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Hey I am looking for someone who is interested in doing either a Walking Dead RP or an X-Men RP. If Walking Dead, I would want you to be Daryl and build a romance with my OC. If X-Men, I am looking for some on to be Gambit or Logan. I will play any other character from those two f andoms and I do rp smut. I rp over notes. ;)
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 The next morning, I awoke early as usual. I am heavily praised by Coulson. Bucky and Clay were both in the Lab with Tony and Bruce. Bucky was in a cell, being shown vids of his life before becoming the Winter Soldier, Clay was being cared for after his capture and procedure. He grew only a bit taller and showed no signs of big changes like my procedure. He had not been exposed to as potent a formula as I had been. He was changed, but not by a lot.
 Steve was working out in the gym when I entered the room. We spoke briefly and I briefed him on my time with the Torture and Brainwashing Task group, and informed him that I would like to try something with Bucky. We were given the green light by Fury.

 Bucky was handcuffed to a table. He had a good sized bump on his forehead from when he had been hit with Steve's shield. I wore a black tank top, combat fatigues, boots and my dog tags. On my head was Steve's army beret. He stared at me, as if analyzing the best way to take me down.
 "Hello James." I say. He remains silent. "James Buchanan Barnes, I am speaking to you." He remains silent and I pull a tape recorder out of my pocket. "Bucky then. I'm going to play some recordings of your closest friend saying some things that should sound familiar to you. If you remember anything, I want you to tell me." I say as gently as I can. The Winter Soldier remains silent, his jaw is set and his eyes remain stoic. I hit play. The recorder holds Steve's voice, and he says some choice lines that hopefully would help jog Bucky's memory.  It had simply, I believed, been repressed.
 "I'm with you. 'Till the end of the line."
 The Winter Soldier presses his lips together. He looks at the recorder scornfully.
 "I..." He begins, "what do I call you?"
 "My official title is Sergeant Major Diana Calhoun. Second in command of the Seventeenth Marine Corps Platoon." I say monotonously. "But I would invite you to call me Diana."
 "Diana then," he says slowly, unsure of himself. "The blonde man. You know him."
 "He is my Teammate and your best friend." I reply. "James, you have been asleep and awake at the same time for seventy years. You were reported killed in action during a mission to take down HYDRA, lead by the Red Skull. Doctor Arnim Zola was responsible for..." I gesture to his metal arm. Bucky nods slowly, processing what I have told him.
 "My memories are... coming back slowly." He looks up at me, unhidden fear in his blue eyes. "I'm lost."
 "From what SHIELD intelligence tells me, you were put in cryo sleep and were awakened through the years to perform assassinations." I show him the documents on him, spreading them out on the tables' length so he can see them all. "There are more." I however leave them in their pile on the floor for later use. I hit play on the recorder and Steve's voice comes on again.

"You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?"

 Bucky shuts his eyes, his brow furrowed. He is trying to remember.
 "Do you remember what you said after this?" I ask.
 "Can you... can you play it again?" Bucky inquires. I nod, rewinding the tape and playing it again. Bucky looks frustrated, like when you feel as if you know what you want to say, it's on the tip of your tongue but you can't figure out exactly what that something is.
 "You replied with... 'Hell no. That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him'."
 "Diana?" Asks Bucky.
 "Why are you helping me?" He wonders. I meet his blue gaze with my own green stare and answer honestly.
 "Because it's important to Steve." I say. The Winter Soldier shifts his arms and I order him uncuffed. Bucky was stronger and taller than I am, but I have a shock charge in my glove and I had the know how in hand to hand combat to take care of myself.
 "He must mean something to you." Bucky says.
 "He meant something to you, too. I'd be loathe if I let a friendship like that die with the memories. I've lost a lot of good men very recently. I won't let Captain America's best friend be one of them."
 "Do you love him, Diana Calhoun?" He asked. I shake my head.
  "Would you beleive it if I told you that you weren't the first one to ask me that?" I inquire. "I do not love Steve Rogers. We are a team. And an effective one. But I do not love him. That would be selfish."
 "Why?" Asks James.
 "If I loved him and saw him die, it would jeopardize the mission." I say coldly, "there is no reward in loving a comrade in our line of work. You can see them as brothers, as partners. But I would never see them as a lover. If I did,  I don't think I could continue." I am open with James in a way I have never been open with anyone. He is easy to talk to despite the circumstances.

