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 Anyone want to do an RP? I'm currently doing one, but I want to do another one.

 I'd kind of like to do either a Marvel RP (And use my Hydra Agent OC as well as Diana Calhoun) or something Boondock Saints maybe. Note me if interested.
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 I'm looking for someone to make a banner for me, digital, traditional, photoshop, for my fanfic that I started, Magnetismus: Magnetismus Ch.1 (X-Men: First Class FF) . 

  I will do a trade with you. I will do:
Fanfiction (Marvel, Mythology, Divergent, or just ask!)
Traditional Art (Inked and color pencil, anything you want!)

 And I will go over the details of what I want more in depth if anyone is interested. Thanks! :)
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 A young man walked through the streets, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his brown leather jacket, the collar upturned against the cold, dry winter wind that beat everything it touched. His dark blond locks, usually combed aside neatly, had gone crazy in the wind. A slight movement caught his eyes, which were always looking for danger, and he turned to see a girl, huddled in an alley. The hood of a tattered leather jacket was up against the cold, shielding her face and covering her dark hair. He stopped, turned all the way to face her, and took the step that closed the distance between them. He knelt, a soft look on his face, and held out a hand.
 "Are you alright?" He asked quietly. The girl did not meet his eyes. "It's alright," He said soothingly, "I won't hurt you." The girl turned her head. Over her right eye was a garish black M in permanent ink, freshly tattooed. She flinched, turning her face back to the wall, tears stinging in her eyes as she closed them.
 "I'm sorry." She said quickly. The man smiled gently, turning her chin with delicate fingers, meant to keep her calm.
 "Sorry for what, love?" He asked, "For being born? For having a gift?" He bit his lip, pulling up his arm to reveal his own ugly ink, a number placed there by the Nazis when he was young. "You and I are the same."
 "You're... a..." The girl smiled the barest smile, fingers shaking as she reached out to brush them against the ink. She then touched her tear soaked tattoo. "You're a mutant, too."
 "I am." Said the Man. "My name is Erik Lehnsherr." He floated a nail from its hiding spot in the dust of the alley and formed it into a ring. The girl reached out to take it.
 "I'm Erin Blackbourne." She said in reply. With effort, summoning some of his remaining strength, she formed the shadows around them into the shape of a dog which jumped on Erik's knee and made the motion of barking. Erin's shoulders slumped and the dog dissipated.
 "Remarkable." Erik said, helping her to her feet. She smiled, ring still in her hand. She placed it in her pocket, and leaned against Erik as she stood. "Where are you heading?"
 "I was running away." Erin replied. "But I knew about the Xavier Institute. I was hoping to go there to learn about my abilities." Erik nodded, making sure that she was good to stand on her own.
 "Charles is my best friend," Erik said, "I would be happy to show you the way." He did not notice her disheveled clothes or her messy hair. He saw the pain she had experienced, and the ink which marred her face. Erin was, as her powers. Small, dark, unnoticeable but beautiful. Her green eyes blinked back tears of releif as she followed Erik to what would, she hoped, become home.

 I could feel my body giving out on me. I had not eaten properly in days, living off of whatever I could scrounge up since I ran from home nearly a month ago. Erik supported the majority of my weight. He leant me his strength. When my legs buckled he caught me, and carried me the last mile that separated us from Xavier's Institute.
 When the cool air of the house hit my body, I relaxed completely, not blacked out, but lucid, nearly asleep but still able to hear everything. I could feel the shadows in the room curving around me, nestling me in their embrace. I could feel Erik's arms supporting me.
 "Charles," Erik said, "I found another one." I heard who I assumed to be Charles intake a breath when he cast his eyes over me.
 "She's... oh God," A cool hand was placed on my forehead, and an echoing voice resonated through my mind, "I am so sorry for all that has happened to you. Rest, and know that you are safe here." He withdrew his hand, and everything began to fade.

