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Dear Lovely watchers, this is an Author's note. The Lemon version of Semper Fi Ch 15 was removed by the Admins of DeviantART for Mature content, so I've attached the link to the Wattpad publication of the chapter, if you're interested. Otherwise, stick with the clean version and have a nice day. :D…
(A/N: Hey everyone. I wanted to let you know that DeviantART banned the Lemon version of this chapter. So I reposted the lemon on Wattpad. The link is in the description and also here:… , Thanks a lot, DeviantART... )

He kisses me gently, much moreso than I thought he was capable. I'd admittedly thought about this moment more than I'd like to say, and I'd always imagined that Rumlow would kiss roughly. He is however, passionate, gentle, and his lips are surprisingly soft. He gathers me up in his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist and he hurriedly walks us to what would be our shared room. I notice, before Rumlow's kisses are stealing my mind away, that there is only one bed.
"You dog..." I moan quietly. He slams us down on the bed, putting me on top of him. "I didn't know you were a bottom, Rumlow." He pulls me down onto his broad chest.
"I'll let you in on a secret sweetheart," He panted in my ear, "There's nothing I love more in this world than having a beautiful woman on top of me."
"Rumlow," I say, "I've... I've never done this before." He pauses his wandering hands and raises both eyebrows at me, shock evident on his face.
"Really?" He asks, looking me over. "You were active military a long time. I'd have thought at least one of the guys you were around would have gotten you to..."
"I don't make a habit of dating colleagues." I reply, kissing him, "So no. I never slept with any of my platoonmates."
"Wow..." He looks me over, giving me a crooked grin and rolling us over. "I don't want you to hurt longer than you need to. If you top, you'll still have a good experience, but I'll top tonight, so you have a great experience."
 Rumlow is gentle with me, showing me what he liked, helping me find what I liked, and telling me that he loved me. The pleasure he made me feel was indescribeable and I wouldn't have traded my time with him for the world. He collapses beside me, breathing hard. I'm completely wrung out and satisfied, tired for the first time since my Super Soldier serum treatment. Rumlow wrapped an arm around me tightly, kissing my forehead.
"I love you, Diana. How do you feel?" He asked quietly. He pulled me in closer to his side, assuring that we could cuddle up. I never thought he'd be a cuddler. Granted, I never thought I would be one either. Sure, Bucky and I had cuddled, but we'd never had sex either. This cuddling, with Rumlow, was different. I felt tired, but safe in his arms, reassured that I'd done well, and that I was loved. He holds me so gently in his warm arms, and for once, I don't have to worry about the one holding me having an episode.
"I feel... amazing." I reply honestly, "I love you, Rumlow."
"Do you dislike calling me Brock?" He asked teasingly, "I think half the time you were yelling my name, you were yelling 'Rumlow'." He rolled onto his side, running his fingers gently through my hair.
"I've known you longer as just Rumlow." I reply, "But if you like it better, I'll call you Brock." I winked, reaching up to brush my hand against the stubble on his chin. "You're mine. Mine alone."
"Yes." He replies quietly, "Tomorrow is a big day... I don't think you'll like what's going to happen."
"What makes you say that?" I ask.
"We found someone who will be calling the shots when it comes to the Skeleton Crew." Rumlow replies, "I... he's... he's the enemy of sorts. For you."
 He meets me at my door right as I am ready to head out and try to find him.
 "Uncanny timing." I chide, turning back and sitting at my desk.
 "Apologies." He replies, entering the room, walking now instead of hovering. I take my seat at my desk and begin to type in my security codes. The Vision closes his eyes. "I will only speak if I must. I will begin interfacing with Vince."
 "I have a server up for it." I say, turning while the computer boots up. I turn back and pull up the coding and boot up the program. Vince will be uploaded in a new VI server which will make his accessable for everyone on the team. He can lend data processing and statistics, as well as reflexes to the team. The Vision scrolls through the code, his eyes moving a mile a minute.
 "This will suffice. You wish to downgrade Vince to a VI?"
 "Yes," I reply, "I want him to be useful to the rest of the team, and the migranes I get are cause through his body interfacing. I don't want to bring down the rest of the team."