 For months, Bucky and I had these talk sessions. I would play Steve's voice from a recording, Bucky would try to remember, and the memories either triggered super positive or super negative effects. Once he reverted back to his killer mode and came at me. I had to electrocute him. Other times, he would look as if he were about to cry or would burst out laughing.
 "So Bucky," I say, "I think you're ready to talk to Steve himself. Face to face."
 "What if I-,"
 "No what if. Buck, it's been weeks since your last negative reaction. You're almost back. Now, if you can face your biggest trigger, you'll be fine."
 "Will you be here?" Bucky asks quietly. I nod. Bucky and I had built up some trust. A lot of trust. Finally, he agreed to meet Steve, but I would have to be there, stun glove on, and he asked to be cuffed to the table.

 Steve entered the cell. I stood back, analyzing Bucky carefully.
 "Hey, Buck." Steve said. He was smiling.
 "What happened to you?" Bucky asked.
 "I joined the Army." Steve joked. I relaxed and watched the men. "Are you okay, Buck? What did they do to you?"
 "I don't really know." Says Bucky. "Lots of needles... and... the operation to put on this metal arm... God the people I killed..." I put a hand on his shoulder and gently pat it. He shakes his mane of hair and looks up at Steve sadly. "They made me turn against my best friend."
 "I don't blame you Bucky. You were given a mission and you would be damned not to finish it. You were always stubborn."
 "You're stupid." Bucky teased.
 "How can I be? You had all the stupid with you." Steve is grinning, his happiness even leaking into his blue eyes. Steve and I had been continuing to go on missions. We had each other's backs and could almost predict the movements of the other before they even happened. He knew the right moment to raise his shield so I could send a foe tumbling in to it and when to duck so I could shoot over him. We never spoke about dating again. Bucky smiles happily, glad to have his friend back, glad I think, not to have a breakdown. Just as we are about to wrap up the session, the door bursts open and several HYDRA agents run in. Steve and I are both completely unarmed because we couldn't risk Bucky getting his hands on a weapon if he snapped. I used my stun glove to take out the first few. Bucky had his eyes screwed shut and his fists clenched. Steve had my chair and was using it as a sort of bludgeon. Even with little weaponry, Steve and I were a combat team. He was behind me, so I ducked, allowing him to connect the chair in his hands with the skull of a HYDRA agent. I stunned another few before my stun gun fizzled out. I turned to hand to hand, snapping necks and breaking noses, as well as the classic knee-to-the-groin. Steve glanced back at Bucky and in that split second, a knife came up.
 "Steve!" I yelled. I attempted to knock the blade aside but the agent's movement had been made a split second before mine, and instead of sinking in to his sternum, the blade diverted to his lung. The agent sunk the knife in up to the hilt and twisted it. I pushed Steve back, grabbed a gun off of a fallen HYDRA agent, and took aim at Bucky.
The Next Day

  Steve and I sit in the miniplane. Clint is flying it and I stand behind him, relaying our plan of attack to him so he can decide where to drop us. Steve has his hands folded and his elbows resting on his knees, his head low in either prayer or concentration.
 "You alright, Steve?" I ask. Steve nods and looks up at me.
 "A lot on my mind is all." He says.
 "I get it." I reply, "Just stick to the plan and we'll be alright." Steve stands up and starts pacing the length of the miniplane. Clint tells him to stop before he shoots him with an arrow. Steve sits down.

 Natasha is cleaning her gun at one of the seats. She isn't strapped in, but then again, neither are any of us, except Clint. Nat looks up when she sees me standing in front of her and she pats the seat beside her. I remove my pistol from it's holster and start to clean it.
 "You alright Diana?" Asks the spy. I nod.
 "I've been worse." I reply. She rolls her eyes.
 "So are you and Steve...?"
 "God in Heaven no." I say, sheathing my pistol. "He's sweet," I add, and I am very quiet as I speak. I hope Steve doesn't hear me. "But he's... I don't think he's my type."
 "Bullshit." Natasha replied, "He's exactly your type. You're a hardass Marine. You're a damn good soldier. And he's the Soldier."
 "It's more than that. I feel like I'm just... he's too nice. I don't know. He's too nice and I'm not good enough."
 "That's bullshit too." Natasha sighs. "Give him a chance. He's a good guy."
 "I was with Braddock you know. For a while in high school. We broke up when we both got in to the Marines."
 "Is that going to be an issue on this mission?" Asks the super spy. I shake my head and look to Steve who is strapping on his parachute.
 "Hell no. We never would have worked out." I nod to Steve once and we jump out of the plane together.

