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 “Hey (Name), got a minute?” Steve asked, knocking on your bedroom door, and you can’t help but smile as you tell him to come in. You and Steve had been together since a month after the attack on New York by Loki. When the Avengers were laying low and trying to go back to living normal lives, Steve decided to try and stretch his legs in the dating game, and you met him when you were trying to help an old woman who had been mugged. You couldn’t tolerate mean people, so you were trying to find the old woman’s assailant. Since then, you and Steve had grown closer.

 “For you? Always.” You say, brushing a strand of (h/l)(h/c) hair out of your eyes. Steve sat at the edge of your bed and took your laptop, closing it and laying it to the side.

 “Get dressed and meet me downstairs in thirty minutes. Wear something comfortable, but kind of nice.” Steve said. Your (e/c) eyes widened, Steve rarely made demands, but the change was pleasant as you nodded eagerly. He took you hand and laid a chaste kiss on your knuckles before departing, closing the door behind him. Once he left, you went to your closet and pulled on your favorite white Captain America tee shirt, (f/c) hoodie and a pair of jeans. You lace on a pair of comfortable black combat boots, and spray on some (f/perfume). You check your watch and sigh impatiently as you see the time. You had only spent twenty minutes getting ready. As if on cue, Steve knocks on the door and you sigh.

 “(Name), are you ready?” He asked. You nod, even though he can’t see you through the door. “(Name)?”

 “Coming!” You reply, opening the door.

 Your Captain looks handsome in a pair of worn out blue jeans, a plain, white tee shirt, and his brown leather Aviator style leather jacket. He wears a pair of real Aviator shades like the pair that Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun. He wraps an arm around you and leads you to the elevator. The robotic voice of JARVIS, the Stark Tower AI came over the speaker.

 “What floor, Old Man?” He asks innocently. You meet Steve’s eyes and you say in unison,

 “Tony.” He must have programmed the AI to call Steve “Old Man”, after insisting that calling Captain America “Mr. Rogers” was too funny to stand. Steve didn’t get it, but you sure as hell did. Giggling slightly at the AI, you look at Steve.

 “JARVIS, please, just call me Steve. And take us to the Garage.”

 “Right away Sir.” The Elevator takes you down to the floor where Stark keeps all of his cars. There is an array of gorgeous Sports Cars and Luxury Cars, but Steve makes a straight line for a 1942 Ford Convertible done up in a sleek black color, and detailed with Hot-Rod flames and chromed out wheels.

 “Oh my gosh, is this car one of Tony’s new toys?” You ask. The car is beautiful and you just stare at it for a second, then you look at Steve. He shakes his head.

 “I bought it.” Steve says, grinning from ear to ear. “It reminded me of New York when I was young. Well, sort of. The flames thing wasn’t really a thing.” He chuckled, “But I liked it anyways.” You nod, opening the door of the car and getting in.

 “Where are we going in this car?” You ask, patting the leather seats and grinning like a child in a candy store.

 “Somewhere special.” Steve says. He cranks up the car and it roars to life, growling like a wild animal as it fires up. It is loud and obnoxious, but you love it because of that. Steve turns on the little radio which has been converted into a modern radio and CD player. He hits play and Frank Sinatra’s smooth voice slid out of the installed speakers. “I’m not going to tell you where though, you’ll just have to wait and see.” He lays on the gas and the car squeals as it powers out of the garage and down Tony’s drive. Steve speeds through traffic, enjoying the wind in his blonde locks. Your own (h/c) hair slaps your face slightly and you smile in happiness. Steve doesn’t let up on the gas at all. You are heading towards Long Island. It will take almost an hour to get there, maybe forty five minutes if he can go as fast as he is driving the whole way there. You can hear something in the back seat flapping around a little bit, but you choose to ignore it and just look over at Steve who has a grin plastered on his face. You lean over in your seat and press a tiny kiss into his cheek. You don’t care where you are going or when you are going to be there. All that matters is that you are with him.

 The sun is going down and you have your head on Steve’s shoulder. He still drives fast with the wind, now cold, ripping through your hair. A small shiver runs through you and crawls down your spine. Steve looks over at you.

 “I’m sorry, is it too cold for you?” He asks, keeping one hand on the wheel and slipping his jacket off. He gives it to you and you pull it over your shoulders, the warmth from his body welcome. His jacket smells of him, and you try not to inhale his scent.