 "Alright. I will upload Vince to the server now." He makes a few changes to the code, he's making the transfer easier now I can see. I sit back at my desk and start on my pile of work. It's the most interesting job I'd had so far. I was now hacking into a large business database and was extracting files with special key words.
 Miss Vincent, I would beg you to reconsider.
 It is what she wants, Vince. The Vision's voice is calm but restrained too, and I almost flinch hearing him speak in my head. I continue to run decryptions.
 I will not be downgraded to a VI!
 Please, remain calm and lower your defenses. I will not harm you.
 I finish one assignment and move on to the next one. I wonder why they need me to do this. There are lower risk options for them. I suppose it's because they're still testing me out. The Vision works at breaking in to Vince's inner OS. He could do so forcefully with ease, but he is trying not to harm it. Or me.
 Please, Miss Ileana! Vince begs. I shake my head, working actively to shut him out of my tenchnopathic field. The voice goes off and I hear static behind my sense of hearing. Then, code starts running across my computer screen and the Vince OS pops up.
 "My apologies Miss Ileana. I was unable to fully transfer Vince without causing harm to you or it. I moved his language UI and inner processing to the server, however the combat capabilities and heightened senses will remain with you as fragmented code... I have locked these codes out of your technopathic field, however. This should alleviate the migranes."  Says the Vision.
 "It's alright." I say, "No more migranes! No more voice. It's kind of... nice. Empty but nice." I honestly couldn't remember exactly how long it had been since I had lived without Vince in my head. It was strange.
 Hello, Miss Ileana. Says Vince from the computer. I smile, and look at the screen.
 "Hello, Vince." I say, "How do you like the server?"
 It is not the same as being in your head. Less complex. But it is... interesting.
 "You'll get used to it." I assure the AI, before shutting down the program. I look to the Vision. "Thank you for your help. You're welcome to stay while I work... I'd appreciate the company."
 "I would... enjoy that."
 "Talk to me. Have you been studying human things?" I ask, starting my next task quickly and finishing it in record time.
 "I have. I... quite enjoy musicals. It is strange to me that the humans chose such a medium to express themselves." He states, brow bunched in that way of his.
 "What's your favorite?" I ask. He ponders this for a moment before speaking.
 "I quite enjoy... Les Miserables and Chicago." He says. I raise my brows, but keep the rest of my face neutral. "Is something the matter?"
 "No, I'm... just having a hard time imagining you liking Chicago." I reply honestly, "It's kind of raunchy and frankly... a little odd for someone to favor as a first play... I can't talk. Like a third of my brain is gone right now, literally. Erm... It's just kind of strange I guess. What makes you like it?"
 "I believe it is the idea of a woman... wanting so badly to be loved by all, that she would... walk upon one who truly loves her for her, not her body or her talent, but for her personality." The Vision smiles to himself, "I... felt something for the character Amos... who loved his wife yet could never reach her. She wanted fame, and she betrayed him to get it."
 "I see," I reply, "So the complexity of the emotions is what fascinates you." I nod my understanding and start humming one of the songs. I hum "Cellblock Tango" and go about hacking another system. It's zombie work really, beneath me in every aspect, and I can't believe they didn't get the FRIDAY VI system to run it. "It's a good musical, I love it."
 "You seem bored." Says the Vision. I nod my agreement.
 "Because I am. I could do most of these tasks, basically in my sleep." I groan, rolling my eyes at the stack of work to be done, "I once hacked into Harvard Database for shits and giggles."
 "And multi-million dollar corporations don't cut it for you?" Asks Vision. I shake my head, waiting for another task to complete and typing in some random codes.
 "No," I chuckle, "No they don't. They're so arrogant, and so predictable." The Vision moves around the room, looking at the blank walls and the sterile space. It's plain, no personalization at all yet.
 "No... pictures. Interesting." Says he, touching the wall. "The strangest bit of this whole ordeal for me was... being a program and then... having my own free will and thoughts to process. I was shocked to say the least."