 I am falling through the air and Steve is beside me. I spot the base and we make our way there; it isn't a long drop and soon we are deploying our chutes. We land silently and I am glad of it, I had a bad feeling about everything right now. I can rely only on myself. Steve had brought me up to speed on his status while I figured out what my enhancements had really done to me. He had been hospitalized after his fight with Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, and the trail on him had gone cold. Now we had a decent lead on him, but we were told that our primary objective was to secure Braddock. It had to be hard on Steve. We ran through the woods towards the HYDRA base and knocked out the guards at the doors. I kept my pistol raised as we cleared each room. I could hear screams resonating from deeper in the base.
 "That's Braddock!" I yell.
 "How do you know?" Steve questions.
 "I organized his torture training." And with that, I made my way out of the current room and towards the sound of screaming. I waited at the door that seemed like the source of the screams for Steve and we entered the room together.

 Strapped in to a hospital bed was Braddock, with a man beside him. The man had long dark hair and a mask covering his mouth and cheeks. His eyes were wild, hunted and he had a metal arm. His gun shifted from Braddock to me.
 "Drop the gun and put your hands above your head." I order. The Winter Soldier eyes Steve, conflict and confusion evident in his eyes. I feel sorry for this man, trapped in a weapon called his mind. His hand shakes and the gun drops to the floor.
 "Braddock, are you alright?" I ask.
 "Diana?" He asks. I nod slowly and step forward carefully, glaring at Bucky until he backs off.
 "I'm here, Major." I reply. He opens his eyes and gasps in shock, his body convulsing and a scream erupting from his throat. I remove a syringe from my leg pouch and push the needle into his arm. It is an ample amount of liquid vicodin to dull his pain so we can escape. "Captain, I have Braddock if you will secure the second objective." I say, hitting the transmitter at my hip to call in the miniplane. Steve uses the flat of his shield to smack Bucky, who had been caught slightly off guard by the sight of Steve, in the head and knocks him unconscious. I help Braddock to his feet and Steve hoists Bucky over his shoulders. Braddock hangs his head and I keep my pistol trained ahead of us incase we are ambushed. This base, for it's seemingly important stature, was poorly protected. We encountered only a few enemies who were easily dispatched. Our plane was waiting for us overhead and we stepped outside. A gurney is lowered to us when Steve shouts at me. I turn to see at least fifty HYDRA Agents facing us down with guns drawn. Braddock meets my eyes and he grabs my submachine gun from my hip. He stands on his own. He's grown taller and his already well muscled arms look even more toned. He is still weak, but he is fit enough to aid me. I nod to him and raise my pistol.
 "We accept your surrender." Says Braddock. I step in front of him because of my augmented suit and fire. He follows my lead. Steve holds the unconscious Bucky behind him and fires his own weapon. There is return fire from the HYDRA agents, but many of them fall when the guns on the miniplane are activated. I feel bullets bouncing off of my suit but one lucky one bores it's way in to the side of my neck. It hits Braddock, who stands behind me, in the shoulder and his arm jerks back. He shouts in pain and I make him fall back to the gurney. Steve follows suit as more HYDRA Agents come out of the base. The miniplane keeps firing as we pile on to the gurney and are raised up into it.

 Braddock immediately collapses. He clutches his shoulder to try and stop the bleeding. I check for an exit wound and am releived to find one.
 "Hey," I say quietly. "How are you?"
 "Diana Calhoun. Never thought I'd see you again." Says Clay, "You're taller."
 "They gave me good drugs and I ate my veggies." I reply sarcastically. He smirks.
 "SHIELD... asked me who I thought should be in the Super Soldier Program.  I put your name forward." Clay sighed tiredly and I grab the medical kit. I clean his bullet wound and check for shrapnel. If there is any, I can't see it.
 "I took the offer. When I heard you were alive-,"
 "I know. I saw it on your face when you helped me up. Thank you, Diana. You saved my life. Not just today. But every time we've fought together. No hard feelings about Afghanistan either." With that, he does something shocking. He pulls my lips to his for a kiss. God, I had forgotten how good he was at that. I however, pull away from him, shaking my head.
 "You're drugged and exhausted. We'll talk more when you're at a hundred percent." I look to Steve. "Can you help me with this?" I ask, gesturing to my neck. He nods slowly, and I give him a quick once over to see if he is injured. He's got one small cut but other than that, he's well. Braddock eyes Steve carefully but eventually goes to one of the cots and lies down.