 “Thanks.” You say, “Aren’t you cold?” You ask. Steve shakes his head.

 “We’re almost there anyways.” He says. Steve slows the car slightly, shifting gears, and pulls in to a discreet little side road. You smile when you realize that he’s brought you all the way out to a drive in theater! He stops at the ticket booth where he gets two tickets for whatever movie is showing. The boy at the ticket booth tells you that the movie is (f/movie pre-2013). You try not to clap your hands like a child and keep a dignified seat, but you can’t help but wiggle with excitement. Steve pulls the car into a spot that is the perfect distance from the screen, and puts the little speakers in the car.

 “I’ve never been to a drive in theater.” You say excitedly.

 “This may be your last chance. There aren’t many left like there were when I was young.” Steve says quietly, “Come back to the back seat. You can see better and we can sit together more comfortably.” You smile, getting out of the car and hopping in to the back seat. Steve drags a plastic shopping bag out from under the seat. Inside is every popular candy from the forties; sugar cigarettes, Strawberry Laces, licorice, Milk Duds, Jolly Ranchers, Mike and Ikes, and more that you weren’t that familiar with. You snuggle close to your Soldier and he grabs a blanket from under your seat. He wraps it around the both of you and with one hand he breaks into the Milk Duds. You take one too, eating it slowly as the movie starts.

 You loved (f/movie), but you were paying more attention to Steve. His eyes were on the screen as the images rolled by, and you loved being there with him, under the stars, watching your favorite movie and eating candy with him. A strawberry licorice wick was sitting in the corner of his mouth and you pushed yourself up and stole it from him. Slightly shocked, he smiled, took another licorice and ate it.

 The credits rolls and you were fast asleep on Steve’s chest. He didn’t want to move you, so he relaxed back against the seat of the car, closing his eyes and stroking your (h/l)(h/c) hair.
Captain America x Reader ONE SHOT: Forties Style
Yeah I wrote this after I saw some stuff about drive in theaters. I also love the old style candies and stuff, so I threw those in haha. I hope ya'll enjoy this!
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(Contains: sexual themes)
LEMON LEMON LEMON THIS IS A LEMON. If you don't like it, don't read it.

My back hits the bed and Loki is on top of me, his lips pressed to mine.
 "Have you ever kissed a man?" He asked.
 "Never." I say honestly.
 "Never lain with a man. Never met another's body in a passionate embrace?"
 "Never." I repeat. Loki nods slowly.
 "Then for your sake, I'll be gentle." Loki breathes against my flesh. I told him that he should fulfill his desire and he had pushed me down onto the soft bed within the room that had been mine for a year now. His lips ravished me with kisses, each landing on my neck, my cheeks, my chin. I had never been kissed,  but I knew that I would not find better in all of the nine realms. Loki parted from the kiss to pull the loose fitting shirt I wore over my head. He tossed it onto the floor. He stared into my heterochromic hues with his own green stare and grasped my chin in his long fingers.
 "A kiss," he said, "long as my exile and sweet as my revenge." He smirked against my skin. A shiver ran down my spine. He was quoting Shakespeare.
 "Uhn..." I managed. His hand guided me to his lips and he kissed me passionately, his surprisingly soft lips working against mine. I kissed him back, exhilaration soaring through me with each movement. His hips pinned me to the bed, and through the black dress pants he wore, I could feel his arousal, straining against the zipper. He pinned my hands above my head and his tongue traced along my bottom lip, asking for access. His hips pushed dominantly against mine and I moaned. He took advantage of my open mouth and pushed his tongue against mine. He tasted wonderful, like the tea we had sipped earlier, and of the cool air of winter. I pushed back against him, not liking his complete dominance. He cracked a grin when he pulled away.
 "My Queen, if it is a throne you want," he said, panting, "then have a seat." As we had kissed, I had become aware of his bare skin pressing against mine, and it took my brain a second to realize that we were both naked. He rolled over to lay on the bed and lifted me to have me straddle him. I looked down between our bodies and saw how big he was. I wondered if it would hurt, as many girls I knew said it did when one loses their virginity. He was large, and I had never done this before. As if sensing this, Loki ran a cool, gentle hand down my spine to soothe me. "Do you trust me?" He asked quietly. I nodded.
 "You may be the god of Lies and trickery... but I feel that with me... you are honest. Yes, I trust you. " I say huskily. My body aches with nameless desire for Loki. He replies with action rather than words, turning me onto my back. His fingers find my sex and he traces my slit gently. My body reacts, my hips rising to get his fingers to press harder against my clit. I, unlike every girl I knew in highschool and college, had never masturbated. Not once, so I was overly sensitive. Loki keeps on with his teasing, his middle finger pushing in to my virgin sex. He pumps his finger in and out of me slowly, getting me used to the feeling while his thumb still plays with my clit.
 "How does that feel?" Loki asked. I nod, biting back another moan as it threatens to fall from my lips. "Do you want a second finger?" He asks. I nod. It seems all I am capable of; nodding and moaning. He removes his finger, adding a second before pushing them back into me, eliciting a cry of pleasure from me. I can not contain it. My mind was slipping away from me at such a rapid pace,  and it, quite frankly,  scared me. Loki presses his lips to my throat and adds a third finger, making sure that my pain will be lessened. I can feel my body becoming compliant with his actions and a small whimper leaves my lips. I need him. Badly.
 "L-Loki..." I say. His green eyes meet mine with so much intensity that it freezes me in place. He is different than any other time he has held me close or looked at me... his eyes are filled with the promise of unbelievable pleasure. "M-my King."
 "Say my name." He pleads, rolling onto his back and pulling me, once more, to straddle him.
  "Loki..." I mewled. "Loki..."
 "My beautiful Queen. Tell me what you need." He asks, gingerly lowering my hips to his. His cock prods me; eliciting a small cry of pleasure from both of us.
 "I... I need..." I lean down to him, pressing my lips to his as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "I need you to make love to me."
 "Sif..." said he, "My queen among women..."
 "My king?" I ask.
 "Are you sure you want this?" He asks, eyes filling with worry for me. I nod, biting my lip.
 "I do." I reply, my lust filled mind processing his words quickly. He nods, guiding himself into me.