 The girl was a deadweight in my arms. Her head rested against the hollow of my shoulder, and her breathing became steady. Charles looked over her form and solemnly sighed.
 "She has been through a lot." He said simply. I nodded, brushing aside her hair. The tattoo on her eye was ugly, made in hatred. Whoever had done this to her deserved a worse fate than hers. She was beautiful as she was, not a freak to be realized and discarded. "She-," 
 "Let her tell me on her own." I reply, "If she wants me to know, she will tell me." One small abhorrence I had with Charles was his snooping around in other peoples' heads. It was shocking, and sometimes a bit annoying. Charles nodded his understanding.
 "Erin should wake to a familiar face," He said, "Look after her."
 "What do I tell her when she wakes?" I ask.
 "Tell her that she is home."
 Erin wakes hours later. It is long past Midnight, and she sits bolt upright, sheets falling from around her. She glances around, panicked, before her green hues fall on me. She smiles brightly, then places a hand to her forehead. I sat in my chair, reading, and she is in my bed.
 "Erik," She says quietly, in a fragile voice that sounds as if it could shatter at any moment.
 "Are you rested?" I ask, rising, only to sit a moment later once I have moved to the bed. She nods slowly, clutching her stomach with crossed arms.
 "I am," She replies, "Do you... uhm... have a shower?" She asks. I gesture to he door across from the bed.
 "Through that door. There is a towel and a fresh set of clothes for you on the vanity, as well as some toiletries. You're home now, Erin." She relaxes, as she had when we passed the threshold of the Institute, and rises. Her bare feet land softly on the wood floor and she pads to the bathroom. She pauses in the door to offer me a parting smile.
 When the water starts, I return to my book, but take little interest in it. I mentally slapped myself for not offering her food first, but I hear a satisfied groan behind the door, so I imagine that a hot shower could precede a proper meal. I set the book down and pace, not quite knowing what to do. I knew nothing about this girl, and I somewhat regretted asking Charles not to tell me anything. I busy myself tidying, changing out the sheets on the bed with fresh ones. I would offer her my room until proper arrangements could be made. She was scared, and exhausted, as I had once been. The shower turned off after a long ten minutes, after another five, in a puff of steam she entered my room, my blue dress shirt too large on her petite frame, and the second-hand shorts too wide in the hips, as they were from Raven. She remedied both by tying the extra shirt material behind her back through the belt loops on the shorts and rolling the sleeves up in fat, perfect rolls at her elbows. I had no shoes for her, so her feet stayed bare.
 "Thank you." Erin said, "Thank you so much."
 "It is no trouble. Would you like something to eat?" I inquire. She nods quickly.
 "Yes." Is all she says, and I immediately move to guide her to the kitchen. Erin follows at my elbow.
Charles enters the kitchen just as we do, and he smiles at Erin, ever the charmer. Erin smiles back, inclining her head to him.
 "Thank you," Erin said, "for sharing your home with me." Erin said in a tone that was polite. Charles nodded.
 "We have been looking for Mutants." Charles explained, "Slowed down since the group we were working for got attacked." He offered her an apologetic smile, "I apologize for not coming sooner," He said, "We have been a bit preoccupied. I welcome you to start training with us."
 "I would... I would love to." She replies. Charles took some cold spaghetti from the fridge and holds it up.
 "I'm sure Erik brought you down for Dinner." Charles said, "It's right here. It's what everyone else had." I moved aside to get her a plate and a fork. Charles handed me the container and I heated it up. She gave him a nod. "You'll get to meet the others soon. Eat, and get some rest." With that, Charles turned and walked out of the kitchen, just as quickly as he had entered. Erin took the plate from me and asked me to sit with her. I could tell she had questions, and I was prepared to answer them.
 "Eat first," I order, "then I'll answer any questions you have."
 She digs in to the meal, finishing what is on her plate rather quickly. The poor thing hadn't eaten properly for a while. She sighs happily after her plate is clean and takes it to the sink to rinse it off. She places in with the other clean plates and returns to the table.
