock of the door. There is a manual lock, then a mechanical one which will require some hacking. After a few minutes, the locks click and we are able to get in.
 I know what to do as I enter a dimly lit corridor. There are men stationed every ten yards or so. Five men. I watch them for a moment, estimating how long it will take to neutralize all targets, and their movement patterns. I move forward and put a sleeper hold on the first man. He struggles, then goes down. The next gets a gun butt to the head, and a hard kick on the way down. I run, use the wall as a spring board and connect my knee with the neck of the third man, snapping it. Four and five have caught on to my approach and I send a bullet through both of their heads.
 "Main corridor has been cleared." I say into my earpiece. Rumlow confirms that he and Bucky are in the vents. I keep moving towards the center of the base. By now, word has gotten out that I am in the building, so I am met with more and more men who want to kill me.


 Diana's status report was a welcome sound to me. Her plan was working. Unfortunately, I was stuck with Barnes in the damn vents, and I was currently staring at his ass as he crawled through in front of me.
 "I've made it to the center of the base. Hostiles active but following me. Rendezvous in fifteen minutes." Diana whispers. Bucky moves faster now and I manage to keep up. Finally, we reach the data room. The vent cover is just above the head of an Agent so when Barnes kicks it out of place, it knocks the man out cold. He jumps down, careful to avoid the unconscious man, and I follow suit. I move to the computer and start typing rapidly, retrieving all the files that I can and transferring them to a datastick. Barnes stands watch at the door.
 "Do you like her?" Barnes asks suddenly.
 "Who?" I reply, playing stupid.
 "Her. Diana." Barnes elaborates, though he sounds bored, like he knows that I'm playing dumb.
 "She's a talented woman. I'd be an idiot not to notice her." I say honestly. "But you know her policy." The data is transferring now, only a few more minutes.
 "Mmm..." He grunts, "She's my world, Brock. If I lost her... I just... I'm okay when she goes with all of STRIKE. Or even with Steve. I was just worried that-,"
 "I'd get her killed?" I accuse. "Let's get one thing straight. I may not be a Super Soldier, but I can sure as hell protect her by myself."
 "Shit. One of you meet me in corridor two. They have reinforceme-," Then static. I yell at Barnes to stay where he is and I burst out in to the hall. This area of the base is deserted. I make my way to the corridor she last said and find Diana cornered.
 "What should I do to her, boys?" Asks someone who appears to be the leader. I want to know what he plans so he can be punished accordingly. Though, my gut sinks to think of what he is thinking about doing. "Should I kill her? Or have some fun with her before? Or should I make her boyfriend in the data room watch me kill her?" I am torn between going back to make sure that Barnes is okay and saving Diana. I ultimately pick Diana. Bucky could take care of himself. I turn the corner, gun pointed and I shoot the head of the man who has Diana by the throat. He drops and Diana quickly retrieves her pistol. We shoot down Agents until the smell of blood in the air is nearly unbearable, and our guns run out of ammo. Diana thanks me and rushes past to meet the rendezvous point. I return to the data room. Barnes sighs a breath of relief and I can't beleive he didn't follow me. He taps his communicator and it tells me what I need to know. His smile of approval only assures me further; Diana told him what happened. And he knew I was capable of keeping her safe.

 Once back on the quinjet, Barnes and I are going over the data we retrieved, and Diana is harassing the Hawk. I am reading a section pertaining to Diana when I come across an classified file. I attempt to open it but it is locked. I run decryption and it finally allows me to read it.

Operation: Cross Bones
Objective: Attain new Super Soldier Prospect.
 SERGEANT MAJOR DIANA CALHOUN extracted from Afghanistan. Fifty two DEAD, ten INJURED by Terrorists hired through SOURCE: PSYCHO. Calhoun makes Eleven alive. Second Commanding officer position makes Calhoun the wisest choice. First officer presumed dead. Minor vital signs. Will be monitored. Men lost not important. Main objective to sever ties between prospect and platoon. Insures the objective will have reason to join SHIELD. Agents BARTON, ROMANOFF, COULSON deployed for extraction.

The Next Day

  Steve and I sit in the miniplane. Clint is flying it and I stand behind him, relaying our plan of attack to him so he can decide where to drop us. Steve has his hands folded and his elbows resting on his knees, his head low in either prayer or concentration.
 "You alright, Steve?" I ask. Steve nods and looks up at me.
 "A lot on my mind is all." He says.
 "I get it." I reply, "Just stick to the plan and we'll be alright." Steve stands up and starts pacing the length of the miniplane. Clint tells him to stop before he shoots him with an arrow. Steve sits down.

 Natasha is cleaning her gun at one of the seats. She isn't strapped in, but then again, neither are any of us, except Clint. Nat looks up when she sees me standing in front of her and she pats the seat beside her. I remove my pistol from it's holster and start to clean it.
 "You alright Diana?" Asks the spy. I nod.
 "I've been worse." I reply. She rolls her eyes.
 "So are you and Steve...?"
 "God in Heaven no." I say, sheathing my pistol. "He's sweet," I add, and I am very quiet as I speak. I hope Steve doesn't hear me. "But he's... I don't think he's my type."
 "Bullshit." Natasha replied, "He's exactly your type. You're a hardass Marine. You're a damn good soldier. And he's the Soldier."
 "It's more than that. I feel like I'm just... he's too nice. I don't know. He's too nice and I'm not good enough."
 "That's bullshit too." Natasha sighs. "Give him a chance. He's a good guy."
 "I was with Braddock you know. For a while in high school. We broke up when we both got in to the Marines."
 "Is that going to be an issue on this mission?" Asks the super spy. I shake my head and look to Steve who is strapping on his parachute.
 "I have a 'No dating colleagues' policy." I nod to Steve once and we jump out of the plane together.