 Pain is what I feel. He lowers me onto his length slowly, his thick cock stretching me, filling me up as tears form at the corners of my eyes. Loki reaches up with one hand to brush them away.
 "The pain will go away... I promise." He says to me, his other hand running up and down my spine soothingly. He continues to lower me on his cock until he reaches the end of me; a bit more than half way in. He waits for me to adjust, his hand moving between our bodies so he can tease my clit and his shaft, trying to give me pleasure, and himself as well.
 Suddenly, the pain subsided and a small spark of pleasure set a knot in my lower belly. I moaned softly, and Loki heard it, taking it as incentive to push in the rest of the way. I can feel something tearing as he sheathes himself inside of me completely.
 "Loki!" I cry, my hands landing on his chest. Loki has his jaw set, trying to control himself. I am on top of him, yet I know it will be Loki who controls the situation, as I had never been with a man before. Loki grabs my hips, moving me gently up and down his length. He shows me the rhythm in which to move my hips against his for the most pleasure, how to circle my hips every few movements to change it up, and how to use my hands on his chest for leverage, slowly slipping the reigns into my hands. His remain on my hips, hisses of pleasure escaping him, and his name on my lips. I ride him, learning on my own what I like, and taking in his moans to judge if he likes it too. I gain speed and confidence as our moans grow louder and his grip on me tighter. His green eyes meet mine, his hues are flooded with lust.
 "Oh... my Queen..." he groans, "You feel so good..." His head falls back on my pillow and he cries out. I can feel his cock spasming inside of me, and the tight ball of pleasure in my core growing ever tighter, threatening to burst at any moment. I lean down to press my lips to Loki's and he groans his approval into my mouth. His sounds send me over the edge and I cry out his name as the pleasure that had been building inside of me burst into a million pieces. My shoulders and the rest of my body shakes with the release and I tighten around Loki's member. His hands tighten further on my hips as he falls over the edge with me, his seed releasing deep inside of me. He raises his hips to continue thrusting in to me, sitting up and reversing our bodies. He does not pull out. I feel his cock grow hard again as he looks down at me, his gaze traveling down to our bodies where they connect so he can see his seed slipping out of me. He begins to push once more. This time however, there is more urgency in his body as he dominates me. His large frame covers my smaller one and his teeth dig in to my neck. His hand grabs my hair and he pulls it, tugging my head back sharply so he can kiss my neck more easily. His thrusts grow faster and harder with each sharp intake of breath that he causes to leave my mouth.
 "Keep doing that." He groans, "I like it." He draws out another intake of breath and he grins, releasing my hair. "Good girl." He praises.
 "My king..." I say, my nails sought purchase in his shoulders and he grunted when they bit in to his flesh.
 "Please... don't say that... those words are too sweet on your lips and I-," Loki's rhythm faltered when I came, my body once more tightening around his. He pulled out as he came and thoroughly ruined the green sheets of my bed. I curled up at his side and buried my head in his arm. He ran his cool fingers down my back and a soft whimper fell from my lips.
 "I guess... I'm a cuddler." I manage to say, my voice hoarse and my body exhausted. Loki chuckles.
 "I'm not. But I'll make an exception for you." Loki replies, pulling me closer to his chest. "My sweet little Virgin Queen... not so innocent anymore."
 "It's been enlightening for sure." I laugh. Loki cracks a sly grin.
 "I hope I might enlighten you more in the future." Loki said, kissing the top of my head.
 "So tell me... why... did you pick me? Of every other woman you could choose... why me?" I ask, before I can come to my senses enough not to.
 "Because you have something that no other woman has ever gained."
 "What is that?"
 "My devotion. When we met, you piqued my interest. I saw a beautiful young maiden with a fire in her eyes. I saw a kindred spirit; someone unloved by their Father. I knew you at a glance, my Queen... daughter of Ares. He is unworthy of you. He is unworthy even to stain your blade. Know that nothing will come between us, especially not your Bastard of a Father. Know that if I could tie down the heavens if only to grace those lips of yours with a smile, I would do so in a heartbeat. If I would die tomorrow, I would die happy that I have held you in my arms."
 "Oh... Loki." I say, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. "I...." My own words slipping, I can not form anything coherent. Loki smiles once more.
 "My Queen, what, may I ask, are you to do now that we are as we are? What would your sister say?" Loki asks. I know what he means. We will be leaving the estate soon because of my "coming of age" destroying the barriers. Ares had to be hot on our trail.
 "She will be displeased by this development. My King, I should like to ask you a favor."
 "I will grant it." He says.
 "Lend me Sinir and I will Challenge Hippolyta's position as queen of the Amazons. I will be a proper Queen for you, and free of my Father."
 "Why do you think Ares wishes you back to Paradise?"
 "I heard whispers that I am not his only demigod daughter, rather I was his first Demigod child in a long time, and that there was a boy child born after me with whom he hid from Olympus." I say, running my fingers over his hard chest. This man, this amazing man, was mine.
 "How did you hear about this?" Loki wonders.
 "My Father asked Hippolyta's aid in finding his son. He could expect little cooperation from Olympus. Ares might be a god, but he was banished from Olympus. He is dangerous. Too prone to violence, and Hippolyta is the same way." Loki just nods and he runs his fingers through my hair.
 "Well love, I wish I knew what to tell you, other than I will lend you Sinir so that you make take your destiny..." he grabs my hand in his cool fingers and kisses the tips of them, "into your own lovely and capable hands." He smiles, a genuine smile, perfect white teeth showing as he does so.
 "Loki," I say.
 "My love?"
 "I love you."
 "And I love you." He says, and I feel as if he is being honest when be says it. I wonder though, if this will last, and if  the god of lies could be true to his word. If he would love me.