 "You control metal," She said, "Do you... know what causes your mutation?" Erin asked.
 "No," I say, "Not... not quite." I say, "It's all in my head. I have a hard time... with larger things, moving them. Small things are not issue, but big things... I have to channel my rage."
 "I... feel that I owe you my story," She says. I lean forward on my elbows, folding my hands under my chin and waiting. "I found my ability accidentally when I was fourteen." I say, "Some burglars were breaking in to my house. I didn't want them to come in to my room, and the darkness condensed and he ran in to something I couldn't see. I noticed it when a bully tripped over his own shadow when he tried to come after me." She lowers her gaze, "My Father... hates Mutants. He spoke poorly of them from the day I first knew what Mutants were. My Mom..." She looked back at me, reaching across the table to my arm where she brushed her fingers over my tattoo, "My Mother and Father were Polish immigrants who converted to Catholicism and moved to America under different names when I was very young. Too young to remember Poland. When the War Started, they were fortunate to have missed the atrocities in the camps, but they lost a lot of family." She laid out the story for me, the details making me sympathize with her at each turn, "When I was seventeen, my Mother divorced my Father. She hated how he talked about Mutants. She asked him how he could think the extermination of a race was fair after what had happened to their own people, but he was stubborn and didn’t see that it was the same thing; Hitler killing Jews and Gypsies, or Humans, killing Mutants. And she remarried a few months after the divorce was official. She's married to a Mutant Man now. They're happy, and I'll probably have a half sibling in a year or two. My Father forbade me go to the wedding, and then also won't let me visit them because my step father is a Mutant." She looks saddened, "I'm twenty two years old now, and my Father recently found out about my Ability. When he found out, he knocked me out, tattooed the M over my eye, and when I awoke, he told me to leave immediately."
 "I'm so sorry, for everything you have been through." I reply, "I swear to you, I will protect you from anything like that happening ever again." I take her small hand in my larger one. I notice now that she is wearing the little iron ring I made her in the alley to show that I was a friend.
 "It's in the past now." Erin states. I shake my head.
 "The world is filling with people who are against us, love. We must be ready for it. Come, let's get you to bed. You can have mine until proper arrangements can be made, I will sleep in my window seat. I like it there, and I can read by the moon as not to disturb you with my lamp light."
 "I wouldn't want to chase you out of your own bed." Erin replies, "Let me take the window seat."
 "I insist you take the bed." I reply, "You've a long day tomorrow, and you've been on the run. No proper bed, no proper food. You need the comfort more than I do." I add, gently taking her arm in mine and leading her back upstairs. She finally nods her agreement and bounds up the stairs, matching my longer stride. As soon as we enter the room, she is on the bed, getting settled under the covers.
 "Erik," She says, a light pink dusting her cheeks, "You can sleep here too... if... if you want. It's a big bed." She says it so innocently, she is honest, and unsure, so I just nod. She makes room for me, and I slip in to the closet to change into some sleeping pants and a loose tee shirt. Erin is already fast asleep when I return. Her hair, longer than I first thought, is fanned out around her on the pillow, and her full lips are slightly pouty and relaxed. Her pale skin is almost the same color as the cream sheets she lays in, and her tattoo... it dominates her features, which would be soft if not for the hard lines of ink over her right eye. Her lashes are long and she has a slightly upturned, almost royal looking nose. Her cheekbones match her physique, she is lithe and thin, and her cheekbones are sharp. She is beautiful, and her Father was an idiot for not seeing past what she was for the person he had raised. From what I could gather, she was sweet, innocent, and honest. She was afraid of her abilities because she had been forced to hide them. She lays as close to the left edge of the bed as she can be, and so I in turn go as far to the right as I can before closing my eyes and falling asleep.