 "I understand." I move my work aside. Like I said before, I could do these hacks in my sleep, so they could wait a few minutes, "When Vince went into my brain, it momentarily locked me out of my higher functions. I panicked, didn't know what to do. And when it unlocked me, I felt... strange. Unable to process anything as I had before, and I basically had to re-learn how to function." I bite my lip, rising to go to my bag and I withdraw a framed photo of my parents. My Father has his hands on my Mother's shoulders and he is smiling widely. His salt and pepper hair is swept to the side and his glasses sit low on his nose. My Mother was too stubborn to gray, and he hair is so black it's nearly blue. I smile at the photo and place it on the wall beside my bed.
 "I read your file. Your parents were extraordinary." Vision compliments, "Your Father was a key asset in the creation of the Science division at Culver University. His work in Mutative studies..." The Vision looks wistful, new emotions flourishing in his eyes, "I quite enjoyed his paper on the Evolution of the X-Gene."
 "He wrote that one on samples taken from me." I say with a grin.
 "I gathered as much. He stated that in a sample taken from himself, and one of a second generation relative, meaning an offspring or the offspring of a sibling, showed an increased presance of the gene which caused the Mutation to manifest in you." The Vision explains, "It is fascinating, all the humans have learned." He pauses, "Your Mother was a scientist too."
 "She was. The best in her field."
 "For some reason I can not access her files." Says Vision.
 "We all have to have our secrets I suppose. My Mother's just happens to be the majority of her career." I sigh, remembering all the times she had to kill my curiosity as a kid. "It has something to do with Bio-,"
 "She's a scientist who specialized in... Faster than Light travel and intergalactic communications." He states, eyes slightly glassy from dissapearing into his own mind.
 "She said she was a Biology field agent." I say incredulously.
 "She didn't lie," The Vision replies, somewhat amused, "She is a biologist. She recieves Alien samples to test and to study."
 "Did you hack her file?"
 "I simply decrypted it. It was in your stack of work. I am sorry, I've done your job for you." He doesn't really seem sorry, he's being polite. Not that I'm arguing. It's one less thing on my plate.
 "Wow..." Is all I say in reply. "So she's working on... guarding the galaxy?"
 "On protecting Earth against Alien invasion again, yes." The Vision nods, floating above the floor now. "I should leave you to your work. I enjoyed our talk and company-keeping." He says that word... enjoy. He's said it a lot lately. I guess being given free will without protocol made him see all the things he'd missed as JARVIS... I can't place what I see on his face... happiness I think. "Tomorrow?"
 "I would enjoy that." I reply, touching his hand as a gesture of friendship. "I could use the company."
There is another stack of work on my desk. However, this time, it is simply some physical forms, paperwork to get me into the system, and a note to go have blood drawn. I groan at this, wondering how I explain the abnormalities in my bloodwork. I stretch, start the paperwork, and then go down to the lab to have blood drawn. There is an older man down there, giving the rundown on something to a younger man. I wait patiently in the doorway.
 "I'm here to get blood drawn." I say once he seems to have concluded. The older man nods, extending a hand.
 "Hank Pym." He replies, as the younger man leaves. "That was Scott Lang, my student." I nod slowly and turn over my arm.
 "Straight to business then." I nod, looking down at the large blue vein in my arm and sighing, "If there are any abnormalities, just ping my inbox. I have a feeling I'll be on the computer all day."
 "You sound like you expect abnormalities." Pym states, looking at me. I nod slowly.
 "I'm a technopath, and something in my DNA makes it possible for me to do certain things with technology. And sometimes it shows up in weird ways in my blood... high iron... certain hormones, sometimes chemicals that shouldn't be in blood in my blood. That kind of thing. I'll assure you, it's normal."
 "And how do you know this?"
 "My Father is in Mutant studies and he was running some tests on his blood, and then asked me for a sample. He's asked a few times, and those were the normal things he found." I explain. Pym nods, grabbing a needle and wasting no time drawing the blood.
 "I'll let you know what I find." Says Hank. I thank him and leave the lab, pressing a thumb to the small prick caused by the needle.