 Diana was going to have bruises on her neck from Barnes. I wanted to kill him. But at the same time, I couldn't quite blame him. It wasn't his fault that he had "episodes", but it was his fault that he stayed with Diana even though he knew she was a trigger. I tapped on his door. He stepped towards the door and met my eyes. His were puffy like only holding back tears can make them. He immediately glanced at the floor.
 "Thank you for saving her." Barnes said, "I'm not good for her."
 "No," I agree, "You aren't." I try to sound as if I only say that because she's on my squad.
 "God is she mad?" Barnes asked, eyes now brimming with tears. I shake my head.
 "No. But you need to stay away from her before you kill her." I say forcefully. Barnes nods numbly. "She's worried. You should go talk to Doctor Banner."
 "I think I will. Promise me, Rumlow. You'll take care of her?" His meaning isn't lost on me. His almost killing the woman loved had shocked him. He means to break up with her to keep her safe.
 "What makes you-,"
 "I haven't missed the fact that you stare at her ass every time she walks by you." Barnes says bluntly.
 "If I looked at Romanoff, she'd kill me. At least I think Diana would regret killing me a little."
 "Promise me."
 "I'll look after her. She's my squadmate and a friend." I say honestly. Barnes nods, brushing past me to go up to the lab. I return to Diana. She's laying on her back on the bed.