 When I wake in the morning, I am very warm. I don't want to move, I'm very content to be warm and in a comfortable bed. This had been my first good nights' rest I've gotten in a long while. I remember yesterday all in a blur, as I think I spent more time nearly, or completely passed out than I spent awake. I remembered Charles' voice echoing in my head, saying it was alright. I remembered Erik, so kind and caring. And I remember that I'd shared his bed in a completely platonic sense last night. So I was warm, because...
 My eyes shot open and I pushed away from Erik as quickly as I could manage while still half-asleep. His eyes were already open, but he didn't move. His arms remained firmly around me. His warmth was not unpleasant at all, in fact, I liked it. A lot. He smiled, releasing me, and I scooted aside.  
 "I'm sorry," I say quickly, blushing bright red. Erik rolls onto his back, stretching slightly in a way that strains his shirt across his chest.
 "No need to apologize, love. I think we both migrated last night. I've woken up in stranger ways, that's for sure." Erik replies, grinning. My blush fades, but only slightly.
 "Mmm..." I roll onto my stomach and close my eyes again. "It's been so long since I've slept in a real bed." I muse, yawning still. Erik sits up, running his fingers through his hair.
 "You sleep a bit longer," He says, "You'll need the rest. I'll inform Charles that you're resting, and will come collect you for lunch and training, how does that sound?"
 "Like heaven." I yawn, quickly falling back asleep. This was the start of a new life, a beginning, the end of an era, and the start of a new one. A life where I wouldn't have to hide from my abilities. A life where I could embrace them and not be ashamed of who I truly am. And all because Erik spied me out of the corner of his eye while I was huddled in some alley, like one of a thousand alleys in New York, a dirty homeless girl, and offered me some help.
Actually I have a lot of them. (Sorry if it seems like all I do is rant... you guys are always so supportive of me, and I love you guys... thanks. If you don't want to read this, just kindly delete from your feed and have a nice day.)