 The migraines come later. I was just filling out some paperwork, wracking my brain for the bits of information I needed. My SSN, home address, phone number. But after a while, the black on white writing on the papers and the glare of the screen makes my head hurt, and I have to lay down for a bit. I rub my temples, hoping to make the stupid routers work, but have no luck. I lay my face in the cool blankets and sigh.
 "Agent Vincent?" Asks the Vision's calm voice from my door. "I was sent down here to retrieve you. Dr. Pym has gone over your blood work and he wishes to discuss some things." I nod, shaking my head to clear it. The Vision runs his eyes over me, I assume to assess my state.
 "Thank you, Vision. I'll head down now."
 "I am sensing an Unbalance in your brain waves. Is something wrong?" Asks Vision. I nod slowly and make my way towards the door.
 "I get migranes, from Vince, sometimes. I have these," I point to my temples to show him the implants, "But they don't work all the time." I explain, "Please, keep this between you and me. It won't effect the team, it's only bad when I have down time."
 "As you wish, Miss Vincent." He says, bowing his head. I walk past him.
 "If you want to come down and listen in on my report, feel free. It might be interesting to you."
 "I would enjoy..." He pauses, savoring the word 'enjoy' in his mouth and then smiling slightly, the motion unpracticed, "I think I would enjoy that." I nod and gesture for him to follow me. He hovers above the floor, making his already impressive height even more. I walk, taking long steps in order to get to the lab quicker.