 Brock leans in the doorframe and I smile.
 "Hey yourself." He says. He moves in to the room, gesturing to see if it is okay for him to come in. I allow him in and scoot over on the bed to make room for him to sit.
 "How is Bucky?" I ask. Rumlow wets his lips slightly, sitting on the edge of my bed. His large frame looks tired and worn out, like he has stress piled on him.
 "Barnes is okay. But he's upset." Says Rumlow. I just return my gaze to the ceiling and sigh lightly.
 "I was thinking. I'm going to break from SHIELD and lay low before I join up with you in HYDRA." I say. He slowly nods.
 "Sounds like a cleaner break." He replies. I roll over and bury my face in a pillow.
 "Thank you, Brock. You've been so kind to me." Rumlow nods.
  "You sound like you've got a lot on your mind. You always do." Rumlow rumbles, "I'm curious. What do you feel for me?" He seems to speak be for he can talk himself out of it. I take a moment to evaluate what I feel before speaking.
 "I... I want you, Rumlow. You always seem so... so collected."
 "Diana," He says, "I want us to work out as much as you do." I meet his eyes and smile gently, looking for more but finding little. He kisses my forehead. "Look, I want what is best for you. I'll talk to Coulson and see-,"
 "I plan on speaking with Fury and Coulson, Brock." I cut him off, "And it will not be under glad tidings. They knew." Rumlow brushes a calloused hand over my cheek.
 "Alright." He rumbles, "I can live with that." I smirk and brush his hand aside, standing up and leaving him sitting on my bed.
 "Good. Because you wouldn't be able to stop me."

 "Diana, are you alright?" Banner and Rogers ask in unison. I nod, hopping on to the hospital bed so Bruce can examine my neck. He confirms what I already knew; that I would bruise, but no permanent damage had been dealt. Steve gives me a parting glance and leaves the lab.
 "Bruce, be honest with me. What do you think the repercussions could be if I left SHIELD?" I ask.
 "Nobody really... gets out, Diana." Bruce says quietly, "They'll keep an eye on you. A careful eye."
 "I get that. I just... I need to get away from all the violence. I'm... I'm ready to lay down my gun, you know?"
 "I'm sorry to hear that." Fury says. I hadn't heard him come in.
 "Can we speak privately, Director?" I ask, "I have some things I want to discuss." Silently, Fury gestures to the conference room, and I quickly make my way there. He locks the door and leans against the table. I take my seat.
 "We recovered some intel, as you're aware." I begin. Fury nods and doesn't allow me time to continue.
 "Are you referring to Operation Cross Bones?" Asks Fury, quietly. I nod firmly.
 "Yes sir. The Mission statement-,"
 "Agent Calhoun, you did not have proper clearance to read that file." Fury states coldly. I just lean back in my chair.
 "Wasn't me who ran the decryption."
 "Who was it then?" Fury demands. I shake my head.
 "I would prefer not to say."
 "Who was it?" Fury draws out his words to intimidate me, but I stand bold.
 "No comment. What remains is the fact that SHIELD authorized the deaths of over fifty Marines." I spit. Fury turns, hands folded behind his back.
 "How many have you saved, Agent Calhoun? How many people didn't die because you became a Super Soldier?"
 "Not enough to justify my Platoon being killed. I want out of SHIELD. I can't stand by you if that is the game you play. Logistics over ethics."
 "SHIELD takes the world as it is, not as we'd like it to be." Fury tries to justify himself. "Your men took the job knowing the possibility that they could die."
 "That's just it. They didn't need to die. You could have asked me to join you. I would have said yes."
 "We had to make sure."
 "At the expense of fifty two lives." I scoff, "Semper Fidelis. Always Faithful. That was our code. Always faithful to each other. To the platoon. To orders. To command. But none of this means anything to you because you're used to working on your own agenda. I quit. The uniform, my position; take them. They mean nothing to me. Take all the blood you want if it's the Super Soldier you need. But I can't stand beside SHIELD if they won't speak truth to one of their own."
 "I need you to consider what you're saying."
 "I've already considered. I quit. I'll have all of my things collected by noon. My resignation statement too." I turn away from Fury, eyes downcast at the metal floor, and leave the conference room.