 I am falling through the air and Steve is beside me. I spot the base and we make our way there; it isn't a long drop and soon we are deploying our chutes. We land silently and I am glad of it, I had a bad feeling about everything right now. I can rely only on myself. Steve had brought me up to speed on his status while I figured out what my enhancements had really done to me. We had a decent lead on the Winter Soldier, but we were told that our primary objective was to secure Braddock. It had to be hard on Steve. We ran through the woods towards the HYDRA base and knocked out the guards at the doors. I kept my pistol raised as we cleared each room. I could hear screams resonating from deeper in the base.
 "That's Braddock!" I yell.
 "How do you know?" Steve questions.
 "I organized his torture training." And with that, I made my way out of the current room and towards the sound of screaming. I waited at the door that seemed like the source of the screams for Steve and we entered the room together.

 Strapped in to a hospital bed was Braddock, with a man beside him. The man had long dark hair and a mask covering his mouth and cheeks. His eyes were wild, hunted and he had a metal arm. His gun shifted from Braddock to me.
 "Drop the gun and put your hands above your head." I order. The Winter Soldier eyes Steve, conflict and confusion evident in his eyes. I feel sorry for this man, trapped in a weapon called his mind. His hand shakes and the gun drops to the floor.
 "Braddock, are you alright?" I ask.
 "Diana?" He asks. I nod slowly and step forward carefully, glaring at Bucky until he backs off.
 "I'm here, Major." I reply. He opens his eyes and gasps in shock, his body convulsing and a scream erupting from his throat. I remove a syringe from my leg pouch and push the needle into his arm. It is an ample amount of liquid vicodin to dull his pain so we can escape. "Captain, I have Braddock if you will secure the second objective." I say, hitting the transmitter at my hip to call in the quinjet.He approaches Bucky and Bucky attacks, fists flying. Steve and he trade blows until finally, Steve catches Bucky slightly off guard and he hits him in the head and knocks him unconscious. I help Braddock to his feet and Steve hoists Bucky over his shoulders. Braddock hangs his head and I keep my pistol trained ahead of us incase we are ambushed. This base, for it's seemingly important stature, was poorly protected. We encountered only a few enemies who were easily dispatched. Our plane was waiting for us overhead and we stepped outside. A gurney is lowered to us when Steve shouts at me. I turn to see at least fifty HYDRA Agents facing us down with guns drawn. Braddock meets my eyes and he grabs my submachine gun from my hip. He stands on his own. He's grown taller and his already well muscled arms look even more toned. He is still weak, but he is fit enough to aid me. I nod to him and raise my pistol.
 "We accept your surrender." Says Braddock. I step in front of him because of my augmented suit and fire. He follows my lead. Steve holds the unconscious Bucky behind him and fires his own weapon. There is return fire from the HYDRA agents, but many of them fall when the guns on the quinjet are activated. I feel bullets bouncing off of my suit but one lucky one bores it's way in to the side of my neck. It hits Braddock, who stands behind me, in the shoulder and his arm jerks back. He shouts in pain and I make him fall back to the gurney. Steve follows suit as more HYDRA Agents come out of the base. The quinjet keeps firing as we pile on to the gurney and are raised up into it.

 Braddock immediately collapses. He clutches his shoulder to try and stop the bleeding. I check for an exit wound and am relieved to find one.
 "Hey," I say quietly. "How are you?"
 "Diana Calhoun. Never thought I'd see you again." Says Clay, "You're taller."
 "They gave me good drugs and I ate my veggies." I reply sarcastically. He smirks.
 "SHIELD... asked me who I thought should be in the Super Soldier Program.  I put your name forward." Clay sighed tiredly and I grab the medical kit. I clean his bullet wound and check for shrapnel. If there is any, I can't see it.
 "I took the offer. When I heard you were alive-,"
 "I know. I saw it on your face when you helped me up. Thank you, Diana. You saved my life. Not just today. But every time we've fought together. No hard feelings about Afghanistan either." With that, he does something shocking. He pulls my lips to his for a kiss. God, I had forgotten how good he was at that. I however, pull away from him, shaking my head.
 "You're drugged and exhausted. We'll talk more when you're at a hundred percent." I look to Steve. "Can you help me with this?" I ask, gesturing to my neck. He nods slowly, and I give him a quick once over to see if he is injured. He's got one small cut but other than that, he's well. Braddock eyes Steve carefully but eventually goes to one of the cots and lies down.

 Steve assesses that I will need stitches for my graze. It was pretty deep, and very, very close to my jugular. Any deeper, and I'd be beyond help. I'd choke on my own blood and drown in it, or bleed out before I could get help. He puts the sutures in ever so carefully. I need three in total.
 "How is Bucky?" I ask once he has finished.
 "He'll recover I think. He has some memory, he will just need time to come back from all the lies HYDRA told him." Steve explains.
 "I was a part of a special organization that dealt in brainwashing and torture. I'd like to offer my help with Bucky. Clay was a part of it too. He can help as well."
 "I'd like that." Steve replies with a curt nod. "So tell me about you and him."
 "We broke up when we found out we were both heading into the Marines." I tell him as I told Natasha. He nods slowly. "He's married. Has kids too."
 "I see." Steve says.


Callistos Lee
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Hey guys I'm queen-of-olympus!

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I <3 RPing! I will RP: Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, The Scorpio Races, The Boondock Saints, and Greek Mythology!

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Personal Quote: "I can do whatever I want." (You have to sing it)
Still seeking new RP. I'm looking for a Marvel Cinematic, or X-Men Cinematic, possibly cross over rp. Looking for a person to rp as either Brock Rumlow or Bucky Barnes. I will play anyone else. If X-Men,  I want some on to be Gambit for me. For more details, note me.
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