 Steve assesses that I will need stitches for my graze. It was pretty deep, and very, very close to my jugular. Any deeper, and I'd be beyond help. I'd choke on my own blood and drown in it, or bleed out before I could get help. He puts the sutures in ever so carefully. I need three in total.
 "How is Bucky?" I ask once he has finished.
 "He'll recover I think. He has some memory, he will just need time to come back from all the lies HYDRA told him." Steve explains.
 "I was a part of a special organization that dealt in brainwashing and torture. I'd like to offer my help with Bucky. Clay was a part of it too. He can help as well."
 "I'd like that." Steve replies with a curt nod. "So tell me about you and him."
 "We broke up when we found out we were both heading into the Marines." I tell him as I told Natasha. He nods slowly. "He's married. Has kids too."
 "I see." Steve says.
I am wearing a black sports bra and loose fitting khaki pants as I wait for the procedure to begin. Steve stands at the door of the lab, not looking at me, being polite I think, whereas Tony comments on how nice my tits look. I shoot him a filthy glare. Bruce sticks a needle in my arm and I assume it's penicillin.  I'd been given enough of those shots being in the Military. They didn't want to change any variables when it came to this experiment; Steve had gotten penicillin, I would too.
 "Are you ready Major?" Asks Bruce. I nod.

Steve's POV

I want to leave the lab when I hear Diana scream. There is only one scream however. I should have known that the hard headed Diana wouldn't like to show her pain, which worried me and impressed me. I still turn away. Bruce comes to stand beside me, placing a hand on my shoulder.
 "She'll be fine. It worked for you. It will work for her." Bruce says. I nod. I look at the pod which Diana is in and immediately regret it. I remembered being baked by that bright light to 'stimulate muscle growth' and Diana was no different. She let out another cry of pain before falling silent again. And just like that, it was over. The pod opened and Diana stepped out. She had grown a few inches and was now even with my chin instead of with my chest, and her muscles were more defined and toned. She maintained her womanly curves, and Tony gave Diana a cat call  when he saw her.
 "Thank God you didn't turn into a muscley freak!" Tony exclaimed. Diana gave him a look full of mirth. She had a sheen of sweat on her skin and a tired look on her face.
 "How do you feel?" Bruce asked. Diana got to her feet, legs wobbly, and smirked.
 "Fantastic." She said. I chuckled, stealing another glance at her.
 "I think your uniform might need to be reworked." Tony said. He went about that quickly, tapping a few things on his glass contraption that sort of resembled the Iphone in my pocket.
 "Let's head down to the gym and see if you are fighting fit." Bruce said. Diana nodded her agreement. The serum had healed her wounds already, and she looked healthier. I followed.
 "Mind if I join you?" I ask. Diana shakes her head.
 "Not at all Steve." Diana says.