 Irreperable damage has been dealt to me and I can not serve those who withheld said information from me. I hereby resign from my positions on the STRIKE and Super Soldier teams. All information will remain untold to the public in accordance with SHIELD protocol. Any damages to SHIELD will be handled accordingly. In parting, I ask that the rehabilitation of James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes be taken over by Captain Rogers, and that Clayton Braddock of Super Soldier be informed of my reasons for parting.

 Diana Calhoun

 I leave the letter on my bed and begin to pack up all of my possessions. My clothes fit easily into a small suitcase. On top of them I place my pistol, the few books I had purchased, the original data file from "Operation Cross Bones" on a datastick, and my bottle of Whiskey that I'd been saving for my date with Bucky. On top of my resignation, I place Bucky's dog tag, and a copy of the Cross Bones mission statement. I had already sent the file to Braddock in an encrypted email. I take a sweep of my small room one last time before turning away from it and heading for the garage.
 I meet no resistance. My bike is parked on the ground floor; it's a sleek, black Indian with a small silver Marines logo on the tank that matches the black tattoo on my arm; 'USMC'. I crank her up and speed out of the garage, over the bridge and out into the city of Washington DC. A clean break. A forever change. And a new life to build within HYDRA.

 Two Months Later

 I'd received an anonymous email from who I assumed was Braddock. It said that he wanted to speak with me about the file sent to him. I agreed to meet him at a place I knew only Braddock would ask me to go.

 The V.A. was not crowded today, and the front conference room was empty. Clay Braddock sat in one of the large leather chairs and was speaking quietly to his younger brother. I was no longer the SHIELD agent, code named 'Caliber', I was just Diana Calhoun; decorated Marine. Clay beckoned me over and we sat in silence for a moment.
 "So about that mission statement-," He begins, "Is that why you left SHIELD?"
 "It is. I couldn't stand by them knowing what they'd done. What do you make of It?"
 "I have a hard time swallowing it." Clay admitted. "I just... I can't... why would Coulson go along with this?"
 "Maybe he didn't know." I say, "I don't know. All I do know is that I can't forgive what happened anymore than our men could come back to life." Clay nods thoughtfully.
 "Have you spoken with Captain Rogers or Sergeant Barnes lately?" Clay asks. I shake my head no and sigh.
 "No I haven't. How are they?"
 "They're good. Working hard. Rumlow is leaving SHIELD soon too. He said he wanted to complete a personal mission."
 "Wonder what that means." I say. Clay just shrugs his shoulders.
 "I can never get a read on that guy. He's... he's different. Dark. I don't trust him." Clay says in reply. He runs his fingers through his hair and his grey eyes glint in the fluorescent lights. "Rogers is torn up about your departure. He has been trying to get in touch. He asked me to ask you to call him or something."
 "I broke from SHIELD. It isn't Steve's fault what happened but I don't want to talk to anyone on the inside. I'm only meeting with you because I needed to talk to you about why I left."
 "I understand that." Clay says, "But seriously. Think about it."
 "How have you been?" I ask, changing the subject.
 "I've been good. Hell, I'm back with the family."
 "How is the wife?" I ask.
 "Good. She's real happy to have me back. There was a period of time where she thought I was gone. We're expecting our third child."
 "That's great!" I reply honestly. I place a hand on his shoulder and give it a light squeeze.
 "I'd be honored if you would let me name him or her after you." He says.
 "A boy named Diana?" I teased.
 "A girl. If it's a boy, I'd name him Caius. Isn't your middle name Martius?"
 "Diana Martius Calhoun. My dad was a Shakespeare fanatic."
 "I remember that about him." Clay nods. "When you and I dated. He assaulted me with Shakespeare."
 "Did he? You never said anything." I chuckle. He smiles.
 "You never answered the question."
 "Oh. Yeah. I'd be honored, Clay. What does Mrs. Braddock think of you naming your future son or daughter after your ex-girlfriend?"
 "She knows what we have." Clay chuckles. I smirk and pat his shoulder one last time be for standing up.
 "Well, it was nice to talk to you, Braddock. Send my regards to the missus and say hi to the boys for me." I sigh, turning on my heel and leaving the V.A. conference room.
November 10, 1940

 My name is Marie Siegfried. As of this day, my twenty first birthday, I am a member of the very young political alliance known as the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler.