 A little more than two months ago, my brother came home, yelling at my parents and saying how they are responsible for all his problems. I went out because I'd been in my room all day, but I'd decided, 'to hell with it' and went out to face the music. He was insulting my Mom and Dad shamelessly, and I told him I didn't want to hear it anymore. He then proceeded to lay out that I had less than perfect grades in school and told me I was a failure and a soon to be drop out. He said I didn't do a damn thing for the family, and that he was better and our parents were too stupid to see that. Ex-Fucking-scuse me. I've got a horse because I work hard to have one. I have two jobs that I balance with school, homework, and having a horse, and he says I don't do anything for the family. He says all I do is spend time on the computer and playing video games. I haven't touched my fucking x-box since school started back.

 And today. Today made my blood come to a boil. Since my brother came home, I've been passive. I don't start anything with him, and when I have to talk to him, I'm civil. It's been a few weeks since he got out of jail for drunk driving. 

 Today, I asked him nicely to leave me alone. I was watching a movie and was enjoying some alone time. I might also mention that today was my first day in a long time that I've been able to sleep in. All week for school I'm up at 6, and Saturday, I'm up at 6:30 to volunteer. On Sundays, I'm up at 4:30 or 5 if I'm lucky to be at work, then it's back to 6am school week, and he threw open my door, yelling my name to wake me up at 7 this morning. He said all I do is sleep, and when I mother tried to correct him, he brushed it off with a "Yeah right." Well when he didn't leave, I started to get mad. I don't like to snap, but sometimes it seems like going to an extreme is the only way to get it through his fucking head. He had the nerve to ask me why I was mad at him. I told him that he'd never apologized for the things he said to me, and he said that he didn't remember calling me a failure or a drop out. I got mad, snapped, and finally made him leave. Oh, but then the little shit goes to our mom and, like a little whiny baby, tells her that he's "Nothing but nice" to me, and that he "Doesn't understand" why I "Get to talk to (him) however I want." My mother then accuses me of being rude to my brother. I told her honestly, that he's never apologized for the things he's said to me, and that I'll be nice to him when he makes the first step. I've forgiven him enough times, it's time for him to approach me. I know I pushed him out today, but I asked him nicely to leave me alone several times before I got mean. He's frustrating. If he'd give me my space when I ask for it, I'd be nicer to him in general. He's always been like this. Coming in my room without asking, using my things without asking. Taking things from me without asking. Taking money from my lock box. You name it. I'm just so done with his bullshit. He asked me why I won't let him use my X-Box, because I "Never use it". I have a really fucking great reason (Not sarcastic). The last time he used my X-Box, rather, the last two times, the first time, I was sick as a dog and he refused to turn the TV down when I had a splitting headache. He was playing Halo. Multiplayer. Without a headset so I could hear every. single. yell. from every. single. person. The next time, he had a friend over, and they were playing Call of Duty. It would have been fine, if he hadn't set the game box over the fan and let the system overheat. He's lucky the damn thing didn't red ring. I told him to be more careful when the sensors finally shut off the x-box. The game was ruined, as was its box, and the X-Box didn't turn on for a few hours. He used it again, and did the same damn thing, so I told him not to use it anymore. I've had a conversation with him that I bought the X-Box with my own money, and bought all the games with my own money, so they aren't HIS to use. If our parents bought it, I'd have to share it, I get that, but they didn't. I gave him his chance. If he breaks it, he won't be able to replace it because he's a college drop out with no job. And our parents won't buy me a new one, because they are expensive. I just... can't... I'm beyond pissed right now. 
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Callistos Lee
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Hey guys I'm queen-of-olympus!

Check out my YouTube Channel!:…

And Facebook:…

For edits, art/drawing requests:
Art trade: I will draw just about anything, as long as it is not explicit. Depending, I will usually return whatever is given to me with equal effort. So if you give me an inked lineart, I will give you an inked lineart.

Comissions: Always open.
Black and white scanned pencil drawing: 5 points
Inked and scanned drawing: 10 points
Colored, inked and scanned drawing: 15 points
First character is of no charge, each additional character is 1 point.

I <3 RPing! I will RP: Marvel, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, The Scorpio Races, The Boondock Saints, and Greek Mythology!

Diana Calhoun (Captain America)
Sif Duffy (Thor)
Marie Seigfried (Skeleton Crew)
Callistos Ibn-la'Ahad (Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood)
Achilles (Lee) Ibn-la'Ahad (Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood)
(f) Commander Callistos Shepard (Mass Effect)
(m) Commander Izekial Shepard (Mass Effect)
Ashe Talamo (The Walking Dead)
James Talamo (The Walking Dead)
Meara Walsh (The Scorpio Races)
Ciara Flynn (The Boondock Saints)
Ares: God of War (Greek Mythology)
Siffron "Sif" Duffy (Thor/Avengers/Dark World/Marvel)
Sergeant Major Diana Calhoun (Captain America/Avengers/Marvel)
Cadhla (Norse/Celtic Mythology)

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Current Residence: I live on Thisby!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I really don't care!
Print preference: None
Favourite genre of music: Nu-Metal, Metal, Rock, Punk, Rap
Favourite style of art: Pencil and Paper/pen and ink
Operating System: Computer, sketch pad, anything I can draw on
MP3 player of choice: Sprint Optimus 3gs
Shell of choice: IDK, Carpenters Dwarf Triton?
Wallpaper of choice: Dont have wallpaper
Skin of choice: Asian?
Favourite cartoon character: (insert 'videogame' over 'cartoon): Altair
Personal Quote: "I can do whatever I want." (You have to sing it)
 Anyone want to do an RP? I'm currently doing one, but I want to do another one.

 I'd kind of like to do either a Marvel RP (And use my Hydra Agent OC as well as Diana Calhoun) or something Boondock Saints maybe. Note me if interested.
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  • Reading: othello

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