 Doctor Pym has my blood sample under a microscope and a datapad in his hands. I tap on the door and he looks up, smiling.
 "Agent Vincent," He says excitedly, "Your blood is extraordinary!"
 "How so?" I ask, sliding into the room and taking a seat on a metal stool. He turns the microscope to me.

The Vision

 She leans over the microscope, looking in and her eyes widen slightly. She smiles.
 "Wow, that's pretty cool." She says slowly, then looks to me and asks if I would like to see. I have to take a moment. What would a human do? Nod. I nod. She moves aside so I can look. I lower my eyes to the lens as I had seen her do, and I glance at the blood sample. It is abnormal from other blood samples I have processed. Her blood sends signals as a computer does, electrical impulses bouncing between the red blood cells, and through the plasma. I can see the angular pattern within the blood, like the pattern on a hard drive or memory chip. It is fascinating. Ileana glances to me. I have been too quick I believe, as she looks doubtful. Perhaps because I had glanced at the blood for only a moment. I nod to her.
 "It is fascinating," I say honestly, "It is as if every cell in your blood is a piece of a computer. Like a code."
 "That's what I was thinking." Says Doctor Pym. I scan his face. He seems equally fascinated by her blood. "I wanted to talk to you about what I found." He adds, looking to Ileana and taking a stool of his own. Ileana leans forward slightly and I simply hover behind her.
 "What's the verdict Doc? Am I dying?" She asks, a note of... what Mr. Stark would call sarcasm.
 "Quite the opposite actually. Your blood it's... alive. Thinking. I wish you could have seen Ultron's server, that's kind of what your blood looks like. Ever-moving, alive. Thinking. It's amazing."
 "I wonder why Dad never said anything..." Ileana begins. Dr. Pym shakes his head.
 "When it comes to technology, we know what we are looking at. He may have seen the anomaly, but not known what exactly it was or what to do with it. Your blood could power the most advanced super computers on the planet, and with your permission, I would like to integrate it with the FRIDAY system Mr. Stark has been using in place of JARVIS."
 "I would have the Vision run some scans on that." She says quickly, "I don't know exactly what the side effects of my AI are yet."
 "Good idea, Vision, would you mind?"
 "Not at all." I reply in the same quick fashion. It goes back to the protocols from JARVIS, I think. To be abrupt. "I can look now, if you wish."
 "That would be great. Ileana," He looks away from me, to the table where another blood sample sits. He passes it to me, and with uncertainty, I take it. Ileana offers me a smile which encourages me, and I take the blood. Dr. Pym flicks his gaze to Ileana. "More about your blood."
 "Give me the scoop."
 "Alright. Well, here's how it goes. All those things you told me about your blood were true. We found Technetium-99 in your blood. Too small to cause any harm."
 "What's special about it?" She asks, but my databases have already cross referenced the isotope.
 "It emits a minor gamma radiation wave." I say. Ileana raises her brow.
 "Is this the stuff that made Dr. Banner...?"
 "No, no. It may have been a source, but the gamma rays he was exposed to... should have killed him. You, are no such threat." Pym smiles, continuing on with her blood work, "We also found some liquid Indium. That would explain the... for lack of a better term, signals, going through your blood. Since Indium is liquid at room temp, it's liquid in your blood and the atoms... I need to run more tests, but it's amazing, Agent Vincent, truly extraordinary."
 "So it's all good?" Ileana asks. Dr. Pym nods and pats her shoulder.
 "Everything looks good. I called Mr. Stark earlier. He's coming down to take a look at my findings... this is really more his field. He'll be interested I'm sure. Vision, what have you found?" Dr. Pym's gaze has shifted to me and I complete my scan.
 "I am detecting small traces of Vince in the blood, but nothing harmful. I would however, advise the removal of Vince before integrating Miss Vincent's blood in FRIDAY. I cannot be certain what the amplification effects could be, as I am not yet aware of the possible applications of Miss Vincent's blood in the system." Dr. Pym gives a nod.
 "Thank you, Vision. Now, if you'll both excuse me, I really should speak with Mr. Lang again. We have a few more things to discuss before he's ready to use the Ant-Man suit." He smiles, and Ileana moves to leave. I follow, hovering above the floor.


 The Vision follows me out of the lab and I fall in beside him.
 "So why do they have me if they've got you?" I ask him. He seems startled, like he'd been thinking about something.
 "I am an AI." Said the Vision, "I have protocols, but there is something... entirely human that I lack, and I can not... decide like a human can, what the best course of action would be. I can calculate the most effective route, or the way which would result in fewer casualties, however, I lack the ingenuity of Humans, and I can not, in that way, be useful to the team. You however, are skilled with computers, but you are human." He explains. Nodding, I look over to him.
 "Would you help me put Vince where it belongs?" I ask him. The Vision pauses, his face neutral and placid, but then he nods.
 "I will. When do you wish to begin?" He asks.
 "I don't know yet. I need to reconfigure the server I coded for it, and then run some diagnostics, perhaps with your aid, I can get him to stick to the server instead of my brain." I chuckle.
 "Of course," he says, "I will code it for you. May I interface with Vince more extensively tomorrow? You must be conscious for it, otherwise I would do it while you slept." He is so quiet and his voice puts me at ease. I incline my head to him.
 "Of course you can. I'll start something for it tonight and you can finish it or delete it or whatever at your leisure tomorrow. Will I be able to work with you interfacing?"
 "Yes, it just requires you being awake to keep Vince at 100% operation." He explains further.
 "See you tomorrow then." I say, smiling and parting ways with the Vision at the door to my room.
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Hey guys I'm queen-of-olympus!

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First character is of no charge, each additional character is 1 point.

I <3 RPing! I will RP: Marvel, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, The Scorpio Races, The Boondock Saints, and Greek Mythology!

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