 I knew early on that I was meant for something special. When I was asked to transfer to Bavaria, I did so without truly knowing what plans Hitler had for me, not that I cared. I saw this as a way to progress. I had gained some notoriety in death-dealing, starting as a Nurse in one of the Nazi hospitals. I gave physical examinations to officers, ensuring their perfection as Hitler painstakingly ordered. When Hitler wanted someone marked off, I was asked to give a special medication to them during their exam. I became efficient and cold, and even I knew it. The difference between sanity and madness is knowing when you’ve gone cold. Death held no meaning to me. This is what I assumed Hitler wanted me to do; give the subject known as Johann Schmidt a lethal injection that would end him before he progressed further in the Nazi party.
 I’d heard of Schmidt. He was a high ranking official who dealt mainly in the Nazi’s Deep Science division. He was a genius in every sense of the word, and he was charismatic enough to rival Hitler himself. He could easily overtake the Nazi party, and most of the death-dealers knew it. However, I received a telegram saying not to mark off Schmidt, but to align myself with him instead. I was to become Schmidt’s right hand, as it were. Schmidt needed people killed, and Hitler had the right person for the job. I did not read in to the message, I knew that Schmidt had produced weapons for the building Nazi army and he would likely give more in the future. As much as the Fuhrer hated Schmidt, he needed him. And he could not have him hindered.

 I was transported to Castle Kauffmann in the Bavarian Alps. It was a huge medieval fare with red tile roofing and white stone walls and hundreds of windows. Turrets jutted from every battlement. I was met at the door by a man wearing a fedora and round spectacles. He has a short, graying beard and curly white hair, and friendly eyes that match the smile lines around them. He extends a hand to me to shake, and raises my hand to his lips to place a polite kiss upon my knuckles.
 “I am Doctor Abraham Erskine of HYDRA, Deep Science.” Says the older man. I gauge him to be in his late sixties and of fair health. I don’t see him as an immediate threat, so I nod.
 “I was told little about my transfer to Bavaria,” I reply honestly, shifting the handle of my leather suitcase so it won’t bother my hand. “I am curious to see what Schmidt is going to have me do.”
 “Ah, the Assassin.” Says Erskine, almost accusingly. I raise an eyebrow and nod, my lip quirking in a slight grin, but without malice. He didn’t mean any harm by it.
 “Marie Siegfried,” I correct him, “I’d invite you to call me Marie.”
 “Alright,” says the Doctor, “I am sure you are tired after your journey. No doubt, you would like to take a moment to relax before meeting Mr. Schmidt?”
 “No, thank you. I would prefer to have all of my business attended to before taking my leave.”
  “Very well,” Erskine says wearily, “This way then.” He leads me through the semi-lit hallways of grey stone, and I keep track of each turn in case I need to run. This was something my mentors implored I do each time I go somewhere new. Erskine pushes open a large wooden door, behind which is a clean, well-lit laboratory. Johann Schmidt stands behind a microscope, examining what looks to be blood from where I am standing. “Doctor, our guest has arrived.” Erskine calls. Schmidt raises his eyes from the lens and walks over with measured, slow paces, meticulously placed as to unnerve me. I stand my ground and extend a hand first so Schmidt must reach to me.
 “I read your file, Miss Siegfried. You will be a valuable asset to my cause.” Schmidt says huskily.
 “I know very little of what you need done.” I reply gently, keeping my eyes level as I examine this man. He is a good head taller than me, with high cheekbones and intelligent black eyes that glint with untold dangers. His lips are thin and drawn tight across his pale drum of a face, and his dirty blonde hair is combed over neatly. He shows more age than I know him to have, with lines across his face telling of a man advancing fifty, despite my knowledge that he is no more than thirty five. Maybe younger.
 “I need you to infiltrate an American project,” Schmidt says, “as well as assist me in the lab when asked. Tomorrow, I will be advancing Nazi science by a hundred years, and I need another set of hands. I trust you will be able to fit the bill?”
 “I have the steadiest hands in the party, I assure you. Be it with a gun or with a syringe.” Schmidt nods.
 “Go, get some rest. Doctor Erskine will show you the way to your chambers. That is all.”