Diana's POV

 "Let's do a jog on the treadmill. How long could you run before this?" Bruce asks. I think for a moment as he puts the heart monitor on me.
 "At top speed? Twenty minutes easy. Half an hour straining. At a jog, hell I could run for miles." I say. Bruce nods and sets the treadmill to ten. I am up to speed in seconds, my legs propelling me forward to match the moving ground beneath me. At the end of the half hour, I am not even sweating.
 "Amazing." Says Bruce. Steve nods in agreement. I lift weights, and find that the highest setting on the machines is not enough for me. I feel stronger and fit as a fiddle. Bruce clears me for duty and I thank him. He leaves Steve and I alone in the gym.
 "Diana," Steve says, "How do you feel?"
 "Tired. Hungry. Ready to fight." I reply. Steve nods and he returns to the punching bag. He looks distracted.
 "What's wrong?" I ask.
 "You remember that man with the Metal arm from the news?"
 "Yes," I say, nodding and leaning against the metal table in the gym.
 "Our Intel says that he might be where Braddock is being held. But he's not a part of HYDRA anymore as far as we know."  
 "Why are you worried then?" I wonder.
 "His code name is the Winter Soldier. His real name is James Buchanan Barnes." Steve says sadly. The name is so familiar, and I have no idea why.
 "Why do I know that name?"
 "He's the only man on my team that I lost." The Captain says. I nod slowly, realization dawning. I knew his name because John and Clay had often spoken of a James Buchanan Barnes. They were related somehow. Through a sister or something.
 "But he's alive?"
 "And very, very confused. HYDRA brainwashed him. The Winter Soldier and I fought when SHIELD fell to HYDRA and those loyal to what SHIELD really is went underground. I think he remembers some things now, but not everything." Steve explains. He is worried, and with good reason. I would be worried too. Steve paces the gym, he is restless.
 "We need to bring James back." I say.
 "Bucky. Everyone called him Bucky." Steve says. I nod slowly, grab a datapad and open up the strategy app. I upload the map of the compound and I try to see which entrance would be best.
 "Braddock," I begin, "I imagine... will be held here. It's central, with one entrance and one exit. It would be easy to defend. I did a rescue at a similar compound in Afghanistan. It will be a heavily guarded door. I think that infiltrating their ranks would be the best course of action."
 "Allow me to assist you here." Tony says, grinning wickedly. "We just got our hands on some sweet new tech. I think you'll want to see it." Tony presents Steve and I with our new suits. Mine is similar to the one that got damaged, scaled up for my new body, and heavily armored over the vital organs. Steve's is very much like the antique Cap suit, but made of a heavy Kevlar material. It is dark, dark blue with white accents popping against the dark, and an almost burgundy red for the leather gloves, belt and boots. Tony places the glove of my suit against his shirt and my suit shimmers and changes appearance to look just like what Tony has on; a black shirt, jeans and Converse.
 "Oh my God." Steve and I say at the same time.
 "Cool huh? It lasts until you cancel it by voice command, and it doesn't actually change shape. The armor is still there, so you'll still be one hundred percent protected. Diana, we added more protection over your heart. Don't wanna end up like me." Tony says, tapping the Arc Reactor in his chest.
 "That is awesome, Tony. That will help a lot." Diana said honestly. "I would have killed for tech like this on this one mission..."


Callistos Lee
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey guys I'm queen-of-olympus!

Check out my YouTube Channel!:…

And Facebook:…

For edits, art/drawing requests:
Art trade: I will draw just about anything, as long as it is not explicit. Depending, I will usually return whatever is given to me with equal effort. So if you give me an inked lineart, I will give you an inked lineart.

Comissions: Always open.
Black and white scanned pencil drawing: 5 points
Inked and scanned drawing: 10 points
Colored, inked and scanned drawing: 15 points
First character is of no charge, each additional character is 1 point.

I <3 RPing! I will RP: Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, The Scorpio Races, The Boondock Saints, and Greek Mythology!

Callistos Ibn-la'Ahad (Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood)
Achilles (Lee) Ibn-la'Ahad (Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood)
(f) Commander Callistos Shepard (Mass Effect)
(m) Commander Izekial Shepard (Mass Effect)
Ashe Talamo (The Walking Dead)
James Talamo (The Walking Dead)
Meara Walsh (The Scorpio Races)
Ciara Flynn (The Boondock Saints)
Ares: God of War (Greek Mythology)
Siffron "Sif" Duffy (Thor/Avengers/Dark World/Marvel)
Sergeant Major Diana Calhoun (Captain America/Avengers/Marvel)
Cadhla (Norse/Celtic Mythology)

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Current Residence: I live on Thisby!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I really don't care!
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Favourite genre of music: Nu-Metal, Metal, Rock, Punk, Rap
Favourite style of art: Pencil and Paper/pen and ink
Operating System: Computer, sketch pad, anything I can draw on
MP3 player of choice: Sprint Optimus 3gs
Shell of choice: IDK, Carpenters Dwarf Triton?
Wallpaper of choice: Dont have wallpaper
Skin of choice: Asian?
Favourite cartoon character: (insert 'videogame' over 'cartoon): Altair
Personal Quote: "I can do whatever I want." (You have to sing it)
Hey I am looking for someone who is interested in doing either a Walking Dead RP or an X-Men RP. If Walking Dead, I would want you to be Daryl and build a romance with my OC. If X-Men, I am looking for some on to be Gambit or Logan. I will play any other character from those two f andoms and I do rp smut. I rp over notes. ;)
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