The next day

 I wake up early. The cool, alpine air chills my bare skin as I make my way to the small bathroom that had been built into my chambers. It had bare stone walls, a small metal toilet, and a sink. Basic toiletries filled the medicine cabinet behind the mirror; toothpaste, brush, comb for my hair. The shower had no real boundary; it was simply a head, faucet and a drain. It was minimalistic and just fine for me. The bed was soft.
 I dress in my newly issued uniform. It is mostly leather, but lined with a material I have no name for that is very warm. It has a high collar and long sleeves, fingerless gloves and tight pants that tuck neatly into tall combat boots. The HYDRA logo adorns my left bicep. I look at my reflection in the sterile mirror and comb out my hair. I don’t consider myself pretty, but by the way most men can’t stop gawking, I assume that they find me attractive. I have blue-grey eyes and blonde hair that I usually keep in a tight bun. I leave it down however. My hair is thin and straight, and platinum blonde. My lips are full and cheekbones sharp, with deep hollows beneath my eyes and in my cheek. I have an angular face. My lips I always paint a bloody rouge color. My eyes I leave alone. The grey needs no highlighting or shadow. My skin is clear and pale. It is a face that comforted those I was about to kill.

 Schmidt is waiting in the lab. Erskine is not present.
 “I appreciate your prudence, Miss Siegfried.” Says Schmidt. I smile, nodding to him and examining the lab more thoroughly.
 “My Mother taught me that if you are not early, you are late.” I reply. Schmidt seems to think about this.
 “I like your upbringing. This explains little as to why you would become an Agent for the Nazis.” He replies, adjusting some dials on the microscope.
 “My mother was taken from me. She was a nurse in the World War, you know.” I lithely ease myself onto a metal stool beside Schmidt, my back to the table he is working at, my front fully facing him. “An American, visiting my city, Heidelberg killed my mother. He was caught and questioned. The police force found out he was a War Veteran suffering from… what do they call it? PTSD,” I let out a small sigh, examining Schmidt’s face. He seems to be watching me intently. “Post traumatic stress disorder caused him to have a relapse of his time in the war. And he took my mother for an enemy soldier and killed her. The law let him go. So I sought justice with the Reich.”
 “I see,” Schmidt grins as he turns one last dial. “Would you like to see what I have been working on?”
 “I would be honored.” In truth, Science bored me. How I ever managed to get through the Nursing Academy still puzzled me. I slipped in front of Johann, easing my backside against his hips and a small smirk gracing my rouged lips. I lowered my eye to the lens and what I saw astounded me. Inside the frame were thousands of blood cells, rapidly reproducing, and only growing in their production rate. I gasped slightly, both at what I saw and the presence of Johann’s hand on my hip. He gently moved me aside, pursing his lips as his eyes examined me. He says nothing about the press of me against his hips.
 “You like what you see?”
 “The cells are… multiplying rapidly.”
 “Erskine has his formula nearly worked out. We are creating the perfect man. A Super soldier.” Schmidt replies, rolling up his sleeves on his uniform and smirking softly. His deep black eyes are unsettling, but I remain where I stand.
 “He claims to be close, but without the cigar. He told me to be prepped to have the procedure today.” Johann informs me. Nodding, but not quite believing, I place myself on the stool.
 “So you will be the first superior man?” I inquire. Schmidt nods.
 “And you will help.” He smiles slightly, and Erskine strolls in to the lab, coffee in hand.
 “Bad news, Johann… we can not do procedure today. The serum is not ready.” Erskine offers a polite head shake, “It would more than likely kill you.”
 “We have come too far to worry about safety, Doctor Erskine.” Schmidt snarls. I turn aside, choosing to leave the lab, as this is none of my business. “Stay.” Schmidt orders. I cross my arms behind my back and return to my stool.
 “Then I will have no part of this operation.” Erskine says with meaning, turning on his heels and leaving the lab.
 “What shall I do with him?” I ask, arms still crossed and my eyes stoic.
 “He may yet be useful. For now, do nothing. I will tell you if I need death dealt, I can assure you.” Johann grits his teeth, swearing slightly and facing me. “And you shall be useful now. Fetch me a syringe and Erskine’s experimental serum.”


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